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I'm 19 and undergoing a big decision in my life! I...

I'm 19 and undergoing a big decision in my life! I know how people feel about surgery in people who are young however this is something I've wanted for a while. I've never been really self conscious with clothes on because bras can do magic. But I just want that extra self confidence with swimwear or being naked

Before pictures small B big A? Idk

Wasn't too thrilled with my natural size :( no side cleavage and always found myself using padding in my bras AND swimwear. Throwing away all of those felt so so so good!

Wish boobs :)

Sizes, looks, and similar shapes/nipple size that I wanted or I believed I could achieve after augmentation! :)

Surgery day!

So I had my augmentation January 13th 2016 and I have to say that was a breeze! My appointment was at 6:30 am I was the first patient of the day. My family and my boyfriend took me to my appointment and right when I walked in I signed in and said goodbye. It was kind of nerve racking because I felt like I just got there and wasn't really planning on saying bye so fast!!! Was put in a room where they asked me questions and gave me a pregnancy test ( that was a scare!) I always get scared with those even if I'm not having sex! I don't know why! Lol but I was all good and the anesthesia Doctor came in. Asked some more questions and put the needle in my wrist. My nurse was soooooooo sweet I can't remember her name because of all the business and it happening so fast but I loved her. Toohey was great too, took some pictures and I was on my way to the room. I felt like I was being abducted by aliens with all the bright lights and stuff to cut me open lol. But before I knew it I was smiling and laughing and then boom out! Woke up with super blurry vision. I knew where I was and didn't feel sick at all when I woke up but I couldn't see and I was shaking a lot. I tried looking down but I was already wrapped in bandages and super flat. They wheeled me out and I was on my way home! Easy enough right?

Day 1

So I didn't really take any pics day 1 because everything was wrapped and I was very sore. Hard to move my arms. Pain was minimum about a 4? It wasn't pain necessarily more like weights on my chest. I had to cough every 15 minutes and walk around every hour for 15 minutes so my boyfriend and I would make sure I did that. He was so helpful the whole time! You literally can't do anything I couldn't even carry a purse if I wanted to. So he opened my prescription bottles and made my food, even having to take my pants down to go to the restroom! Such a gentlemen Right? Lol but even though I was helpless I wasn't in unbearing pain. The night sucked. I had a hard time sleeping. I refused to sleep flat on my back because the weight all night would take a toll and obviously you can't sleep on your side or stomach. So I slept like I was on an airplane. Back against wall with a neck pillow and some Vicodin lol. Had to wake up twice to take medicines I was told to take every 6 hours. Watched a lot
Of Netflix when I couldn't sleep.

Update day 2 super bloated :(

So they sit high up, far apart, and you're bloated for the first couple days... Sexy ;)

Day 3 and a half

Videos are more helpful

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Hard, far apart, but lookin better?

My size

Soooooo. It was a hard time picking sizes. Naturally. When I first went to my appointment with Toohey he reccommended 400cc moderate plus. I totally loved his opinion and was all for it. Telling family and friends? They FREAKED OUT. Saying no too big too big! So it made me back off on my so confident choice. And I have to say ladies. Do what your heart tells you! I ended up picking 375cc just to please everyone (having to do 350 in one of my other breast because I had a smaller one) and I could have gotten away with 400 and still would've been happy! I don't regret a thing, everything happened for a reason. But it is annoying everyone else's opinion judged and clouded mine so much because it was my body and my money. I'm hoping I will be a full D by the end of this and if not, whatever. But that was my desire! I have bras I have bought to fit in post op and they do fit now! But i am swelled and not shaped right so who knows in the future. I guess they can only get better from here though right? Still.. Happy I went under and got a boob job now at least I have somethin!!!!! Loving my boobs more and more everyday :)


Forgot to add my stats
Height: 5'2"
Weight (day of surgery): 103 pounds
Size I received: 350 and 375 (one side was bigger than the other)
Pre size: always said I was a 32B but I think I was an A cup


So day 4 I was able to shower and it was the best thing in life. Don't take for granted a shower because wow. was hard to wash my hair and I was very slow at changing but I'm all clean and relaxing by the tv :)! Boobs had a little burning pain on my right armpit even though I had my incisions under the breast. Looked it up and it said it could be a muscle spasm or my nerves. I think I slept weird because once I got out of bed it went away! Which is good. Very very bored and missing my friends and my boyfriend. Visits just aren't enough I wish I could do stuff with them!

Day 4 picture update

Side view. Sits up high still can't wait for these babies to drop. Also! I'm on my period so that's fun. Also adds to sore back and bloating haha. Day by day they get better though!

Anyone else feeling boob greed?

I did not know I would feel like this! Right when I saw dr.toohey he immediately showed me a size and was like "I know this is the size you want based off what you're telling me" and I was like... Yessssssss!!! Hahaha he read my mind!!! We chose 400cc at that time. At that point I was like ok this is my doctor. And then when I was telling family and friends they put so much doubt in my mind and said no too big too big. So every time I saw him I went less and less :( at the end I agreed on 350cc and 375cc (one was bigger than the other) and now I feel like I'll be a big C when I wanted a full D big D!! I know 25cc isn't much of a difference but I wish I would have went 375 and 400 just so I was like ok. Me and dr. Toohey picked this out, my plastic surgeon and myself. Also feeling small and not going to look like my end result :( I know it's soon but reading other girls post and they feel the same way.... Anyone else? Or anyone who thinks the opposite?

Day 5

Boob greed :( wishing I was bigger
I heard they shrink a lot when they heal so that sucks :(

Wait a second... 32DD lol

Sooooooooooo I was feelin down so I was trying some items on that I've always wanted to fit into and a bra I bought months before my surgery being a "goal bra" and they fit pretty well lol they goal bra is 32DD I wouldn't wanna go bigger than that!! And if they shrink a little more I probably would be a big D and that's perfect too!!! Drop and fluff drop and fluff :D

Relaxing :)

Hour by hour goes by and I swear differences can be felt. I had enough energy and strength to do laundry, take a shower and do my hair!!! That's a big accomplishment sadly haha! Of course everything I did at a snails pace. Feels good to recover :)


Getting squishy!

5 months

5 month update

5 month update

More photos

You forget that you even got them done after a while! I can't even imagine myself without my boobs haha!

7-8 months :)

Can't imagine life without them!
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