36yrsokd,126lbs, 32 Small A, Pear Shape, Have Always Wanted Boobs but It Wasn't in my Genes... - Newport Beach, CA

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I got a pretty nice ass and thighs from my mom,...

I got a pretty nice ass and thighs from my mom, but unfortunately my tits never managed to arrive like I was hoping. For our first anniversary, my husband is buying me the boobs I've always wanted!!! I am very excited, but also nervous! I originally thought I wanted to go up to a small C, but realized that's actually pretty small. I have my pre-op on Thursday and am hoping to see how a D looks on me.

9 days before surgery!

Just had my pre-op 2 days ago. Doctor took my pre-op pictures and we discussed size again. I asked if he thought I could go to a D instead of a C and he said he didn't think so, but he would retake my measurements. So we did and he said that because my chest wall is very narrow, a D would feel too big and Would require a lot of skin stretching. So I tried on both the C cup and D cup implants although they looked very similar "from above", the D cup was far too wide and my arms were running into them!!! So we are going to go with a large C. Somewhere in the 350-400cc range. I keep having dreams about my augmentation and I wake up and I'm just massive and it scares me. So I guess going for the smaller size is best. Of course my DH would love for me to have a D, he understood when I explained what the doctor said and how the implants felt when I tried them on.

7 days pre-op

I'm a teacher and school ended last Friday, so I'm newly on vacation. I have a list of things to take care of this week before the BIG DAY! I got my prescriptions for Vicodin and Zolfram (that anti-nausea one), but need to go get some extra strength Tylenol in case I can't handle the Vicodin.
I have scheduled people to be with me nonstop from the morning of the surgery on Monday theough Thursday morning, but after that I maybe on my own for a few hours on Thursday. Maybe I should get someone to be with me... What do you think?

All I do in my downtime is look at boobies

I'm obsessed! It's like I'm a 15 year old boy or something! Since I'm on vacation and still have a week before my surgery, my mind keeps thinking about my BA and worrying if I've chosen the right size or not. Doc says 350-400cc should give me the look I'm looking for, but I worry that maybe I had some booby greed when I discussed that with him at the ore-op appointment??? So tonight I've been sitting on the couch looking through all kinds of reviews and blogs and looking for pics of boobies I like post-op. And I'm collecting pictures of wish boobs. I just read a few reviews of girls who went too big and are so unhappy. I don't want to be that girl. But also I hear that 50cc doesn't make a difference. But what if my mind is really picturing more like 300-350cc???

Shopping for BA complete!

I just went to Walmart today and bought several things that were suggested on this site as far as helping out during recovery. Here is my list: -prescriptions from the PS (hydrocodone and Zofran for nausea) -ginger ale -Gatorade -pelligrino (to mix up the water I'll be drinking) -baby wipes -saltines -Monistat 1 (I'm prone to yeast infections when I'm on antibiotics) -antibiotic cream -extra strength Tylenol -Miralax -prune juice -frozen peas -dial antibacterial soap (doc says to wash the surgical areas with this the night before) -Purell (doc says to rub this on after my shower the night before) says he has never had an infection with this routine!!! :) I also caved and bought one sports bra with a zip up front. For before and after shots to compare.

No longer worried about going too big

Some of the women on this site are putting in 600+cc implants!! I saw a woman with 850cc implants who was a B to start with! Omg!!! To each his own, but that big is definitely not for me.
I'm feelin like 350-400 is definitely a safe bet for me and confident about the size I've chosen.
Can't wait!! Only 5 more days!!!

It's boobie day!!!

It's 6:30am and we are headed to the doctors office for my BA. I'm nervous and excited and feeling a little nostalgic for my itty bitties. I'm hoping things go smoothly. My husband is bringing me in and taking me home today. It's our first anniversary today! We had a little celebration with Martinellis last night.


So surgery went well yesterday. I don't even remember falling asleep. The surgery took about 3 hours and it took me another hour to wake up from the anesthesia. The doctor brought my hubby in to say hello and help dress me. I have to wear this very tight but not horrible looking bra 24 hrs a day for a week or so. Fortunately I took some of the Zofran after waking up and did not have any vomiting. Pretty much slept until 7pm yesterday. Are small amounts of food- saltines and a few bites of some lasagna I had prepared the night before and my hubby just had to put it in the oven. Have been taking the pain killers every 4-5 hours... I can feel when they are wearing off. The muscle relaxers they gave me are a savior. Sone sure to request those. Doctor filled the implants to 325 and 350cc which is on the small side of the range we discussed but they are beautiful so I'm very happy! I can't move my upper arms without pain but using anything below my elbows is ok. I feel like I have T-Rex arms, lol! Our 1 year anniversary was yesterday so last night hubby poured me a flute of sparkling apple juice. ??. I guess there's not much else to report as I'm just laying around. Thank you to all the ladies following my journey- this community has really been a big help through the process!

Regaining mobility in my arms

So I can now extend my arms out more and can use more of my arms, but lifting or pushing is still out of the question. But I was able to wash my face and brush my own teeth today so that was really great!
Yesterday was pretty tough and I ran out of Valium at the end of the day. Called the doc to request a couple days more of it and he said that my muscles need to adjust to the new position without the help of the Valium anymore, so I couldn't get more. I saved my last one for just before bed last night and I slept really well.
The pain meds are doing a good job, but I still keep taking them every 4 hours cause the tightness and discomfort return after that.
I have begun adding Miralax to my water in hopes that things get moving down there soon. It's been since the day before the surgery that I last went.
Other than that, there is really nothing to report. My husband flew back to Utah for work yesterday afternoon so I've been under the care of my roommate and my friend.
I'm ok with it at this point, though. I mostly sleep a lot anyways.
I see the doctor tomorrow afternoon for my post op.

Feeling much better today

So today is day 4 and I have stopped taking the narcotic pain meds. I'm just taking extra strength Tylenol now. Which is good cause the pain meds were giving me constipation and that's resolved itself finally!!! My bloated belly has gone down and I'm feeling more myself.
My upper back hurts a little I think mainly because of the position I've been laying down in.
I'm moving better today and was able to wash my face, brush my teeth and even put a shirt on over my head!!
My boobs are just a little tight on top and the sides and are itchy, but otherwise ok. They are riding high on my chest so I'm looking forward to them dropping and softening, but otherwise I'm pretty happy.
Yesterday my girlfriends helped me
Wash my hair and my lower body so that felt amazing and helped me feel more normal.
So the worst seems to be over. My friends have been taking turns taking care of me and have done a great job. I really appreciate their support--they've done a lot.
My dog comes back from boarding tonight when my husband gets home and I'm happy to see her again. But it was definitely a good idea to send her to boarding during the first 4 days cause it would have been stressful for me, for her, and for my caretakers to worry about her and me.
I have my post-op today at 1:30pm, so we shall see what the doc says then.

Doc says I'm doing great!!!

Saw Dr Shamoun today and he was very pleased with my progress. He said I had very little bleeding during and after the surgery and he is very happy with that. He took a look at my boobs, removed the gauze and removed one stich on each nipple. He will remove the rest next week. I was able to reach highs I've my head and he was happy with that. I am still having trouble pushing and pulling, but that will return with time and I dot. Want to rush anything.
He said I can shower and resume normal
Activities as I feel ready for them. He even said I could take Advil for the pain if I wanted to since I bled so very little that he isn't worried about bleeding with me.
I got to see the girls and they are so beautiful! They just need to drop-which he says should take another two weeks. Then over the next few months they should start to fluff out.
Sooo excited and so very happy with my results!!! I have boobs!!! Yay!!!

Hubby is back home again

My husband is back home and loves the girls and the progress I've made. I have absolutely no bruising.
My back actually hurts more than my boobs. I think laying down most of the day for four days straight coupled with the new added weight up front has put extra strain on my back. My husband helped rub out some knots in my back and that helped. I think it will just take some time to adjust to the new position of my upper body and all.

Today is 6 days

I woke up feeling great this morning!!! I didn't require any pain meds and had only slight tightness in my chest which eased when I did some light chest stretches.
I walked my dog on my own this morning with no issues and worked in some lower body exercises (walking lunges, squats, leg raises...).
My hubby and I took the motorcycle out )I'm the passenger) and it was a great day!!!
I'm feeling aweSome!

First week!

So a week ago today was when I had my operation. I've been doing really great!
I drove my car for the first time today (a stick shift) and it was fine.
I had some peeling skin over the past two days, but that's pretty much gone at this point.
I have my next post-op on Thursday to remove my stiches.
Here are some before and after collages I created.

2 weeks today

Today is 2 weeks post surgery and I'm still doing great.
Saw doctor last week to get the stitches removed and he showed me how to massage them. He also gave me the green light to buy new bras and bathing suits-which I did immediately following the appointment! Yay! No more surgical bra! (Except at night for a couple more weeks.). I'll see him again in 4 weeks.
So I went straight to Vikis and got sized. The girl asked what size I normally wear and I giggled and said, "Well, I just got a boob job so that question is irrelevant." She asked how long ago and when I told her about 10 days ago, she seemed surprised that I was doing so great. They sized me at a 32DD!!! (Which is a D anywhere else, but hey! I'll take it!!) haha. The girls are obviously still swollen and riding high, so my size will go down. They also asked what kind of bras I wanted--"Push-up or not?" To which I laughed--these tits definitely DO NOT need to be pushed up any more than they already are!!! Lmao.
I'm now on vacation with the husband and our little furbaby. We spent a few hours washing and waxing our boat a few days ago and I was careful not to push it. When my arms started toeing, I told my hubby I needed to stop for the day. Was a little sore the next day, but nothing worrisome. And after a couple Advil and a few hours, they felt fine again.
I guess that's all. I'm uploading some pics I just took.

1 month old today!

So today is the twins, April and May's, 1 month birthday! Haha. My DH and I named the new twins April and May because we saved those two months to buy them for me. Lol.
Anyways, today is 1 month. I just changed my steri strips again today and took a look at the scars. They are healing nicely. You can hardly see the scars. I took a picture without he steri strips so you could see the healing.
I have the occasional pains across my breasts, but they're short lived and Advil stops them. Most days I am pain-free.
I only wear the surgical bra at night now and in a few days I won't even have to wear it at all.
They are dropping nicely and the swelling has gone down quite a bit. My left is dropping faster and getting better faster than the right, but that seems to be most people's experience.
I am still pretty weak in doing things that require chest muscles but other than that I haven't had any trouble getting out of bed or anything else. Things are progressing smoothly!

Over 5 months

It's now November 27 and my surgery was 24 weeks ago. My tits look amazing!!! The scars aren't visible anymore and my boobs no longer hurt (aside from an occasional muscle spasm). I have been swimming since late August and am now able to swim all 5 strokes. Free and back were the first two I could do without pain. Then butterfly. Breaststroke was the last stroke I was able to do again. But I'm swimming completely pain free now (albeit a bit slower than before, but that's my fault for not being consistent about going to practices).
Saw the doc in October for my 4 month checkup and the doctor was very pleased with my progress. My boobs look and feel amazing!
And I'm still measuring a 32D/DD at Vikis!
So very pleased!
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