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A little nervous but want you all to know I found...

A little nervous but want you all to know I found great comfort in reading your posts. I'm scheduled for my abdomen in just about 3 weeks. Then two weeks after April 10th my inner and outer thighs. Has anyone had the procedures done separately like the Dr. Wants to? Please any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Homeopathic remedies?

I heard that there are homeopathic remedies that may speed up recovery? Has anyone tried them?

5 days Pre surgery

Look for after photos coming soon! Scheduled for 3/26!!! Can't wait to get rid of this fat!!!

Today's the day!

On my way, will keep you all posted!

All done & home now!

Everything went great today! Some discomfort but tolerable during the procedure. I do have two drains, until Tuesday. The doctor took out more then I expected! Keep you all posted as the healing begins...

The day after...need advice, please!

Wow... In pain today! My doctor was aggressive so I can only contribute the pain I feel to that. I can barely stand up! If anyone can give me some advice on what I should be expecting the next few days. Also having trouble keeping the drain tubes clear. Any suggestions? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated !

Post op day 2

Feeling so much better then day 1 ! Today I was able to shower and walk around without to much pain. Some pulling sensations but tolerable. When should I start to massage my stomach? It's so tender but I've read that it should be done. Also what direction? Upwards? Any answers greatly appreciated!

Before & after day 2

One step forward one step back!

Ok so yesterday morning woke up feeling the best I have ( day 5 post) and went to my first follow up . Dr said everything looks great but couldn't believe I was still draining as much as I was. Regardless he said he still wanted to remove the drains and that my body will absorb & rid the rest. Ok. Well this brings me to today.... ( day 6 post) and for the first time I'm really swelling! My stomach is hard and I'm very uncomfortable. Back to being almost impossible to bend over. I can only assume this is due to the fluid left inside. I'm drinking water like a camel but not getting rid of it as much as I normally would. It's like my body is storing the water too! I can only see what tomorrow brings in this journey. As my beloved Bon Jovi would say .. Gotta Keep the faith!


Ok I know it's only been only a week but my swelling is worse now!!! Since the doctor removed my drains I am filling up! Any suggestions? I'm drinking a gallon of water already, arnica, wearing cg!


Has anyone tried this morning detox drink? It seemed to improve my swelling . Woke up this morning improved and noticed yesterday I was able to pee more... Getting rid of stubborn fluid! I'm gonna stay with it this week and see if it really helps.

My pouch is back!!!!

Ok feeling depressed today, my pouch is increasingly coming back to taunt me! Feeling anxiety about having my thighs done this Friday too! Someone out there please tell me this kind of swelling can go away. Its so hard too! I need encouragement . I'm doing everything I am supposed to do! BTW, Its Day 12 post op….

Day 12 update continued

Here are some more of my returning pouch!

Ding ding ding ROUND 2

Trying to rest tonight. Going in tomorrow at 10am for round 2 ( my thighs)
Nervous because for one I hear it hurts and is harder to recover, two because I'm still healing (swollen bad) in my abs. By 3:00 every day my stomach swells tremendously can't imagine having my legs swollen!!! Guess I will find out. I'll kee you all posted and thank you all again for your support... Don't know what I'd do without you women, I swear!!!

Round 2 (thighs) post op update

Ok ladies, feeling it today so I'm gonna be brief ... The procedure itself yesterday was in my opinion much easier, really no pain. He removed 2 liters from my thighs! I'm still leaking this morning but it's getting less by the hour. Feeling pain but do I dare say less then day 1 abs post op?? Or could be the meds talking right now... lol. Here is a before and after day 1 post op. Very swollen but you can tell how it will eventually look...

Day 2 post op thighs

Just waking up and let the swelling begin!!! The pain is bearable except for sitting on the toilet! I'm kinda of holding myself up! I am actually still leaking which I don't mind... Let my body rid as much as it can! It's not even as much as I would like! The doctor told me that I would probably leak for only a few hours after the procedure but as I learned from my abs, everyone is different. Good news is I think my stomach has gone down some too. Probably from resting and being off from work again. I still have a hardness in the (pouch area) it's very tight and hard. Doc said it was tissue healing and not fluid. He said I should continue to stretch and massage the area. Also that it will eventually go away. I hoping for that! I'll post pic tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing well!!

Day 3 post op

So still taking it easy... Going for my check up with the doc tomorrow. I'm still swollen ( to be expected) and sore. Here are today's photos...

Bruised and swollen!!

Well today is one week post op and I won't be posting any pictures other then my swollen and bruised thighs!!! Went back to work for the first time yesterday and boy did it set me back!!! However, I'm gonna keep the faith and let the healing take care of itself! Rest, massage and arnica included! Hope the rest of you are all doing well! Sounds corny I know, but I feel such a bond between us all! :)

Day 12 post op

Ok so here is a picture of day 12 post of my thighs. My stomach is post op day 27 ( 3 weeks) I beginning to feel the bottom of my stomach soften up with continueous massage and stretching. Hopefully that will continue! My thighs are obviously still very swollen but that's to be expected. The price we pay for beauty...
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