12 Years with Implants, They Have Overstayed Their Welcome - Newcastle Upon Tyne, GB

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After having my child, my full boob lost it's shap...

After having my child, my full boob lost it's shap and plumpness and became large pancakes. One divorce later, i decided to treat myself and put the plumpness back. I had the implants some 12 years ago now and it was the best decision at the time. I have to say I had some very peaceful years with the implants. I developed capsulitis 18 months after the implants, however they were sorted out and life continued well. Nonetheless, over the last three years, I've been growing the seed of explant. My boobies are now misshapen, hard, cold and frankly a hindrance. My right bobby has decided to turn itself sideways.... what the.. ahem and they don't feel part of me. I am painfully aware of the foreign bodies in my body. Unfortunately never did I think I could afford the explant procedure, quotes being as much to have them removed as i'd paid to have them put in. Thanks to this site I came across my PS at the Knuffield in Newcastle upon Tyne, and when he told me they can removed with a local, I can't tell you how pleased I was. His frankness and genuineness is refreshing. Anyhow, the day of freedom is approaching and I can't wait to be natural, flat and droopy again. My life will begin again with no enhancements and it's exciting.

One day to freedom

Hi all, i'm so excited with one day to go (day of surgery doesn't count right)? Thanks for your support, why we feel a need to change and tamper in the first place (now that i'm older and wiser) is beyond me, however it was the right decision at the right time for me to have the implants. Now, it's the right time and right place to have them gone. I can't say I will miss them at all. If that changes post explant then i'm sure i'll let you know. When I look at folks pictures on here, I find myself saying how beautiful the natural look is on those that have pre implant pictures and also those that have explanted. Even where bobbies have dropped in time and are less fluffed, even those ladies look so much more natural and beautiful that when they had implants. I am so excited, hurry up 7th :)

Minutes after surgery

Now, when you've stopped giggling at the wonderful theatre knickers, it's update on the day of freedom, today 7th November 2015. I had my explant under local. It took longer to gown me up and prepare me on the operating table than it was to remove the implants. It was a bit stingy as the anesthetic was injected, however within minutes that scaple was out and the incisions made. The right implant was out with a twist and a tug. And the Taylor, I mean Surgeon was soon sewing me up. The only thing that I felt was a little sharp sting right on the edge of the outside of the incision site as the anesthetic wasn't quite doing it's job there. Very tolerable nonetheless. The left side was a bit more tricky. The implant had adhered very well to the capsule over the years, and on first tug it was not budging. A few more firmer tugs and Dr Collis explained that it had to be peeled from the capsule as it had adhered a little bit like velcro. That's exactly what he did, he peeled the implant with a bit of force and away it came, phew, good work Dr Collis, as i had a vision that it was not going to budge. So again some tayloring and I was good to go back up to my room on the ward. As I sat up from the operating table, and got into the wheelchair, it was like a huge weight had been lifted from me. A massive smile had consumed me and I have to say, it's still there as I write this review. Back in my room and my friend took this picture. I was literally 10 mins after surgery here. The right breast is concave where the implant had been velcroed to the capsule, the left was pretty much as expected. I feel that I can move my arms better, that there is space, just a free feeling. My droopy little pancakes are great. If this is it forever then i'm already happy. If i'm lucky they will settle down and look somewhat the same in time, however, it'll be interesting over the coming weeks to see how they become what they are going to be. Now remember, no laughing, these knickers were mandatory... :)

Day 4 post explant.

Still finding I difficult to gat the smile from my face, if i need surgery I'll know where to come. Day 4 and bobbies are selling nicely. They are filling out a little and the lumps and bumps dissipating. They feel so soft and natural, i have missed being me. The dropping gives me character. I hope they don't get overly carried away and fill out to much, any thoughts on if they will lose some plump or gain it over the next few weeks?
Newcastle Upon Tyne Plastic Surgeon

Nick Collis: I found to be frank, realistic and approachable. During consultation he was clear in what he can do and what I can expect. There was no promises about the end results, he didn't try to appease me, he was simply honest. Importantly, he has a great realistic approach and has a great capacity to respond in the manner that he knows the individual will feel comfortable with. How refreshing, I feel like i trust this chaps ability.

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