Open Septo-rhinoplasty W/grafts - Left Side Still Very Swollen 2 Months Post-op

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I had a septorhinoplasty 8 days ago. He did a...

I had a septorhinoplasty 8 days ago. He did a complete overhaul on my nose, shaved the bump, took down the fat tip at the end, shrank my nostrils, and brought the entire thing down so you couldn't see into my nose from straight onlook.

My issue has nothing to do with the apperance, but the (artificial) grafts used to do the job. I can feel the grafts at the tip, it's extremely hard to the touch with NO wiggle room, in addition, when you touch it, I can actually feel the graft at the base of my nose (where the nostrils meet my face but in the middle) when I touch the tip of my nose at all and it HURTS!! It seriously hurts, like someone is pushing a plastic graft into an open wound. It feels as if the graft is too large, and it's extremely uncomfortable. Or maybe it's off and it's pushing into something it shouldn't??

I just got the cast off today, and all along I thought there was a metal stent in my nose (because that's what the pain felt like) and was extremely confused when he said there was nothing in my nose to remove.

I am unsure about everything until I get an answer to this question. At this point I am just worried that I may have to do this entire thing over and I really don't have the money, time, or desire to do such. HELP!

Updated on Jan 18, 2010
I had an open septo-rhinoplasty (with multiple grafts) 2 months ago today. **pls note I have very thick skin.

Throughout the entire healing process I have been excessively swollen and since the beginning it was difficult to breathe through my left nostril. My right side healed pretty quickly, I breathe fine through it and the swelling is pretty much gone, so much so that the other side (which is still very swollen) looks very lopsided. Not only am I upset at the way it looks, but I am sick and tired of not being able to breathe through my left nostril and thus breathing through my mouth, drying up my throat.

I'm depressed that my nose is now lopsided and I can't breathe. I am starting to think I should not have even gotten this done, the pain, and aggravation, all to look worse than before and now add not having use of my left nostril... it's sad.

If it's really bad, my doctor offered to do a revision for free, and I would just pay the hospital/anesthesia cost, but that is still a lot of money... However, I'll do it if it will help me breathe, fixed the asymmetric lopsidedness.

HELP! Is this pain going to remain this way? Will the tip ever soften? Will I build scar tissue to cushion the nostril and protect me from the pain I feel?? Pls also note I am not good with pain, could I be overly whimpy? Or is this not normal? -- Updated Jan. 18, 2010 -- I am wondering if this much swelling is normal for 2 mos. post-op, and if it's normal for it to be only on my left side? I can feel scar tissue or something like that, kind of puffy feeling on the insides of my nostrils, is this normal? It's puffier on my left side, as is everything else. Even my left cheek is a little puffy still. Every time I tell my doctor about it he says it takes up to a year or more for swelling to subside, and that it's normal for it to be lopsided. But everything I have read online says swelling should be down 90% by 2 mos post-op, and my left side isn't down AT ALL. In addition, the left side is still numb. When I touch it, it feels like someone else's nose/skin, not my own? Should I be worried? Please help!! I am desperate.
David A. Sherris, MD
David A. Sherris, MD
18 Aug 2017

Don"t worry too much as swelling really takes a year to resolve. If your concerns are still bothering you please make sure to point out what is concerning you at our next visit.

So, since my left side never went down (even after...

So, since my left side never went down (even after multiple steroid injections) My doctor decided to re-do it free of charge. I had a 30 minute second operation to remove the scar tissue on the inside of the left nostril and after the swelling went down--WHAT A DIFFERENCE! I love my nose and it changed the entire apperance of my face.

Summer 2011

Summer 2011

PHOTO UPDATE: The last two years

Advice: Final Revision Rhinoplasty/Facial Symmetry Desired

It's been 3 years since my last revision. I feel I still haven't reached the nose I've always wanted. I have found a few doctors on here that seem to specialize in revisions with ethnic noses. I'm starting to save up to have my 3rd (and hopefully final) revision in 2017. The biggest issues my double board certified plastic surgeon dealt with was my "thick skin" and "terrible scar tissue". I absolutely adore Dr. Sherris and his bedside manner is nothing short of perfect. However, ethnic and thick skin is not his forte and that's OK! I just need a surgeon that has this as his/her speciality and I'm willing to travel and stay just about anywhere to do so. Looking in the mirror and taking photos has become depressing. I know my nose isn't impossible to fix. I just need to come up with the money (for a 3rd time) and find the doctor perfect for me.
Can any surgeons comment on whether or not they feel my desired results are possible? I'm looking for a slope on my bridge (sans bumps), and a defined & small non-bulbous tip. I realize my nose is long and there's no fix for that. I'm not totally unrealistic these days so I'm not seeking perfection or anything. I'd just appreciate confirmation that what I'd like as a result is possible. I'll share pictures of what I ended up with and what I'd like (used a plastic surgery app to adjust my nose the best I was able).
Thank you all so much!!

What information do I need to provide to help answer my inquiry?

What other surgeries can help bring femininity and symmetry to my face? I'm also interested in lip fillers to even out my asymmetrical lips, fillers under my eyes (age) and in my chin dimple, chin implant for my uneven jaw (you can see in the photos what I mean). I'm even interested in either cheek fillers or an implant as I have zero cheekbones to show. I have a fuller face in some older photos when I was heavier. I've lost a lot of weight and my face has slimmed down quite a bit. No matter how thin I am, I still get a double chin!! Grr!
I'm pretty dedicated in achieving the beautiful face I've always wanted and never felt like I received via genetics. I love who I am on the inside and I'd like my face to match. A few virtual pics I used the PS app on I addressed: my chin, nose and lips with, there's one particular photo where I addressed everything I'd like to eventually fix and is my ideal.

Summary: is it possible to define my still bulbous tip? Shave down the bridge? Even out the nostrils, etc.? Which other surgeries would help gain facial symmetry? What about the jaw sliding surgery? I have a weak chin (dimpled) with an overbite. Help?

Pre-op vs post-revision photo

Finding older photos of my original nose is getting much more difficult as its been seven long years of noses. Haha
Seeing my original nose and comparing what I have now does seem to remind me of how far I've come.
Unfortunately, the plan was to get that small, feminine nose. I'm grateful for the improvements but I stubbornly hope for a smaller/narrow/petite nose.
I'm searching for an amazing ethnic revision rhinoplasty specialist and I'm optimistic I'll find one.

Good luck to everyone searching for a solution to the physical traits that drive us mad.
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David A. Sherris, MD
David A. Sherris, MD
18 Aug 2017

Don"t worry too much as swelling really takes a year to resolve. If your concerns are still bothering you please make sure to point out what is concerning you at our next visit.

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