49 Yo Mommy Makeover BL, BC, TT, Lipo - Sacramento, CA

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49 yo mom boobs. After considering a mommy...

49 yo mom boobs. After considering a mommy makeover for a few yrs I'm finally going through with it. BL, BA, TT, lipo. My ps is Dr. Jeffrey Sweat. Tomorrow is the day and I'm increasingly anxious & excited. Dr. Sweat is doing a lollipop lift with 485cc moderate Sientra implants.
Like everyone on Realself, I'm hoping my results are so amazing that I'm glad I did this and have no regrets. I'm afraid they'll be too big and I'm afraid they'll be too small.
I found choosing an implant size to be the most confusing part of this. I spent a few minutes at my pre-op making a guesstimate on cc's and really don't know what it will look like. I'm totally relying on Dr. Sweat to make it look great. I'm taking a few wish pics to give him an idea of what I'm going for.

Not Happy - yet?

I've refrained from posting because of negative experience from lack of pain management to ignored infection. I'd hoped to resolve issues and then have nothing but positive to post.
However, since I'm nearly at 5 weeks post-op, I figure I should try to post to maybe find support or answers. I was told the drains stay in about a week & no longer than 2 weeks. I am going on 5 weeks draining over 50ml/day. It was explained to me that the infection could cause this. I'm feeling increasingly anemic, flu-ish, sluggish and sore. I felt much better at 2 weeks post-op.

Reluctant to offer pain meds or antibiotics

Fever, infection, boobs are much larger than expected.
Zero feeling in one nipple the other nipple is ultra sensitive. I knew the risk was decreased sensation but not numbness. New size of my nipples is too small, looks ridiculous to me for the size my breasts are now.
I have my TT drain after 5 weeks.
Just started more antibiotics.
Yesterday Rosalie, Physicians Assistant, had to re-open TT remove infection, staples and resuture.
Hurts like hell. NO pain meds offered at this office! "Take ibuprofen". Unbelievable! Hurts badly enough I can't sleep at all and I suspect that is slowing my healing and causing complications.
In an email from Dr Sweat's office I was told running a low fever is normal. ???? I've had 100 to 101 degrees temperature.
My experience with the medical staff is they do not listen to the patient and have a dismissive or condescending answer until I have to press, persist, restate concerns, issues.
From the moment I woke up from surgery in excruciating pain I was told that's my problem because I was too tolerant since I had been on prescription from an injury, and instead of giving me something else to give me any comfort, the nurse stated they couldn't manage the pain.
Unacceptable. I had several surgeries, never treated this way.
I even had foot surgery this month and there was sharp pain as I awoke, it was managed immediately with some percoset from a wonderful anesthesiologist.
Not once have they asked how I liked the results or my treatment. This is probably due to the rapid pre-op process. Such a major decision and body-altering, expensive experience and there were no details/plan discussed/decided on between patient and Dr Sweat.
A nurse asked me to guess cc's I wanted. I had no idea. But they don't use sizers for testing size during surgery or inventory to size up or down as in cases with full facilities where physicians can adjust bigger or smaller based on clear goals agreed upon. They operate based upon my guess and I had no idea, especially since Dr Sweat would be removing tissue from my larger side, there's no way I could know.
If I had it to do over again I would go to a full facility with that process in place. Sizers, inventory, a physician who considers your "wish pic" examples and has confidence to assist with that decision. That's the primary professional advice I felt I paid for, and he doesn't discuss it with you?
I was told that Dr. Sweat doesn't help with determining size because it has caused problems with other patients. Red Flag! Ugh, too late to get my deposit back?
Started to worry and mentioned I was sure I didn't know what cc's and afraid I guessed high, the response was we already ordered them, sorry. !!
I should have known that when the intake experience offered only about 10 minutes with Dr Sweat. He is over worked by cooperate. During my 10-15 minutes with him before major surgery, he was complaining about not having eaten lunch yet and did not discuss any final decision or real process or plan for what my goals were aside from taking the basic measurements. Although I felt for him not able to eat lunch, I obviously wanted to have a reasonable amount of time to figure out how to proceed.
It appears he was just hungry and I had another set of saggy boobs to lift at the Breast Aug mill, who cares about details that are critical to the patient.
If you're repeat B/A patient or entirely certain what cc's you need (relieving Dr of those responsibilities) this may not bother you. But I paid full price expecting full service, guidance, planning, inventory, pain relief, infection free. Unlike many practices, no antibiotics are given until or unless you get an infection. Then it will take them a couple weeks to believe you need a prescription.
My infection was bad enough it wouldn't go away with the first round of antibiotics. They had to prescribe stronger prescription AND reopen the tummy tuck to remove calcium staples they suspected were aggravating the wound.
Most/all of this trouble is preventable.
I asked for full C/small D, not 36DDD. Maybe I'm swelling still and will go down, hoping.

6 week Post-Op

6 week Post-op pics

Embrace Scar Therapy

I learned about Embrace because I had so many scars from my motorcycle accident surgeries, and I used a similar over-the-counter silicone scar therapy I got off Amazon.
Embrace is the professional grade. It's applied in the office and stays on for 10 days.
You go back to have a new application every 10 days for a total of 6 applications. So in all, it's protecting the healing process for 60 days.
It's fairly new so not all Plastic surgery offices offer it, I don't know if the Embrace company requires going through the plastic surgeon.
When I went in to have it applied, the representative from Embrace was training one of the nurses in the ps office on how to apply it. He did some and then let the nurse do the rest. I suppose you could get in touch with the company and ask about who applies it near you or if they can work directly with you.
If you look into it, let me know what you find out.
The two main ways it helps diminish scars is it takes tension off the scars and it keeps skin from drying out (tension and dryness cause scars to be more red and wider).
Here are photos of silicon Embrace Scar Therapy.
Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

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