30 Years Old, 2 Kids 3 and 7, Planned to Have 300cc Unders Mp! - Newcastle Under Lyme, GB

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So it's two weeks tomorrow until the big day,...

So it's two weeks tomorrow until the big day, today it has dawned on me how just it close it is, I was so excited and I e wanted this done for 10 years but the time has just never been right but today I've been panicking about the recovery, been having big doubts about the whole procedure is this normal? Arghhhh

So it's all done

So had it done yesterday at 2.30pm stopped in over night at the nuffield in Newcastle under Lyme , surgeon mr prinsloo and anesthetican mr lamb were both fab! Felt very at ease with all the staff, I'm now back home recovering and looking forward to seeing the end result in a few weeks/months whe they've settle down Altho haven't gone massive anyway ! :)

Post op check up!

Well today it was my post op appointment and I had my dressings removed! Omg u can't believe how good there looking already after only 7 days of being done, dr prinsloo was very happy with how they were heeling and said I had very minimal bruising which is good! Feels strange now I've got hone and have no dressings on tho as if I've had a security blanket taken away from me, strange I know lol!

Few pics

Bra fitting

So today I went to m&s and had a bra fitting and omg they came out at 32dd... no way that's just mental they don't even look that big?! But hey I'm not complaining ???? loving how they are settling down now , not got much to report on , think I've been lucky and had quite a good recovery !

So not much to report home about

Not much to say really other than I love love love my new boobs :) they are getting softer and softer each day and starting to drop down nicely now! I couldn't imagine being without my new additions now feels like they've always been there lol

Over 4 months po

So it's been over 4 months now since I had my ba and really couldn't be any happier, fully recovered and it just seems like a distant memory now lol! Just can't believe I waited so long to have it done ! I didn't go big only went to 300cc but they are in perfect proportion to my body ! I've ended up 32d/ 32dd in some! Have had a lot to report as had no problems and no concerns lol! Few pics to follow they have really settled down now and feel great in suprised how soft they feel haha!

All settled dowb

All dropped and settled down

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