23y, 5'8, 140lb, Breast Revision from 250cc to 500cc. New Zealand, NZ

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I've always been athletic and very much into...

I've always been athletic and very much into sports and also have what my mum likes to call an 'H' body shape. Basically i'm not curvy at all. I've always disliked my small boobs and have always felt self conscious being naked, even in front of my boyfriend.
Last year in August I decided to get my boobs done. I have a friend who had gotten hers done at 350cc and made the mistake of thinking that if I got 350cc that mine would look as big as hers (she's an F). The silly thing that I didn't think about was the fact that she's a whole lot shorter and much more petite that me so of course the same size implant would look much different on her than it would on me. Anyhow, after freaking out a bit I decided just to get 250cc R and 275cc L implants thinking that this would bring me to a large C. Unfortunately I'm now only a B (was A) which I was very disappointed with.
After doing further research and looking at pics of other ladies my height an weight I think that around 500cc is going to bring me up to the size I want (D).
I have my surgery booked for June 8th, I'm sooooo excited. I have a countdown on my phone and everything. I'm having it done at the Tria Center which is part of Destination Beauty. Although I have read mixed reviews about the Destination Beauty Service, all the reviews about the surgeons look good and that's all I really care about. I had actually already booked my flights and accommodation before getting in contact with them so won't be using any of the 'surgery holiday' packages that they offer.
My boyfriend and I are combining the trip with a holiday in Thailand which is going to be amazing. I'm really hoping that because this is my second surgery that my pain and recovery time will be much less than my first surgery because my pocket is already formed. Has anyone else had a revision and it was less painful?
I'm a bit nervous about getting back after the holiday as I haven't told my mum that I'm having the revision. She would flip. She thought that the first one was a waste of money and now I'm doing it all over again. People in New Zealand are so anti plastic surgery, it's really annoying. Sometimes I feel as though I'm just being silly and vain but I figure that if I don't get a re-do then I will be wasting all the original money that I spent. At least my boyfriend is supportive. He thinks I'm perfect the way I am and even used to say how much he loved my pre-surgery non-existent boobs. But I'm doing this for no-one other than myself and think that if it will make me feel sexy and happy about my body then it's worth it.
And so the countdown begins!! 43 days till Thailand, 48 days till my new and improved boobies!

36 days to go! - time go faster please

It's not long now till my revision and time seems to be dragging so much. I've been obsessing over this site and trying to make a decision about size and type. I haven't got much cleavage and can also feel my current implants at the sides of my boobs and am wondering if getting high profile will help this? I feel my boobs are too wide apart and hope that my doctor will have the answers.
I didn't get any stretch marks from my first BA but then again only went from an A to a B. I've got some vitamin E oil and think that maybe I should start putting it on now. Has anyone else had problems with stretch marks?
I haven't bought any post op bras yet, hopefully I'll get one from the surgeon but who knows. Figured I'll be in thailand and can grab a cheap bra post op if need be. I'm soooo looking forward to relaxing on the beach with my man and my new girls.

485's and on the other side

I had my surgery yesterday at piyavate hospital in Bangkok. Everything went great. At first my surgeon dr Dalip said 485 would be too big for my cheast wall and that I would have to go with 385. Luckily he must have worked his magic in the theatre and got them to fit. All bandaged up at the moment and feeling very stiff and sore. I hAd thought that this time round wouldn't be as bad but I would have to say it's almost As sore as the first time. I guess the almost 250cc increase meant my cheast muscles had to stretch way more. Although I haven't met my DB rep Fon I have been visited several times by another girl joy who is so lovely. In fact all the staff have been incredibly nice, far nicer than those I delt with in New Zealand. My drains have to stay in a few more days which sucks. My partner and I had a trip planned to krabi tomorrow but I don't think that will be happening now :(
Food so far has been great, salmon on the first night then fish for lunch today, mini Thai cakes for afternoon tea and chicken and pumpkin soup tonight. Will post pics when I get the chance and update on how I'm feeling.
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