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HI everyone, Firstly a big thanks to all those...

HI everyone,

Firstly a big thanks to all those lovely people who have shared their blogs on this site, I've found them incredibly useful!

I started researching rhinoplasty properly about 6 months ago. I've researched surgeons, been to see different brans, companies, etc but have settled on the Cobalt Hospital in Newcastle with Mr Hodgekinson. From my various consultations I've learned that I have a very tricky nose to work on!

I've never really liked my nose as it's over projected, long and quite pointed (well very pointed) at the end. From the front its unsymmetrical but this doesn't bother me too much it's more my profile that I find so unattractive. 2 of the surgeons I met with explained they couldnt do anything as it was too complex a procedure. I have very thin cartilage and a very weak support structure, with a slightly bent septum. My goal was to have a softer, smaller nose but to still look like me with nothing too drastic. I've not gone along to any appointments with pictures of photos of noses I like as I feel this is creating unrealistic expectations and potential dissapointment.

I was feeling a bit disheartened and figured it maybe wasn't as bad as I've always thought and that maybe I should just be grateful for what I have already... but then I met with Mr Hodgekinson in Newcastle. Mr Hodgekinson is a very honest, straight talking man which I appreciated. He was the only surgeon to actually do a body dysmorphia test on me to gage how I feel within myself etc. I'm not body dysmorphic, which he concluded but i still appreciated him taking the time with me to go through it. He agreed that it's a very complex procedure and would involve various technical procedures (some of which I cant remember or even begin to explain) but he said overall it would produce a softer, smaller nose. Happy days! He specialises in complex rhinoplasty so I hope and pray everything goes okay.

I did see a surgeon from MYA who claimed it was an easy nose to work on and he could do it for £7000 (a lot of money). I loved what he said he would do but I just questioned how he thought it could be so easy where as the other 3 said look this isn't an easy nose to work on.

SO, today is the day!

I've been taking arnica tablets and bought some gel. I've got a couple of friends who have had this procedure and have been prepping me for what to expect etc. Got some painkillers at the ready but kind of hoping I won't need them! Stocked up on books, films, and hoping I might be able to go on a short walk later (maybe a bit optimistic but I think the fresh air might do my good after surgery... and when i'm a bit more awake!!)

I have an hour before I leave so I've posted some before pics for people to see. If you have a nose like mine and have any questions feel free to ask. I'm having an open septorhinoplasty. Also forgot to mention... I've always struggled with congestion so really hoping this helps with that in the long run. I have a very bony narrow nasal bridge and my septum is slightly bent to one side.

I did have a bit of a wobble yesterday as the hospital I was having my op at suddenly changed and I had no communication to tell me. But all is fine now... just doesn't help when you're already feeling a bit nervous!

Speak soon!

Back at home!

Op went great - couldnt be more impressed with the staff and overall recovery afterwards! Didn't feel sick at all and don't have a sort throat or anything. My top lip feels like its massive and numb and it just feels like I have to worst cold of my life ha! Lots of pressure and very congested. I could actually breathe straight away out my nose but gradually it became more and more congested and now I darent as it feels clogged! I'm back at home, don't feel groggy and just watching tv and eating milky buttons (but I cant taste them noooo!)

1st evening in splint

Well... i wont lie and say I had the best night's sleep... I had an hour and a half and then woke... Read and watched tv for another 3 hours as couldnt get back to sleep. Slept again for an hour and woke... My lips are so dry and crusty so constantly need to sip water and put lip balm on. Nose feels totally congested and I keep going to sneeze - total nightmare! Having to sneeze through my mouth to not put pressure on splint. Mild thobbing this morning but mostly just a central pressure feeling, very sensitive. Still no pain meds but might take some later to get some sleep.

Day 3

Slept so much better last night. Took some coedine to help with the pressure and managed to sleep most way through the night. Woke up with the driest mouth ever and ulcers on my lips but just relieved to have slept! Cleaned around my nostrils today with a saline solution. The splint is a bit itchy and wish I could get underneath it but no can do!

Day 4

Slept okay last night but waking up with your mouth stuck together with dryness isn't pleasant ha. Black eyes never appeared and have very minimal bruising. I keep cleaning around the nasal stents as they feel tight and itchy. I have to keep my splint on for at least 2 weeks but wondering whether the stents can be removed any earlier? I'll have to get in touch with the surgeon. They just feel like they shouldn't be up there! No pain at all now.. just boredom really!

Plastic nostril tubes

Today my plastic stents were edging even further out my nose. I can't tell you how uncomfortable these things are.. they feel like they are too tight and wedged in my nose. They have been sliding down the past couple of days and on one side i've managed to push them back up but I haven't been able to on the right side as was too painful. I went out for a walk today for some fresh air and when I got back they were both half way hanging out my nose. I phoned the nurse who said they do sometimes fall out and to let this happen naturally and so that's what I've done. Instead of trying to push them up I let them fall out this afternoon.... I can't tell you the relief. Oh my word. Glorious!! I can breathe and it's amazing. I feel like I can breathe better than I've ever been able to. I panicked slightly thinking shall I attempt to put them back up my nose as its only been 4 days?! I phoned the nurse back who told me not to try and put them back up. So i'm taking it as my body wanted them out and so they are out now. Has anyone else experienced this? I've gently cleaned my nostrils with saline solution but I am fearful that my nose is going to collapse or something now that these dreaded plastic tubes have gone?! help! Ps. My nostrils also look gigantic which concerns me slightly!

Day 5

Not much else to report today.. I continue to clean 3 times a day with salone solution. Amazed at the improvement in my breathing - feels so good. Another 13 days and I can have the splint off. Il probs post again then as cant see much changing between now and then!

I had a little peak under the tape at the end of my nose (not the splint) and I can see that the end of my nose is rounder which I wanted. Ifs very swollen but I feel like its going to be a great result once everything has settled and my nose is stable. Roll on 19th July :-)

Ps. Im leaving the house tonight so ive washed my hair and put some makeup on.. Feels so good ha :-)

Nearly been a week..

Nearly a week since my op. The itchiness of this mask drives me crazy. Im taking myself out for a walk soon to distract myself from it. I keep thinking that most people would be having there splints off after 1 week and I have to wait 2 and a half!!! So im feeling sorry for myself but then nobody told me to do this to myself haha and really I need to get over it ha.

Get this thing off my face

Soo today is 2 weeks since my op. The splint is sweaty, itchy and probably full of bacteria!!

I now have a little rash ok both cheeks (pictures attached) Its ruining my skin ans I dont want it on my face anymore. Ive phoned the hospital who just offered me an appointment with a nurse to tape it up again. I dont want anymore tape on my face! I see the surgeon on Monday and i can honestly say if he says hes not taking it off itll be coming off at home later on because im just about done now with the whole splint wearing procedure. I know my own body and I know its more than ready to come off... Sigh.

Itch itch itch

Few hours till splint removal (hopefully) This is my skin this morning... Sigh.
Cant wait for a proper cleanse!!

Results are in!

So tonight I had my splint removed... what a wonderful feeling!
Surgeon said he was very pleased with results but explained there's quite a big of swelling on the bridge and tip and that this will go down over next 6 weeks (I expected this so that's fine). It was really strange seeing my nose from the side as it was so straight before and now I have a bit of a slope. The surgeon explained my nose would drop a bit which I'm quite relieved at and I'll look forward to seeing the changes in swelling over the next few weeks. Overall I'm thrilled with the changes :-) I look like me from the front and the appearance of my nose from the front hasn't really changed (I'm really pleased about this) but from the side it's soo much smaller. The tip is round (but swollen) and I'm very very grateful for a very talented surgeon. He know's what he's doing and I think after the swelling has gone down and the tip has dropped a bit I'll be one happy lady! Just kidding i'm already very happy now :-) but you know what I mean!

Here's a couple of pics. I would say that these are the more flattering angles. I have taken a few where it does look very slopey and swollen at the end but I'm not going to put those ones up!

Looking forward to updating again in a couple of weeks.. i'm now off to steam my face and put a face mask on... ahh the simple pleasures.

Day after the night before

Pics in black and white as my face is still quite rashy! Feels great to put some makeup back on my face! Quite swollen in the tip today but still overall happy with what's been done. Thank you Mr Hodgekinson :-)

10 days after splint removal...

Hello everyone...
It's been 10 days since I had my splint removed and like so many other people I analyse the swelling everyday.. Or every hour ha!
The tip of my nose is rock solid and I brushed a top against it (whilst putting it over my head) today getting changed and even that really hurt as its so sensitive. I cant feel the bit inbetween the nostrils - no sensation really.

When I wake up in the morning it looks puffy at the tip and quite swollen but I bought some more arnica cream yesterday and continue to apply camphor oil and rose geranium oil everyday. Im back at the gym now and i got bk this evening after quite an intense HIIT workout and thought oh god my nose will be swollen ...but im pleasantly surprised! Swelling seems to have gone down a little this evening.. No idea how. So ive decided to post a few pics.

My nose was quite over projected before and so I know because of that i will always have a little projection in my new nose as i guess thats what I was born with and il always have some element of that. Im really pleased overall though with my surgery :-) im looking forward to seeing the changes over the next few months.

Excuse the sweaty photos.. Just bk from the gym! :-)

4 weeks 4 days post surgery

Few pics to update... I love my nose from one side but as you can see in the close up pic its still big from the other side. I thought my days of one good side one bad side were over but clearly not! Its strange how to me it looks in proportion and small from one side and large and out of proportion from the other.. Still better than before though and feel I have a food result. Would love it to go down smaller though... Not sure how much I can blame on swelling really?

Before and after

2 months post op

Hi everyone,

It's been 2 months since I had my open rhinoplasty (crazy!). Time has flown by...

Tip is still hard and swollen (yawn) and cant imagine it going down any time soon. Nose is quite puffy at the tip when i wake up but settles itsself as the day goes on.

Some pictures I think yeay great! Certain angles the tip is still bulky. So like everyone I have good and bad angles :-)

Il upload a few pics for you all to see. Again, some angles more flattering than others. First pic is after I had my splint removed and then 6 weeks after...

I dont take many from the front just because its no different than how it used to be (my request). My insecurities were with my profile and how over projected my nose was and how pointed it was. So all the pics are me analysing my profile ha ha!

Will update again in a couple of months ... If anyone has any tips to help reduce some of thia hardness in the tip of my nose id be grateful.. However I think its probs just a case of being patient!

3.5 months post op

Hi everyone,
Just a little update as saw my surgeon tonight for a post op check up. He said I still have a bit of swelling in the tip and that this should go down gradually as the months go on. My nose feels quite crispy inside at the moment (sorry ha ha that sounds rank) but it feels scabby. He said I had a lot of work done up there and that it will reduce in time. He reminded me that mine was a nose he could only do limited stuff to as it was so complex but im really happy with the results as its such an improvement. Its far from perfect but perfect wasnt what i wanted :-)

I dont really post pics from the front as there is no difference there.. It was my profile I really didnt like hence all the side shots.

Any questions about post op recovery just ask and il try to help!

6 months post op!

Hey everyone,

I realise its been quite a while since I posted an update but I like to log in every so often to see how other people are getting on and to update on my progress!

Over the past 8 weeks my nose has had some quite tough little scabs appear inside and if I try and get them out with a cotton bud (sorry cant help it) they can sometimes bleed. All part of the healing process I guess! Ive been getting a blocked up nose quite a bit and think this might be due to the scabs so hoping this settles down soon.

My nose continues to decrease in swelling as time goes on. Still hard at the end but not as bulky. Nostrila are softer now too and not so stiff.

I dont have the perfect nose by any means but was turned down by 3 surgeons who said internally my nose was just too tricky to operate on. I took a risk and it paid off. Softer overall profile and small in height. I couldnt be happier and no longer have that anxiety wondering what people think about my nose and its profile.

For me, I dont regret it one bit. The boredom I felt at being in a splint for 2 and a half weeks was tough as im a real gym bunny and like to go out and about but in terms of pain, it really was just more sensitive and umcomfortable (everybody is different)


8 months post op

A little reminder of where my journey began!

It is true what they say... The results do improve with time. I still have swelling in the tip and im almost at the 8 months mark so hang in there ladies (and gentlemen) Yes my nose could possibly still look a little over projected and yes on one side I do think eww there's too much cartilage there and it looks too bulky but im not going to sweat over it. My confidence has improved greatly. Im not anxious about being next to anyone for them to judge my profile. I feel a lot more relaxed. My advice would be to try not chase than unattainable perfection (whatever that may be). Work with the beauty that you've already got - and believe in yourself!

Any questions i'm happy to answer :-)

More pics...

9 months post op

9 month before and after

9 months post op - Before and After

Almost 1 year post op!

Wow, where does the time go?!

On October 2nd it will be one year since my op! I am still feeling a slightly swollen tip 11 months on so it really is true what they say when they say it could be up to 2 years for final result! I dont think mine will change much now. Much happier with my profile and not feeling as self conscious anymore. Yes there are certain angles where a bit of my tip looks bulky but as ive said before, it was never going to be a button nose! No regrets from over here. Hope everyone else heals well and finds what they are looking for xx

November 2016 1 year 1 month post op

Nose feeling softest it's ever felt but still a little hardness left. Ive always struggled with congestion since a child and thought maybe a septorhinoplasty might help.. it hasnt unfortunately and I still find from time to time im quite congested. I might just be swollen still inside my nose - who knows!

I dont get that weird smell anymore - the one where you can almost still smell the stitches? Not sure if anybody experienced that before. I also dont have any more scabs which I did for quite a while.

Im not on here so much anymore but still more than happy to answer questions or concerns about any upcoming ops. Still cant believe I actually went through with it - it really is the best thing I ever did.
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