I am now 25 - rhinoplasty - New Zealand, NZ

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I remember when I was quite young my sister and I...

I remember when I was quite young my sister and I did an art project. It was a plaster cast of our faces. We sat there with straws plugged in our noses while our faces were covered in plaster. Once our casts were complete I remember noticing then that my nose stuck out longer than my sisters.

It didn't bother me too much until puberty. I was extremely shy and would go bright red when ever I was singled out. I was teased a bit about my nose but not that much.

I had boyfriends and I actually did a bit of modeling. I knew I wasn't ugly and I would forget my nose until I was once reminded again by a comment or something like that. I loved modeling and this is why.. it was 2D,in real life my nose made me look dorky but in photos everything was flattened. I learnt how to angle my nose perfectly, I looked at these pictures and I loved them because I looked pretty it helped my self esteem. There was always one side I tilted my head..I didn't know why it looked better but later learned in my consultation with dr.q that it is because my nose is deviated/goes off to one side

I am now 25 and have saved up some money and had always put off the thought as I thought maybe it would be a phase or perhaps my mind would change. I put it off for around 5 years I was only around 20 when I actually thought of considering it

Consultation 1:

So along I went to my first consultation. The first place was in a nice area. It had a clean and 'rich' feel to it. The lady did not look young and attractive like I had envisioned a plastic surgery receptionist to be like. there was an old man there with some blood and plasters on his face. I started feeling a bit stupid for being there and vain. I had booked in a free consultation with the plastic surpgeons nurse (one with him was $240 so I decided to start from the free one and go from there) Someone from work said she got a nose job from this person-it didn't look perfect but I had actually met a real live person to have had rhinoplasty. She said she was thrilled. Because i had researched it like crazy I felt I knew more than the nurse did at times. She was very friendly and told me they had a fully qualified surgery room right there, not at a hospital. She told me it would be $10,000-$14,000 likely I would be on the low end as she didn't think I would need much work. She gave me a large book that had been made by all the surgeons in that clinic (all board certified)

Pros. board certified, met a live happy patient, specialized in rhinoplasty, clean professional environment cons. didn't have the gut feeling I have been reading people have when they 'just know', felt a bit off about knowing more than the nurse even though she wasn't the surgeon, had a lot of advertising/marketing that I noticed (I have read that this shows they get patients by advertising as opposed to others with less advertising as they get referrals), He performed a lot of other surgerys not just rhinoplasty, I actually wasn't a fan of his work the noses all seemed a little too scooped out at the slope.

Consultation 2:
The next consultation i had was with a surgeon I came across from his website. It wasn't too flashy. I liked how on the home page there was a pic of a real live person he had worked with. She had a nice nose transformed from pretty much the worst beak/hump nose I have ever seen, no jokes-I have seen a lot from looking online so much but this one would have required some skill! It looked as though it would have been a great success story and liked how it was proudly on his front page-no glamourous model online I looked at all his photos-a huge mix of different challenges which I liked and I really liked the after photos. I looked at his info and he was completely qualified and had been doing rhinoplasties since I was born (1986). The consultation part of the web said he would look at what you wanted suggest some things and take photos and make computer simulated photos which he would send to you a week later and if you wanted he would arrange to get in contact with other previous patients for testimonials. I had a good feeling immediately. I also googled anything bad about him and nothing came up.

I booked in for a consult. my heart was pounding, the waiting area was not as luxurious as the other surgeons place. It had more of a medical feel to it. The receptionist was nice and effcient not over the top friendly. I did not wait at all after I had written in my medical details I was welcomed into his office. He asked me what i didn't like about my nose and sort of looked at it and squinted side to side as if he couldn't see anything wrong, I felt incredibly vain and blurted out I think its just a bit big. I now realise he was probably trying to take in my nose and work out what he was working with duh! He asked if I had trouble breathing-I didn't, if i had had surgery before- no or if it had been broken-no. He said that was good because most of the surgeries he did they were one of those 3 things. He asked me if i thought my nose is crooked I said no but i don't like this side I think maybe because if a slight bump (which was tiny) he then told me quite bluntly that I had a "severly deviated nose, it is crooked, well its straight but along here but it goes off to one side" immediately a smile was pinned to my face for once someone was completely honest and basically I felt likle i wasn't crazy! everyone had been too polite to agree with me and told me they didn't really know what I was talking about but here was this professional telling me how it is whith out the social ettequette! For once I knew why I only liked one side of my nose and I hadn't figured it out in 25 years-he figured it out in less that 10 mins. I then knew he was extremely experienced and immediately felt like he was the one. He wasn't the most sociable person but I find most expert/genius types of people to be a little off in the social department. He said it was a bit over projected which was the obvious part and then took before photos. He then showed me on the computer 2 options he thought he could do-they both looked practiocally the same to me. He said he thought the smaller one would be better. He showed me that the skin would need to re blanked or settle out (as there would be a bit of excess skin) he showed me what would happen if it didn't smooth out on the comp ( I wasn't a fan, wasn't horrible but i didn't like it) he said they he didn't think that would be a problem as all as I am young and don't smoke. He said if I was 40-50 he would not do this surgery. I really felt like he knew all of my angles and what needed to be changed. He told me about the risk of revision I asked him if it was likely and he said not its not likely (he also doesn't charge for revision), often your nose just changes shape. He told me it would be NZ$14,000 including all post opperatiove care and including hopital and anethsesia fees. When I first saw the photo I thought ummm somethings off but I think what it was was the fact I was so used to seeing my nose the way it is and it looked so different to what I was used to. It took me a day of re looking over and over till I got used to it and now I love it. I wish I could ask some random people that don't know me what they think. Maybe I will out some up here to see what you guys think. It also took me awhile to get these photos, I called twice as I was so egar. they came after 2.5 weeks. It is 2 weeks till Christmas so I think he was really busy (which the nurse mentioned) I think it is a good thing he is busy as I think it would be because he is good.

The thing that is holding me back is my family who are REALLY against it and I am worried if people would judge me for getting it...

I was really on the fence until I came across this quote which really jumped out at me "many people have sacrificed themeselves for others, Thinking that when they sacrifice themselves they are being a good person. Wrong! To sacrifice yourslef can only come from thoughts of absolute lack, because it is saying "there is not enough for everyone, so I will go without" Those feelings do not feel good and will eventually lead to resentment. There is abundance for everybody and it is in each person's responsibility to summon their own desires. You cannot summon for another person because you cannot think and feel for another. YOUR JOB IS YOU. When you make feeling good a priority, that magnificent frequency will radiate and touch everyone close to you"

I am thinking of the surgery in the New Year (early) I just wan't to be 100% sure and really think things through. I am excited though! Wish swelling wouldn't take so long (as I have read)

Since I get bored at work ;) I researched heaps of ways to reduce swelling that I will try out. Here is the list for you all to use too! (please check with your surgeon!)

How to reduce swelling:

Try to limit your salt intake. The kidneys retain salt which can cause facial swelling. Try to consume diuretic substance like tea, coffee, water pills, etc. reduce sugar and processed foods which can make you hold onto water

Egg white is also beneficial for reducing facial swelling. Apply the egg white from the shell and leave it to dry before washing it off. (prob leave this one out at least for the first 10 days lol)

Apply a mixture of honey and apple cider to the affected area.

Grate and peel potatoes. Apply it over the face, leave on for about 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse after ten minutes.

Bromelain is a powerful enzyme that’s been approved by the German government as an effective anti-inflammatory for surgery, especially around the nose and sinus. It’s also known as a treatment for sports injury, digestion, and cancer. Drink Pineapple juice which contains bromelain

Turmeric recognized in traditional Indian Ayurveda and Western naturopathic medicine as a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer agent.

Quercetin, it’s an antihistamine.

arnica. Take orally and use as a cream after 10 days

applying cotton buds soaked with chilled witch hazel to the bruising. Or Place moist teabags on your face to get rid of puffiness.

chapped lips try Aquaphor® by Eucerin

Make Green smoothies every morning. the liquid is easier to drink. include barley greens, berries, yoghurt, LSA, psylum husk-all the good stuff to get you healing

Vitamin C-cheap good anti oxidant

walk around the house or park. Just gently, listen to your body. This will increase circulation and reduce swelling. Its a good idea to ice straight after this

ice your face every 15-30 minutes for as long as you can stand. Up to the first 3 days

Stay really hydrated. drink lots and lots of water-use a straw to flush out swelling give an hour interval for each homeopath remedies/medication sleep in sitting position. get one of those neck cushions for planes-sleeping more to one side can cause one side of your nose to swell more making it look lopsided compression reduces swelling, even after you can take of the cast, wear it or tape at night. the longer the better

Avoid carbs-they require more water molecules causing you to bloat more. Get heaps of protein and veges

take a chinese medicine, called Pien Tze Huang to reduce swelling

flax seed oil to reduce swelling (add this to your green smoothie)

use a mix of coffee, tumeric and red sanalwood for a facial swelling remedy/mask

For awhile after surgery: Mix one part arnica oil with 10 parts 70 percent ethanol, then dilute the mixture three to 10 times with water. Soak a washcloth in the solution, and then apply the cloth to the swollen areas. Avoid broken skin and the area immediately surrounding the eyes. Don't take arnica internally

Green tea reduces water retention

getting a massage called 'manual lymphatic massage' designed to reduce excess fluid

if you are getting itchy from the cast, try antihistamine medication

Grape seed extract and Rutin are products that are said to speed healing

valerian root and rescue remedy for stress

to drain you nose/clean your nose try the Neti pot-search on youtube. Some people swear it as the best thing ever esp for clearing the nose. note this would have to be done awhile after the surgery when healed

Im just figuring out exact dates with the nurse. I...

Im just figuring out exact dates with the nurse. I have been away overseas for 6 months so it has been good to really think it over. It is quite weird, a man I work abroad with told me how attractive i was and how much he adored my nose. He really liked long noses..a comment I have never come across and was so caught off guard I didn't know how to react almost thinking he was taking the piss for a split second :s I guess different cultures and ppl with different backgrounds have different perceptions of beauty. I still want to get it done though and doesn't change my own personal opinion.
My bf told his parents, I was so nervous about telling them and he just casually mentioned he had told them! I am happy as they said if I have been wanting to get it done for so long then its a good thing. feels good to know that!! Now if only my parents thought that!
I have been mentioning my surgery to my parents via skype when I talk now and then to get them used to the idea. my mum says "we're not talking about that today" and doesn't want to talk about it..
my dad gets all angry..but I know when it comes down to it he is very good when you are hurt or injured and he would want to be supportive in the healing process despite his own opinions.
My sister always freaks me out saying how mum and dad are so against it that I have balls doing it and doesn't think i need it and thinks its such a waste of money (but she has a perfect nose) she also thinks the comp generated image looks weird and she also freaks me out by saying if it looks good then its good but if it goes wrong then everyone will be like why did you get rhinoplasty your nose was fine before. She always says I hope it just turns out alright...which is a bit annoying as it just makes me think of what could go wrong..something I really could do without!
I am aiming for Mid/End Oct (hey I wont have to wear a mask for halloween! ;) ) . I have family from overseas coming to NZ for Christmas and will be quite a big family Christmas so really hope swelling goes down significantly for this! I'm not sure I should tell anyone but then again my dad with his big mouth will prob tell family and if I bet him to the punch it might be better. Plus they might notice...although most of my older family are a bit blind lol!
I am wondering where I should recover..my bf has flatmates and is really not as homely..my parents might be a bit difficult as they are quite opposed to the idea and don't want them to freak out from the bruising. perhaps I will stay at a hotel for a week...

Had my 2nd consultation and feel better and more...

Had my 2nd consultation and feel better and more confident than I did the first. There are things he explained about my nose I had not even noticed. Truly fascinated.
He explained exactly what he was going to do, the risks of revision and all those things good surgeons should explain. He explained what was and wasn't possible with my nose
I am reducing my profile ( projection and angle it goes out) quite a lot so he is bringing in the sides of my nose a bit do it is all in proportion. He also said he could take put my old tattoo at the same time ( I have been getting laser for years with not the best results)
I have a pack of info for the day and a health questionnaire I need to fill out. I have checked the anethsiest is fully qualified

My parents are starting to accept it is happening which I am thrilled about. They disagree with it but respect I am doing it now.

Feb 13th it is!! I decided against having it just before Xmas as family are over and don't want to stress my mum out beforehand

I can't imagine how nervous I am going to be, I get so nervous just going to the consultation!

Another thing to add is how much he said taping of...

Another thing to add is how much he said taping of my nose was important as my nose is going to be significantly reduced and taping it well and tight prevents scar tissue forming filling in the space that has been taken out. I don't care if I tape at night for a couple of months at night
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