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TT booked tomorrow. I've been thinking about this...

TT booked tomorrow. I've been thinking about this for a while and have decided to go for it. I've had 3 kids, (3 c-sections) and put on 70lbs with each pregnancy. I currently weigh 143lbs (about 10lbs off my wedding weight) and am 39 years old. I've been addicted to the reviews on this site and have decided that I'd contribute with my experience although I'm not much of a blogger - I'll try to post updates.
Am I nervous? Absolutely. Am I ready? I think so, but my nerves can get the better of me at times. It's mostly the pain and potential for something going wrong that I'm most worried about. Am I excited for the results? No doubt.
Tomorrow I'm having a TT with lipo to the waist and a little lipo on the hips and thighs. I'd like a LOT on the hips and thighs but my doc recommends against it. My skin is too thin (from the repeated weight loss/gain) and the results will be suboptimal. Also, unlike others experiences, my doc wont do any back lipo above the waist area as he believes it can impede the healing from the TT. I'll take his word for it.
Am packing my bag - I have my medications, slippery PJs (great trick I learned from my C-sections - makes getting up and out of bed much easier), and other necessities ready.
Wish me luck!

Day 1: All went smooth. I'm unusually perky for a...

Day 1: All went smooth. I'm unusually perky for a woman on percocet... guess the morphine has worn off!
Have been drinking water like crazy and was able to pee in the toilet, even though I'm wearing Depends just in case. Pain is fine so far, but I expect it to get worse tomorrow.
Have changed my dressing and it looks so neat! See pic.
My doc is great - he's visiting me in my nearby hotel tomorrow (Day 2) - how wonderful is that!!??

Hey Ladies, well as expected, the pain got worse...

Hey Ladies, well as expected, the pain got worse these past 24 hrs. I've been taking 2 percocet every 4 hrs and it just wipes me out. I snooze for a few hours then wake, eat more dry carbs (brown rice, couscous, crackers ) to help with nausea, walk to the toilet then repeat. For those of you with kids at home, spending a couple of nights in a hotel rather than going straight home really is a good idea. It has made my recovery so much more peaceful. Hubby has been playing super nurse and changed my dressings, fetched me water, straws, remotes etc. He's been amazing and my mom has been tag teaming with him and taking care of the kids at home. They have both been unbelievable. I'm so lucky!
My tummy is looking flat and gorgeous. So far the results look promising : )
I'm back at home now and ready for my next snooze. More, later. By the way, my doctor has called me twice per day to check how I'm doing. How wonderful is that?! He wasn't cheap, but he really has made me feel at ease with all of this. I'm so glad I'm under his care.

4 days post op today - still some pain but am...

4 days post op today - still some pain but am weaning off the percocet. Now taking flexeril (muscle relaxant) every 8 hrs plus just one percocet and a Tylenol.
I can walk about much easier than before, but getting in and out of bed is still the biggest challenge. I'm feeling pretty good emotionally. I haven't wigged-out yet, but ive read that it's a bit of an emotional roller coaster. I'll keep the Kleenex close-by just in case!!
I've yet to have a BM.... I know some people have had milk of magnesia but I fear that might be too strong for me and cause cramping. Any suggestions? I've eaten quite a bit now so I'm sure it must be putting extra pressure on my belly.

Can't believe it's been a week already! First...

Can't believe it's been a week already! First couple of days were a morphine and percocet blur... The rest has been a haze of sleeping and watching endless tv. I'm feeling pretty good but walking very hunched over and using a walking stick for extra stability.
At doctors visit today he removed some of the tape dressing and pulled out a little round thing that was in my belly button (presumably to make a nice, even, round hole). He's very happy with the results, and if I wasn't still oozing pink slime from my drain sites, I'd be happy too. Overall my belly looks great... I just have to wait for the healing to be done. I've also developed a small rash that he says will go away on it's own so I'll just wait for that to subside. It may be an allergy to the tape or too much fluid resting on the skin- either way, no special treatment required.
In other news, I had a BM today! Crack open the champagne!! (I've used suppositories twice in the last 3 days with minimal effect, but today was au naturel :) )
Lipo sites still are sore and swollen. He didn't take much fat but the areas he did are still swollen and tender.
Will post pics tomorrow.
Happy healing all!
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Nothing bad to say about Dr Engler. He's fantastic and goes above and beyond in post-op care.

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