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I'm finally ready to get rhinoplasty!! I've wanted...

I'm finally ready to get rhinoplasty!! I've wanted this for quite some time now, but have been too afraid to consider it. I have anxiety on a daily basis, so you could only imagine how scary this is for me. I truly feel the benefits will outweigh the risk though. I've been doing a ton of research and appreciate everyone's reviews so much! It's comforting to follow people through their journeys. However, I've also read that sometimes real self is misleading and some negative reviews are taken down. I would hope that's not the case.
Anyway, I've come across a lot of reviews by people who have had really great experiences with dr. Ciardullo of white plains NY. I think I may try to call his office. It will be hard for me to get a consultation as I live 4 hours away. I also have concerns because I have had filler in my nose (helped a bit, but not a permanent solution). I'm hoping that they can dissolve whatever is left in order to assess and do surgery. I guess this is a start, to share my thoughts with a community who actually gets where I'm coming from. Don't mind my fabulous artwork haha.

Does anyone have any advice for the beginning stages of consulting? Any experience with Dr. C or anyone else in NY, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey? Does anyone have experience getting rhinoplasty after fillers? Thanks for any advice you have!!

some to a surgeon. Confused.

I had voluma injected into my nose above a dorsal hump and in the tip to smooth out the bump and give the illusion of a lift. It helped a bit and I'm happy for now- but I'd like to have rhinoplasty. My prospective surgeon recommended that I have the filler dissolved and then two weeks later have rhinoplasty. He wants me to return to the original dr for Hyaluronidase. Does this seem like a good idea? I'm worried about offending the previous doctor and getting a poor result from Hyaluronidase. Then having surgery two weeks later? I'm just so confused of what to do. I want to keep the filler for now because I'm in a wedding in June. I'm in a time crunch because my wedding will be in the summer next year, so I want to be healed from rhinoplasty. I also don't know when to take off of work for the surgery due to fear of the filler not being dissolved enough and needing another treatment. Or do I just wing it and hope that it's all been dissolved and go for the surgery? Feeling hopeless, I wish I never did any of this :(


I had my filler dissolved and all seems to be going well. I'm having my first consultation in person with Dr. C on Wednesday! We've spoken on the phone a couple of times and I really appreciate his caring attitude. Wish me luck!!

Will keep posting to prove I'm real.

So to prove this is a real review, I will continue to post once in a while throughout recovery. I'm not using photos at this time because of privacy issues. For anyone who is interested, there is a huge rhinoplasty community on Instagram also! It's been so helpful to follow journeys and prepare. I'm not sure if anyone reads my review on here, but so far Dr. C and his staff have been so welcoming and helpful with answering all of my questions and addressing my concerns. I hope everyone is healing well! ??

Surgery over! Does anyone read this?

Not sure if any of Dr. C's patients are reading my review or not, but I wanted to update in case anyone needs an honest review for the future. Real self helped me tremendously while searching for a surgeon.

Surgery happened yesterday! I have to say, Dr. C has the best bedside manner!! He really eased my anxiety before surgery. He joked around with me which made me laugh and feel at ease. He also brought my wish nose picture into surgery with him. I was a little worried to hear that my nose may be a bit more complicated than I expected, but my fears went away quickly when he informed my fiancé of what he was able to do! Dr. C even took a photo and showed me after surgery. I cant completely remember what it looked like haha but he seemed very please as did my fiancé.

The anesthesiologist who works with Dr. C is an absolute joy, so funny and makes you feel very safe! He made me laugh the whole time before passing out. Usually I get an upset stomach from anesthesia, but I was fine!!

The nurses are so sweet and caring. Before surgery, my mind was put at ease by one nurse (I'm really bad with names-especially when I'm nervous) but she was just very motherly which was exactly what I needed! I even gave her a hug before leaving haha. The nurse who assisted in the surgery contacted me later but I was sleeping. She just wanted to check in and let me know that my nose turned out beautifully. That was honestly so good to hear and I appreciate the added follow-up. Bobbi has been great so far too and demonstrates compassion as she books appointments and puts your mind at ease. I feel blessed that I was able to get in a week early for surgery, more time to heal!

All day yesterday I felt fine! I could actually taste my food still and breathe somewhat through one side (trying not to just yet though) I've only taken tylenol and have just been lounging. The four hour car ride wasn't too bad. Ice, sleep, eat, repeat. It's now 3:30 AM and I'm awake but mostly because I'm used to sleeping on my side. The dry mouth is a bit of a killer too but throat spray and lots of water help. I'll keep updating for anyone who is looking into rhinoplasty, since the reviews are what helped me the most in my decision. Go see Dr. C even just for a consultation, he's extremely knowledgeable and cares about patient satisfaction. He told me yesterday "if patients aren't happy, it doesn't feel good. " so genuine. Anyway, until next time.


The tape on my face is so itchy! POD 4 and feeling good! Yesterday was by far the worst as far as feeling icky. I had some slight stomach upset and just nausea/drainage which sucked. Today I was able to breathe through both nostrils and washed my hair! Success! I also had company over for lunch and sat out on my balcony, so it has been a pretty good day. I haven't taken any narcs this whole time-Tylenol only. Today I've only taken it once, so I may be over the hump ????????literally. ????

Nose left too wide?

I'm post op day 12 today. I'm fearful that I might have an open roof deformity :(. I could be wrong but there are to hard bumps on either side of my bridge and it feels spongy in between them, leaving the top of my bridge looking flat. The profile is amazing but I'm afraid that the front is deformed. I'll be calling Dr. C in attempt to gain some information.

Bleh. Not good

Talked to dr. C about my concerns with the two boney feeling sides and the soft middle. He said that I had a very wide base and thick bones. He told me when he removed the large bump, there was only so much he could do. He told me it's basically taking the top off of a mountain and that I'm left with a flat spot, but that all rhinoplasty patients noses look like that after a bump is removed. I should have gone to someone who uses grafts because now I feel vulnerable like my nose will collapse due to my bones not meeting like they should. The front of my nose has a boxy appearance and is still crooked. Most likely because of the septum which he did not feel was necessary to straighten. He said that I have a beautiful profile and I agree, but at what expense? I don't want to have a flat, wide, crooked front view. It's really unfortunate that so much was hacked off the top portion of my nose so that my bones couldn't even meet in the middle where they are supposed to. If anyone has any input, I'd gladly appreciate advice. I realize I'm early on in recovery but just can't believe that Dr. C admitted that the bones are apart and the soft part Im feeling between them is indeed my septum. Sorry for being a downer, just want my review to be as real as possible for those looking to do the procedure.

Three weeks post op

The swelling truly messes with your mind! Overall, I think my nose is improving. However, the tip is massive compared to the bridge. I assume it's just swelling. Time will tell. It's still a little crooked, but not nearly as wide as it was the first week after cast off so I'm thankful for that.

6 weeks post op

I'm not 6 weeks post op. Swelling is up and down which is to be expected. dr. C contacted me to check in and see how I was doing. I thought that was very nice of him. He acknowledged that he knew I was unhappy and he wanted to make sure I was ok. He asked if things were getting worse or better with the swelling going down. I told him I believe it's getting better. My nose is still pretty crooked, but I'm trying not to sweat it too much. I'm much happier with the profile, and hopeful to love the front as time goes on. It's much better than before and I definitely freaked out in the beginning. Dr. C stated what he would do in a year if things don't shape up more but time will tell. I must say dr C has an excellent bedside manner. Going to see him next week for a follow up.

2+ months post op and things are not good.

Do your research. Make sure you find someone who does grafting if you need it/straightens your septum if you need it. As the swelling goes, the open roof has become more apparent and the deviation is much worse. It's terrible and I'm seriously considering canceling my wedding because I'm so embarrassed. It's hard for me to go to work and talk to people all day bc of the progressive issues I'm having. If you have a bump and want it remove, I'm sure dr. C does just fine. But a deviated nose, not convinced. I'm also sick of hearing its swelling. The white area between my eyebrows is not starting to fall inward and there is a clear open roof deformity. Feels flat. Sorry for ranting. I'm just so sad that this happened, especially before my big day. Dr. C made my profile perfect. But I don't walk around sideways. If anyone has advice, I would be so happy to hear it. How can I fix or camouflage this before my wedding in July? Makeup no longer hides the color difference between the bone and open roof.

Not sure if anyone reads this but here we go...

It's now almost 5 months post op. Things haven't gotten any better I don't think. My nostrils are retracted probably due to excessive cartilage taken out of the tip. I'm embarrassed to see family for thanksgiving. I also went to try on dresses for my wedding that is in July but I've been so depressed over my pig nose that it's making it hard to be excited. Maybe I'll look into filler again just to get through the wedding. I know we are our own toughest critics, but it I had known how this would turn out, I either wouldn't have done it or would have gone to someone who uses grafts so that my nostrils wouldn't be so retracted. Nose was left very wide as well. Dr. C is all about the side profile, which is honestly why I chose him. Didn't even think about the front view because I didn't think it would change much. Boy was I wrong. Dr. C has called to make another follow-up appointment but I'm scared to go and it's a long drive to just be told "it looks quite nice." My breathing is also poor a majority of the time. If anyone knows of an expert revision specialist in NY State or surrounding states, please let me know. Not like I can even afford it right now but maybe they can do filler until I can. Just be careful when gambling with your face. Seriously think about it and take negative reviews seriously. I use to think, oh they probably just have BDD or are too critical -they probably look fine. It's not until you struggle to get out of bed or interact with people that you realize that maybe their review was legit. The only way I get through the day now is thanks to my newly prescribed antidepressant and the small hope that no one else notices like I do/maybe it could still get better. Hopefully one day this will all be behind me, but the psychological toll it has taken will never be forgotten. This is supposed to be the happiest time of my life, planning my wedding. But I'm mortified to stand up in front of everyone with this disaster of a nose job.

If you're looking for natural, go elsewhere.


Extremely unhappy and scared

Almost 6 months post op. My nose was left with no support it seems. I'm pretty sure I have an inverted V deformity and my nostrils keep getting more and more noticeable. Everything is squishy now so let's not pretend it's swelling...please do your research and if you have any shadow of a doubt, go elsewhere.

As time goes on we learn to deal

The whole experience is emotionally draining. Although my outcome was not what I expected, dr. C has some very well done noses. I don't want to discredit that. That is why I chose him. My nose is wonky and not how I envisioned, but I knew it would be a tough case to start with. Dr. C has been willing to work with me throughout the recovery and has never let an email or phone call go, even though I'm probably one of his tougher clients. I wanted to remove my review because it's really quite harsh at times and emotionally driven. Matter of fact is that things could be much worse. I've seen disastrous cases from other surgeons and I should be thankful that my revision will not be too complex. For now, I've had filler. You can see it in my other review. This review is finished. My best advice to those seeking surgery, really think about it and if possible, find a way to love yourself and your flaws...wish I did. If you have any questions, PM me.
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

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