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I need help choosing between Robles and De Lo...

I need help choosing between Robles and De Lo Santos. I am looking to get a TT, BA and possibly some fat transfer to my hips and booty... but nothing crazy.
I had a baby a year ago and my stomach was left super wrinkly and my boobs forget about it.. just empty. I added some pictures? What do you guys think?

Still thinking and now adding Duran into the mix!

So I emailed Yily again with pictures and she came back and quoted me 4900..... now I'm confused because she originally told me 5700 (including implants). I dont know if to have her reconfirm I'm scarred it was a mistake! lol

I also emailed Duran and she quoted me at 6000. She seemed very warm over the email and addressed me by my name. Yily only replys with the price and then on the other hand Robles has an assistant who gives really good customer service and her quote of 6300 includes everything even the recovery house and taxi!

So I will continue to read up on all you beauties til I make up my mind!

Oh..... and question, I am 5'3 and I weight 130. I honestly just wanted a tummy tuck and breast lift/implant but want them to look natural. I also wasnt going for a BBL at all but after seeing Yily and Durans work I would like some fat transfer to make me a little curvy hips/booty but nothing vixen like because I dont want it to be obvious. I've never been curvy so people would def catch on.

I asked Yily if I should gain a little weight for the fat transfer, I hope she responds soon! What do u guys think?

Dr. Baez and Dr. Cabral!

So this morning I thought I should share my view on Cabral and Baez...

Cabral- My mother actually is not too happy about me doing this surgery because she is worried I will suffer too much pain especially since my son is 1, she thinks I should wait til he's older. I think she should be 100% supportive because she actually had surgery with Cabral a few years ago but then again I understand her because she had a horrible experience. Now, back when she went to Cabral in 09 he was the man. All the dominican women in her neighborhood and several family members had all gone to him so she decided to go to him. Well just like the alleged rumors she too got burned. She has some ugly scars from being burnt from the lipo and it does not look pretty at all! She doesnt even like showing it to me and I'm her daughter. She also spent a month in DR because she was in so much pain. Her shape with clothes on looks great and her TT and BL scar are ok but she still says she feels some pain from time to time on her back and stomach and its been years! Also her cousin from Florida had the same issue with him and got burnt as well. Fortunately she went to a different surgeon later on and got it to look better. My mom woke up during the surgery and she remembers telling them it hurts and a guy replied "mentira, eso no duele" which means "lie, no it doesnt hurt" and put her back to sleep. I also know a girl from my town who said she woke up in the middle of her surgery with Cabral also and she felt everything and was in so much pain. I would not go near him even if it was free. I am amazed when I still hear girls who glorify him and still go to him. He has such a bad rep and if you google him you can find the news and newspaper article he has came out in.

Baez- Ok, now moving on to Baez in Santiago. I haven't found much information on him on here but he was the 1st surgeon I spoke to. One of my close friends just went to him a few weeks ago and she looks great. She had a wonderful experience and loves her result. She did tell me that she also woke up during the surgery but she asked to go back to sleep and that's all she remembers. Now he has to have thee TOP customer service! Let me tell you why.... As soon as you email him his assistant responds and ask's for pictures and then call's you and conferences you in with Dr. Baez himself. He explains everything based on your pictures and makes sure he answers every single little doubt you might have. Then they send you a actual quote, very professional explaining what is covered and what is not. I emailed back again with another question and then again I got a reply the same day and received a call from his assistant and conference him in to speak to me so he can personally answer the question. Now if that isnt great service I dont know what is. Unfortunately he is too pricey for me.

Now you an imagine how I felt about Yily after speaking to Baez. I wasnt confident in Yily until I read the constant positive reviews on here. She replies back with just the price and an automated message. Some parts of the email seem a little rude but now I understand why. Still not sure why she doesnt use her assistant to her advantage and reply back to her interested clients. She prefers to answer herself but takes days to do so. Those who have contacted her know this but she is an expert at sculpting and amazing on what she does but you would have to sacrifice service and personnel. Her prices are great also. Best results with the best prices.
Robles also has great customer service and Duran is also an amazing sculptor so I am still undecided.
Hopefully I get this done before my birthday in September.. so maybe mid-august... *crossed fingers*

Anyone has hypertrophic scar?

So my mother was telling me it looks like I have keloids on my csection scar an I did some research and realized I have a hypertrophic scar. I had no idea, I thought my scar was normal. The first few months it was thin and pale and perfrct but after a few months became dark and sorta raised. I'll upload a pic. But I asked all the Dr's and no one has replied back, I'm kinda down about that, its been a good few days. What if that is definitely bound to happen to me with the TT and BL? The scar will be dark and noticeable and I'm really light skin and I'm already thin. I went from 125 to 180 (pregnamcy) to 130. But the skin on my belly!!!!! Ugh I want it to look normal. I see all the other million mommies out there and they have normal skin and normal belly buttons. Y did mine get so damaged

Hypertrophic csection scar

Cipla closed + 3 deaths

I am now looking into different doctors. Cecip has a really good reputation and that's where Robles works from. I also heard of Baez which for the record is not the same Baez I was referring too in the earlier post. The Baez I was speaking of is located in Santiago, is a male and is called Javier Baez. The new Baez is a female and her name is Fragoso Baez. Her recommendation is a little different to the ones I received from Duran and Yily. She is not recommending implants for my breast and since I do not have much fat on my body she told me I might need a total body lipo to be able to have a good BBL, when Yily told me gaining weight is not necessary. Also, Robles told me I would need radiotherapy for 4 consecutive days to prevent hypertrophic scars from occurring again but Baez suggest that creams and silicon strips are sufficient. In the event that it doesn't then she recommends it. Decisions decisions.....

Wish Pic

So I'm kinda down about the hypertrophic scar likely happening to the TT + BL but I am definitely gonna go thru with it. I just have to find the best prevention method and stick to it so it wont happen again since the TT will get rid of the old csection scar.
I am also trying to find other girls results who more on the thin side. I want a nice body, some curves!!!!!! After loosing all the weight I lose my curves too. The thicker girls look banging and the doctors have alot to work with but I dont. I go to the gym but I stopped working on my belly. I will continue to tone my legs and arms but when I get close to my surgery date I will probably have to gain weight but hopefully keep my muscle definition. I am also confused about the BBL.... will I lose the butt again if I work out after the surgery. My body looses fat fast if Im working out and the 1st thing to go is always my curves.

Next month might be the month!!!

So my sons father wants to take the baby to his parents house across the country for a week and I figured it will be my only opportunity to get this done so I have emailed Duran and Robles to try and set Sept 22 or 23. I decided to do my breast on my next trip to DR both for healing and monetary reasons especially since its only a month away. The most important is fixing my abdomen and I do want some fat transferred to my hips and booty to give me a nice shape. I havent heard back from Duran yet. She initially quoted me 6K for TT, Lipo and BA. I need a new quote! Also Robles quoted 5400 for TT and BBL inc. meds ,cab, hospital, test, recovery house, meals. I am no longer going for Yily I just cant with her uncaring nurses and uncaring nature. Also I definitely am not impressed with Fragaso Baez's work. I was really looking forward to loving her results but I dont. She extremely sweet and responsive and VERY affordable but I just cant. Hopefully I finalize this by next week so I can buy my flight! and damn maybe I'll go buy Iron and Folic Acid, should start on that asap. My bd is so unsupportive, he told me to make sure I have my will prepared since I might die and that they might cut me up with infected utensils etc etc. So ignorant smh Back when we were together he would tell me he would pay for it or try and convince me to wait til we have another baby but since we are not together and I am not looking into having another baby anytime soon maybe just never again I am doing this now or never! lol Sorry I just had a very hard and painful pregnancy and my skin is ruined with just one. Im going to post another pic of me pre-surg, I am skinny it just the loose skin and abdominal muscles I really want repaired.

New wish pics!

Found them from a yily patient I believe!

Date confirmed!!

I have confirmed the 19th of September with Duran. I got a few responses from Duran thru whatsapp bit not enough to finalize the date (kept going back n forth) so after a few days of waiting I just ended up calling her assistant Elizabeth. I used the nber on her IG. I also spoke to Robles assistant and asked for the 19 just to have it on the backboard but drill finalize my choice when I buy the flight tomorrow. Honestly leaning towards Duran!! I love how cute and round she makes the belly buttons. She quoted my 4300 for TT and lipo but will ask for fat transfer hopefully it's not too much additional!

Flight is officially booked Dolls!

Booked my flight on from the 9/18 to 30. The airline will be Delta and it came out for 427 total. I hate Delta but since this is an overall expensive trip saving everywhere you can is important. I also purchased trip protection for $26. It covers lost or stolen baggage, delayed or cancelled flights, full refund if you decide to cancel, a few more things but most importantly it covers you for any emergency medical or dental while abroad for up to $20,000. Very important! Better to be safe than sorry. I tried to get Virginias RH information from Laura (Robles Assistant) but she personally handles everything and she only takes her patients. I wanted to stay there even tho I am having surgery with Duran. So I called Elizabeth (Durans assistant) and she gave me 4 phone numbers. Will post the numbers in the next post. That's my next project, have to book recovery house this week. Less than 3 weeks away! Posting pre sx photos in my current fajate. Will have it taken in 2 inches before my flight, hopefully that'll be good if not I will send to have it taken in again in DR. I know one is included but this is the one I'm use to so I want to continue using it. It's so comfortable! I've noticed that they usually give out the ones with the clips that go down the middle and ladies that is extremely uncomfortable. This one has a zipper and its on the side so it doesn't bother your incision plus it's so much easier to close. My mom put me on to this. She got this faja for me while in a trip to DR a few months after I had the baby. It use to be a medium bit my mom has taken it in at least 3 times and I have also brought it to a seamstress twice. No need to keep rebuying when you can spend a few bucks to have it tighten. The seamstress told me that I should get it taken in every month so it can help form your body perfect as you continue to loose weight. Also if any of you ladies are going around the same time pleaseeeee hit me up! We can buddy up or just go thru this virtually together lol

My mom is hooking it up!

She just gave me 2 pairs of compression socks and one of her fajates. She also just handed me 1500 pesos she brought back that was left over from her DR trip this year lol thats about 35 bucks of spending money that I dont have to convert. She also has the surgical bra that I will bring with me incase I choose to get it done as well.

How much to add fat transfer/BBL?

Does anyone know how much to add fat transfer/BBL to your procedure? Duran takes too long to respond!! plz plz plz

Post Op appt and have officialy started packing + taking vitamins

So I have officially started packing!! Haven't purchased anything yet. Will list what I have so far from around the house from my csection hospital/ recovery and from the items my mom had left over from her surgery years ago at Cipla.

2 Fajas brand Fajate - S & XS both with zippers on the side
Surgical Bra (just in case I add the procedure)
Compression socks
4 Maxi dresses
2 Sleeping gowns
Robe with pockets
Hospital gown (so comfy I had to take it home after csection)
4 beaters
Charmin Wipes
Pampers Wipes
Vagisil Wipes
Stool Softners
Laxative + preparationH (in case pain meds causes constipation)
High Potency Iron Pills(prescribed after csection)
Multivitamin which includes a good % of Vitamin C and Folic Acid
Hair Clip (to clip gown up when using bathroom)
Hand Sanitizer
Cotton Balls
1st Aid anti itch spray
Benadryl anti itch cooling gel
Percoset (left overs from csection)
Surgical tape
Boppy (just need to buy a cheap cover)
1 reg towel and few small towels
Squirt bottle and feminine wash (to clean just private parts to feel fresh since we are not allowed to bathe for 2 weeks)
Face wash
Protein powder (probably will bring 1 pack of ensure but in case I run out or dont buy I can just add a scoop to my juice or water)
Dominican service cell phone (just have to buy a phone card when I get there)
1,500 pesos (left over dominican currency to tip cab and buy food/snacks/phonecard upon arrival)
Surgery money will be sewed in pockets or bra (for those worried to bring money just think of a clever idea every single one of my family members all have crazy ideas they used when bringing very large amounts of cash there ex: sewed in clothing, shoes, carried in sock, used undercover safety box type things)

Well thats what I have so far. Trying to finalize my recover house option so I know how much spending money I will have left over.

I called my doctors office and told them that I would like to have blood test done for an upcoming surgery and even tho my doctor didnt have any openings til Nov she quickly got me an appointment with a different doctor for a full physical and pre-op blood work. I started taking a high potency iron pills a few days ago so hopefully as goes well.
19 days away!!!!!

Sx time of arrival answered by Duran!

I've written a few emails after confirming date. So far she has answered one. Here is her response below....

Ok muchas gracias
La llegada es a las 6;30 am en el lobby de cipla
Si llegas mas tarde debes dirigirte a mi oficina piso 2 suite 212
Que tengas un lindo domingo

*^ to arrive at 6:30am in the lobby, if u arrive later go straight to the 2nd floor suite 212

Getting thru the meds list

Luckily my mom had exactly 10 tabs of Omeprazol and Arnica pomade left over. I also have amoxicillin and hydrocodone pain killer. Oh and took some of my aunts muscle relaxers. There's the Heparin shots and Heparin gel/liotin gel I still need to get. I doubt I can get a script but will still ask when I go to the doc on wed for a physical and blood work. If not I will ask my cousin in DR to get it for me and I'll pay her when I get there since I'm staying with them the night before surgery I'll let you guys know what the real price in Dominican pesos is since everything is super cheap out there. I also really want to get arnica tabs, bromelain, lipo foam and a female urinal. I have been using a fajate faja for over a year and I am not good at going to the bathroom with it. I literally always unzip it down and then put it back on. Took me forever but at least I have the zipper one. I am DEF getting it if we are not allowed to take it off nor will we want to bc of all the pain. Saw the P Ez for like $5 I like that its portable, clean it and use it wherever lol

On another note Duran emailed me back again yesterday but only answered one out of 3 questions in the email. I was happy yet still disappointed. She told me not to worry about the deposit, just to bring in the money cash is fine which is great bc I don't have to worry about a deposit at all but she didn't answer the other 2 which were if I could keep taking a medication that I'm on or if I should take a break until after sx and also asked her what I should do to prepare for the sx since its about 2 weeks away. Yea.... No answer. I can do extensive research and find out myself but I want to hear it from her. There's a reason we are paying her higher rate. Is it just me or is she now worst than Yily with communication. When I first started talking to Duran a few months back she would respond in a timely manner and very very sweet. There's was something about her emails and of course her beautiful work that I fell in love with and choose her even if her prices were higher than the rest of the DR docs I spoke to. Now everyone on fb, IG, RS u name it girls are begging her to reply and putting their info out there. I myself wrote to her on fb also asking about the recent death of a Cipla patient (cabrals) and asked her if it was true that it was the 11th death so far and a few other things but nothing yet. I tried writing on whatsapp again to see about the medication I'm on but haven't gotten anything back in a week. I might just stop taking it just to be safe -_-

Just hit the 2 week mark!!!

Exactly 2 weeks away from going under the knife. Ughhhh that doesn't sound good -_- anyway I spoke to Duran this morning and she told me to suspend the medication I take for anxiety. I did go to the doctor today to pick up my lab results and let them know I was going to stop the med. well everything came back super normal and my hemo level is 14.5! I have only been taking ferrous sulfate for a week but am so happy everything is good. The nurse also told me I can keep taking it bc my levels and everything is really good so it won't affect my surgery especially since a TT is superficial BUt I'm going to lay off them, it's only 2 weeks. If I feel any anxiety I will just try to stay calm and control it. I did most if my shopping. Got everything except the lipofoam and the heparin shots and gel.
I found a no-rinse wash by magic baby. It's used to cleanse newborn babies skin without the need of water or cleaning babies on the go. I'm worried about feeling itchy or gross with all that time we are not allowed to shower so hopefully this helps I'll upload a pic.
My luggage is almost done!

Recovery and House Buddy Set

I just wanted to include an update on the RH house I choose. I decided to go with Yasmin's Recovery house. You just cant beat her rate value for her service. She gives very personal care and I have heard over and over again how great her food is as well. She charges 45 with a buddy and 55 for a shared room. My buddy is Dreamcackes! She will be going to duran as well. She is a sweetheart and very helpful. We have been chatting everyday on FB asking each other questions and giving each other advice. Having a surgery buddy is awesome bc you share your journey with someone who is going thru it as well. So so far I recommend getting one.

Yasmins Information
FB Name- Yasmin Sotoyomar (u can message her here)
she has a group on fb too under Yasmins Recovery House

Adding BL/BA into the mix! ayayaiiiii

It's was my birthday a few days ago and for some reason I was just feeling really down last night and this morning but then the BD showed up in front of my door with flowers, balloons and then said he got me a lil something for my trip and handed me some white beaters and white t-shirts lmao BUT then handed me an envelope with the money to get my breast done also! I initially wanted to get the full mommy makeover but couldnt afford to do it all but he made it possible!!! Now to crunch in info about implants so I can know which one I want. I wonder if she includes a surgical bra or if I have to order one and bring it with me.

Ohhhhhhhh and did I mention she asked me to gain 10 pounds... I have 8 days to gain weight and im soooo nervous. I dont even want to count down the days anymore bc I am getting really scarred and nervous lmao. At first ur anxious and dyingggg to get the money and date and then when the day is almost here your scarred shitless!

I am packed by the way. Just have to add a few other stuff that is around the house into the luggage. My aunt in DR is finding out how much the heparin shots and gel costs for me. I will call her tonight. She is also trying to convince me to stay with her instead but I prefer staying at a recovery house.

Just gotta vent real quick!

Warning this is just a venting post! I asked Duran if I can continue taking paroxetine (which I take for anxiety) she told be not to. I stopped taking it 2 weeks prior to surgery and I am def feeling the effects now especially since that is not a pill you should stop all of a sudden. I get anxious easily now and also have been having headaches almost everyday. I am a migraine sufferer and I also cant take the only thing that works for me which is Excedrin because it contains aspirin and as you all may know aspirin is a big no no before surgery. So in between the nervousness of the upcoming surgery (1 week away), my anxiety, my migraines, trying to gain weight but feeling gross everytime I eat junk (I am usually a very clean eater) and my 1 year old demonstrating his terrible two's behavior I am absolutely out of it. I cant wait for time to speed up so I can feel normal BUTTTTTT then I realize that after surgery I wont feel normal for a while either ayaii yaiiiiiii santamaria madre de dios! Ayuda buscar la paz y la paciensa.

and also on another note. I really wish Duran would answer her emails atleast answer email to her patients who she will be seeing in a week or less. She hasnt confirmed my quote with breast. I have emailed her 3 times about other breast questions and I havent gotten any replies. I have no idea if I should buy a surgical bra or if it included. I also want to confirm the price so I can start withdrawing the cash from my accounts. I want to know what implants she has so I can learn more about the options I will have. I want to know if she can perform the lift and augmentation by doing a donut lift. I usually see anchor lift but I dont scar well so I would really love a donut lift. Butttttttttttttttttttttttt I dont know shit. I know shes busy but I would really like to feel prepared.

The original G *Betty Brosmer*

1950s PinUp Queen

Leaving tonight!!!

I'm so excited! I'm really happy to be leaving tonight! The nerves haven't hit yet! I'm getting my hair done now will update later at the airport. Toddles mamacitas!

Morning of SX

Arrived the night before at 12am. yasmine sent Jose Brito to pick me up, he is soooo freaking cool and gives you the inside scoop on the doctors. he also said yily has an attitude, that shes seems bipolar lol. anyways he droppes me off at my aunts house then the morning of Sx Woke up at 6am, my aunts kids got ready for school and off we all went. She dropped off her kids and then we went to Cipla. I did my makeup while we joked and chatted on our way there which took my mind off the nervous/worrisome I probably would have been feeling if I came alone. We arrived at 730.
Duran was doing a consultation already so Eluzabeth took us downstairs to do bloodwork. Talked about weather in NY blood lady going to US next week. Elizabeth took us back upstairs and just waited a few minutes and was seen by Duran. My aunt and her kicked it off really well since my aunt works in pharmaceutical and Duran actually orders from her co-worker.
She marked me and went over the details. So funny she said the BBL wish pics some girls bring her scare her lol and they think she's kidding but they really do. She's says they are too exaggerated sometimes. We went over breast. She is able to do a donut lift thank god. She didn't have gummy bear nor textured implant but assured me that they would look natural. She showed me the box, she's bringing both 325 and 350cc and will determine which one during the procedure. She's a Doll, she's really way more pretty in person that in her pictures. When she talks her cheekbones are actually very pretty. We spoke more personal stuff she told me how she's been trying to build up her patient pics bc a few years ago they robbed everything in her home and then also not too long ago they stood her up and took her phone and camera. So she's lost all her files and is continuously trying to continue her portfolio.
Anyways I went off to do more testing. There is one patient ahead of me and then I would go in around 1. Thank god I have my aunt here she is so positive and making sure I feel great and confident. She keeps reminding me that I will be uncomfortable for a little bit but will be more beautiful when its all over. She sparks conversations will all the other doctors and nurses and crack jokes making me feel even more comfortable as I'm getting the testing done. She's been going at it with Elizabeth lol they even shared a coffee. That's how people in DR are, we're very personable, informal and will talk to you like we've known you for years.
Anyways so we finally went to my room, have to wait a few hours so she stepped out to do something at work and will be back before I go into surgery. She'll be waiting for me til I get out. My mom has been calling her phone every half an hour lol. I don't even want to talk on the phone bc I'm so hungry! It makes me even hungrier. I went to get the AC and TV remote. You have to pay a deposit of 500 pesos and they give it back once you leave.
Then I went to go visit "20again" she was a few rooms down. The room was locked so she had to get up to open it and BOY was she in pain! and her drain was leaking blood. She's not feeling well at all. I helped her get back into bed and called the nurse for her so they can give her more pain meds. The nurse that came in is pregnant and seemed miserable and was really rough when putting medicine in her IV and taking out the catheter. Now I went from feeling good and calm to nervous and scarred! Yasmin also came in to pick her up so I got to meet her. I then said my byes and went back to my room. I'm just watching TV and its freezing here! I don't have wifi so I'm writing this in my notes first then I'll update.
I have the remote for the AC but its in Celsius and I have no idea what I should set it too so I just turned it off. It's 12 now so in one more hour ill be in action. Xoxo


So they got me at 12:45. Took the blue pill 5 minutes prior. The anesthesiologist was really cool, chatting it up the whole was down to the operating room. We got to the green room and waited for the team to get him the stuff to prep me. We talked a lil longer he keeped rubbing one of my hips I guess it was to keep me calm. Duran came in and told me she just finished her prior surgery and was going to go eat and relax for a bit while they got me ready. She told me to relax so I could fall asleep. Then the anesthesiologist told me to scut over to the operating table. Their was a girl taking out the instruments carefully only touching the wrap but idk why she didn't have gloves on. Anyways after he put my IV in I knocked out. I woke up towards the end and was so uncomfortable. The table I was laying on was bothering my neck and head and the way the tied my arms. I got anxiety bc they had my gown on top of my head and I told them to take it off. Then I asked them to please please put me back to sleep I didn't want to b awake but they said no they can't bc they were finishing up. I got anxiety and felt like I couldn't breathe, there was a girl on each of my side so I begged them to untie me bc I felt like I couldn't breathe (I know it was just anxiety it makes u feel that way) so she untied me n I tried to put my arms up and they keeped bringing it down so she tied me again. I felt them working on my breast I had no pain at all just pressure. I'm tired... I'll keep updating later.


Sx day cont.

Ok sorry I've been away have been having wifi trouble and haven't felt good. Ladies this surgery is like putting yourself in a brutal accident and the worst part is recovering from it. I don't regret it bc I wanted this and so many women from my family and friends have done it. I know this will all pass. Anyways back to the SX day. So while uncomfortable on the table they removed the gown off my head and Duran kept telling me to stop moving, the anesthesiologist tapped my face, I can't remember now what he said if it was to stop moving or letting me know they were almost done. The next thing I remember is being sat up. I never felt pain I was completely numb. They bandage me up pulled my gown down and moved me to the other bed and rolled me out. I closed my eyes the rest of the way to maintain calm and peaceful. They brought me to the room and my aunt and her worker were in my room waiting for me. Duran came right in. I was really sleepy so I can't remember much else but she gave all the details to my aunt. I got to the room around 5. I kept sleeping throughout the day. I would wake up every hour open my eyes, see them but go right back to sleep. The first night is brutal bc ur completely immobile in a sense. U are not allowed to move nor u can't bc it's so painful. The bed feels so hard like rocks but its because your so bruised up from the lipo and ur stomach feels like its ripping apart inside from the tummy tuck. Your ass feels like a bag of bricks and hurts soo bad. Breast is the only thing that didn't hurt thank god. I tried to sleep the entire time so i wouldn't feel anxious and go crazy bc u can't move at all and ur back and butt hurts so much. I wasn't ready for that part. The good thing is that the nurses come in every single hour and check everything. Ladies you will not be able to do ANYTHING for yourself for the days. Ok now on to the next day they gave me breakfast i was starving!!! and Durans nurses came to put me into the faja. Wiping me was more painful than putting on the faja.... Sorry I'm exhausted again brb

Implant ID card

6 days post op pics

1 week later and I can finally get up from bed alone. Don't come to this country alone!! I am from here and would have been more of a mess without my fam but this is a Dominican household so it's not as peaceful but at least I am distracted. The boppy is saving my life my booty hurts alot and so does the lipo. The Pez is the best invention ever, I would of never been able to sit down and up with all this extreme pain the first week. U use it standing up such a relief. I'm very swollen and feel very wide, I'm use to being petite so I'm hoping it goes down alot but still curvy. My TT feels fine, the muscle tightness only hurt the first few nights. The skin is completely numb. When they clean me and pass a wipey low on my abdomen I barely feel it. My boobs are starting to hurt a tiny bit bc I've been using my arms more that I'm more mobile. I need to keep remembering to not lift them. My back is the bad part. So stiff and painful. The headaches are extreme, I'm a migraine sufferer but I will never get use to them. Also nausea is bad as well. I feel like if I didn't get so many headaches and nausea I would be 50% better.

Got an ultra sonic massage

Called Brunilda for a massage. She was so animated and sweet over the phone but barely said a peep while here. It was ok. I'm sure her machine and massage are effective but she was kinda dry. She keeped shuffling thru her bag alot and had hard time finding everything. Seemed a little unorganized. They usually have gloves, gauze, syringes, wipes but I noticed they always ask me first and use my supplies before they use theirs. I had someone being me a plastic bag so that she had somewhere to throw everything out as she needed. Instead she left a mess everywhere left the wrappers on the floor by the bag or on the bed. Left the theombocid opened, the used heparin shot on the table and hurried up and left. Luckily I asked her to pass me the bag so I could do it myself. I guess it bothered me because Duran's nurse Esmeralda is so gentle and caring and she even organizes and makes ur bed before putting you back in. Esmeralda applied arnica all over and it felt so good and Brunilda didn't even use it. I also had a massage from Rosa she works in Dr Contreras clinic. She's amazing and loved that I had Arnica pomade. Ladies being Arnica the ppl here love and believe in it. U can't find it here. Anyways she was soo sweet and very professional. Tomorrow when I go to Cipla I hope I get Esmeralda again and on Saturday I am def calling Rosa again. Not gonna call Brunilda back. Maybe it was bc I was alone today and when my aunt is with me everyone is on point so nice and personable.
I would not recommend coming alone. Oh so I wanted to throw out there I have irritation where the faja opening is. Maybe it's all the rubbing but bring diaper cream or powder

8 days post op

Went to Durans this morning with my aunt. She doesn't leave my side. Woke up with extremely strong headaches like I have been for the past week. So I checked my hemo and I'm naturally a 14 and now I'm a 6.9. If it doesn't go up I'm am going to get a transfusing on Monday. Now my homework is to eat ALOT of iron rich foods this weekend to bring it up. Ok now back to the visit. She took off my drain and OMG!!! It's hurt and burned do bad when she pulled it out. I asked her about my implants because I found out eurosilicone are not FDA approved but she disagrees she thinks they are great and are the most commonly used here she loved this brand. She says not to worry they are completely safe for the body. If anything were to happen they will not harm my body at all. I am very swollen!! I feel very wide. I couldn't fit into any of the 3 stage 2 fajas. My thighs and hips are swollen and so is my butt. Had to keep wearing the same yucky faja. Need to get it cleaned ASAP. Saw 2 RS dolls at Cipla and chatting with KillaCurvesAhead. I want to try her massage lady bc I don't want to call Brunilda today. Any of u ladies know women who give post operative massages in NY or MA?

My aunt is going HAM on me

My aunt is going iynn in the kitchen feeding me like crazy. The only way to recovery is to eat eat eat alot of protein and iron riched food said Duran and she definitely took her word and is constantly cooking me something and making these special drinks and shakes that help bring your blood up. I already feel better and it's only been 1 day. She will tell me off tho if I don't eat enough lol she keeps scarring me with the blood transfusion and how it's someone else's so I'll eat more even tho my faja won't let me. I feel like an elephant but gotta do this. Drinking 4 iron instead of 2. Duran prescribes a liquid iron bc it goes into your system faster so don't bother bringing pills girls get the one she prescribes it taste like caramel.

I am very thankful for her!!

Very thankful for my aunt. Ladies please don't come by yourself if its possible. This is no easy road. You definitely need someone.

10 days post op

I feel sooooo much better. My aunt washed me up with a rag and antibacterial soap. She even washed my private and legs and feet. She threw water on my legs and that felt amazinggggggg! Not taking a shower takes a toll on you and makes u moody. I finally put on a stage 2 faja!! Yayyyy feels good and tight. Loving everything! Seems too good to be true. It's my other aunts bday today so we are all getting ready to go to the salon. My hair is greasyyyy and my eyebrows are about to connect lol so I can't wait :) haven't gotten a massage in 3 days. That amazing lady I loved fronted on me yesterday and I'm upset with her so imma wait for Brunilda tomorrow. I prefer someone reliable. I don't care if she doesn't talk much or leaves a mess as long as she's here on time and does a good job. I am also changing my flight haven't done it yet. Probably extending it 4 more days gotta check my hemo but I am almost sure I am good cuz I feel good. No more headaches or weakness. A pic of the scar for u ladies.


That moment you wrote a super long update with pictures and it never uploaded! ????????????????????????????

Just got home!!

Just got home. Thankful to the man above for making this all possible for me. I missed my baby so much I stared at him for at least an hour in his crib and teared up. He is perfection in my eyes, was thankful to have him again and felt guilty for leaving him for all these days. Can't wait til he wakes up in the morning :)

- sorry for the sappy post :)


Ladies I feel sooooooo behind on updates and my phone acts up and never posts the updates I write then I get too overwhelmed to write it ALL again so I apologize. I promise to get to a computer today and break it all down. I got sick yesterday and have been trying to get over a cold. It's extremely painful to cough with a TT and abdominal muscle repair :(

Misc. pics.

Still trying to get over this cold!

So I bought a faja yesterday called lipo illusion ladies don't get this! The lady at the store kept pushing it and it was really tight and I felt alot of compression in all the right places but then I took it off a few hours later so I can wipe myself down and I had 2 small burn marks and dry blood around my belly button. I was so upset I googled it and its not even a post surgical faja it's just a slimming one. I am so returning it today they better give me my money back or exchange it. I told her I was 2 weeks post op and let her know what I was looking for and she pushed the complete wrong garmet on me. I should have stuck to Fajate.

Before and After pics

Ladies I got my right faja! Haha the girl felt bad and told me I was correct so she exchanged the faja for me. She joked and said she might get fired I hope she doesn't. I'm uploading before and after of my boobs and butt for those who asked. I'm still trying to get over this cold. I'm mortified I'm messing up all my abdominal repair with all this coughing. Pray for me ladies! I need to get over this cold ASAP!


Once you feel good and then your sore all over again! Boooooo. When my uncle was going to say hi to me he gave me a hard pat on the back and it killed me! He didn't know but damnnn my back has been sore ever since. I had my first drainage massage here she went very gentle hopefully next time she goes a little harder. Wearing a new faja, swelling went down a bit more so faja is loose again. I also find that all fajas are longer than my torso so they crease a bit. I always wear a tank top under so it doesn't bother too much

My hips my hips!

I'm depressed! I'm tripping over my hips. I have a dent on one side, the fat went down. It wasn't like that yesterday :( maybe it was the new faja I remember telling my mom is was super tight on my hips. I don't even want to put it back on. What am I suppose to do? I wonder if I have to go back to a surgeon to fill it back in. My hips are my favorite part of my results!!!!! I've never had hips and always dreamed of having some. That is exactly why I choose to go to Duran because that baby gives the best hour glass shape and hips! I literally felt like Betty Brosmer! Lol but seriously I want it to plump back up! I'm really down. Don't know what to do

Fajas in NY and NJ area

I found a site that sells Fajate. Good choices in styles and they also have many stores in NY and NJ for those that live in the area! Too bad I bought mines already and I paid wayyyy more. This site has good prices. Wish I would have found it sooner! Hopefully it can help some of you ladies.

Scar Therapy

Finally I'm at the 21 days mark and can use scar therapy. I got Epi-derm silicone strips and Repavar 100% rose mosqueta oil. Both are recommended by surgeons. Not sure which one to try first or do strips for TT and Oil for breast. Might do oil on both til all the stitches finish absorbing. There's already some areas where they disappeared.

21 days post op pic

My belly is still swollen hard and bruised. I've been taking off my faja more often bc I don't want to loose anymore of my hips -_- my booty still hurts so I might get a compression garmet just for the abdomen

Officially miserable

I wake up in so much pain that I have to take off my faja. I use to sleep comfortable and now I'm so over it. I freak out when I wake up in the middle of the night and I'm slightly leaning on one side or have my legs crossed. Then in the morning my skin is hurting so bad and the only thing that helps is removing my faja and lipo foam. Then I have to wait til after 12 for my mom to get him so she can help me put it back on. Sighhhhhhh. I'm only 3 weeks post op. 3 months post op seem so far away :(

Pic update

Duran takes care of her patients

So I wanted to let the pre-op girls know about a few things Duran includes. I notice on FB that alot of girls are super worried about many things Duran already takes care of. She includes garments to whatever procedure you are getting done ex: lipo in the arms and boobs and TT - she will provide the stage 1 faja, surgical bra and compression sleeves. Worried about pain meds? She prescribes really good and safe pain meds (Oxoforte) to take along with all the meds you will be taking since most others can contradict. Worried about nausea she prescribes Omeprazol for that so that all the medications don't make you sick. Will you have bruises? most likely, she prescribes Thrombocid for that too. My last day I got a cold so she prescribe me some cold med also and even wrote me a script for silicone sheets, Yes they sell that too in Cipla's pharmacy. You can also buy a stage 2 garment at Cipla! Cost about the same as you would buy it here. I probably paid more in the states. You can also find fajas stores around Santo Domingo that may have it at better prices. Ask around. OHHH and most importantly Duran has nurses and a massage lady she works with! I wish I knew before I contracted Brunilda. Brunilda works for a different doctor I cant remember his name but he is in Cipla too. She wants to put up her business where she makes girls nutritious juices that help in the recovery process and cook foods that help build blood that go along with the massage service. She was asking me advice on how to create her own business page on FB and I told her to look up Yasmines as an example. She will be charging a reasonable price. She says she feels bad for americans because alot of people take advantage of them ex: ladies who say they are nurses who really are not, charge alot and dont even properly close your drain or inject ur shots correctly. She says she's seen all types of buffoonery at recovery houses. So please when contracting people ask for proof of profession or background information. Lastly, once you are a post-op dolls she responds to your emails very fast! She has responded to me within the same day or next. Which is amazing!


I was still scared and sad about one of the dents on my hips so I sent Duran some pics and she replied the next day. She says if needed she could fill it back in after 6 months. My figure is still very nice but i notice it and it bothers me. She also suggested I get a corset type garmet that enhances the hips so I bought a new one from I also went to check my anemia since I wasn't feeling well but my hemo went up to a 12.2! I was a 6.9 a month ago so I was very glad! I'm still doing massages 2-3 times a week. My lower belly is still swollen and I still have some fluids in my lower back. Might go to a different massage lady to see if she can remove it.

Pics to the last update

Found these notes

Found these notes in my phone that I wrote in a notebook I took to DR and thought I'd share. I also noted down a list of recovery houses and nurses. I'll take a pic of that and post it as well.


This healing process can get annoying. Can't pick up my son plus he's accidentally whacked my boob a bunch of times trying to get me to carry him ouch, can't cuddle with him either bc he'll try to lay on my stomach, hubby can't touch my booty, waist or breast plus he hates the faja bc it messes up the moment #venting (Duran said I cant sleep face down til 2 months post op, and I cant lift/carry my toddler til I'm 3 months post op) .. today for example he fell and hurt himself and ofcourse I run and pick him up without thinking to console him from crying and make his booboo better. I hope once in while wont ruin my results.

Silicone sheets seem to be working

5 weeks- lower belly still swollen, makes me feel fat can't wait for it to be flat. Back still hurts, when I get up from bed it feels like its ripping inside and or just very stiff pain. My booty hurts too, I think it's going down as well as my hips as overall swelling it going down. I hope my hips and booty "fluff" if that even exists lol. Wish me luck!

6 week update!

ok pain breakdown:
what never hurt- breast, hips and tummy tuck incision site
what still hurts- my back from lipo stillllll hurts and my butt from the fat transfer ALOT.
I didnt even get a full BBL and my booty hurts alot especially at night. I cant sleep on my chest bc of my breast that even considered sleeping on my knees for a second lol but I just feel asleep and tried not to focus on the pain.My belly swelling is finally going down and my stomach is getting flatter! since my body is going down so is my butt as well. I'm starting to get booty greedy and wishing I would of gotten a full BBL or hoping for the fluffing effect to not be a myth. My hips are still very noticeable especially when I wear tight clothes so even tho I thought they went down a bit they arent, they look very good!I

Stomach is finally getting flat

Stomach is finally flat! Took me 6 weeks for the TT swelling to go away. Thank god it's gone it was making me feel fat! Lol

Trying on olddddd bathing suits

Omg I'm a real friend!!!

Honored to become a real friend! I'm super surprised! Never expected it but I'm veryyyy very happy my blog has helped and will continue helping many of you ladies muahz xoxo

So last night I slept face down

So I'm 2 months post op finally and I tried sleeping face down I was being paranoid thinking my implant would pop by the morning lol my TT muscles felt a lil uncomfortable but I HAD to give my butt a rest it still hurts. So last night my son woke up around 4am crying I think he's teething again and he wanting me to carry him and I absolutely couldn't! it hurt enough to get out of bed while feeling like ur back is roping apart and then having to lift him from the crib and place him on my hip I was sore and in so much pain. I do think sometimes dannn maybe I should have waited to get this sx! So I sat on my rocker and held him while rocking him to go back to sleep and again my booty was hurting while rocking I was convinced I was going to wake up with a completely flat ass. His head was resting on my breast and I'm always worried about ruining my results. Buttttttt I checked my body this morning and its still on point! My back swelling is going down a lot so my butt appears bigger. Also my hips are evening out thank god ill put a pic up soon.


Hoping by 3 months post op my butt shapes better and gets rounder I kno I've been sitting on it since day one but they told me its still too early to judge my body. #crossedfingers

Bronx massage location

So before I threw out this business card I got from Durans office I thought it was necessary to share. I have never used her personally but she apparently offers all post surgical services and even sells garments. She can be useful for any of you future dolls in the NY area

Almost 3 months post op

Almost 3 months post op and practically pain free. Tummy STILL gets swollen everyday when I don't wear the faja. Bought a new faja and ab board that I love and wish I had had earlier in my recovery process. (Faja M&D and Abdominal board from MariaE)

A message to pre-dolls

Once you have had surgery with Duran and you send her an email while healing/recovering she will reply guarantee same day or next, no later. She truly cares about us. Atleast her priorities are with her patients. Imagine she chooses to reply to interested clients instead of the questions and concerns of her dolls who are healing and recovering. That would be fucked up and would show she's only interested in her money but instead she's genuinely interested in our well being. You are in good hands don't worry. I know it can get frustrating. I had many question that she wasn't replying too til the day of surgery but it will not be the same case once you are a doll. I love her more now bc recently I emailed her about how I felt about the shape of my butt again and that I had lost volume and she tried to lift my spirits and told me to not even worry, whenever I go back to visit that she can fix it right up with very minor lipo, that I was still sexy and beautiful no matter what and that she did not want me feeling down that she would do whatever it takes to be happy. She made me smile and made my day bc I know I can count on my doctor no matter what!

Why you will wake up during surgery

Took this explanation Tannecole page. It's the perfect explanation and I'm sure it will help and ease pre-ops going in.
Its better to WANT to wake up. an anesthesiologist will give you just enough to keep you comfortable and to take away the pain. It's a lot easier to give you more medication if you wake up during surgery, then it is to reverse an overdose***

Also, Duran told me the worst that can happen is that you wake up and end up having a conversation with her. I wish I would have known better instead of getting so anxious. That is why I pass this message along.

The signature Duran back curve

Swelling is gone in my back with the help of alot of drainage massages and now I finally see the signature Duran back curve. Here's a pic.

Finally bought a smaller vest/corset

Moved down a size in the vest. Now 2xs. This is what I use when I'm not wearing the faja.

Swell swell go away

Still swelling above my incision and I'm 3 1/2 post do ladies don't think that it all goes away at 3 months. For some it may for some not. I also wanted to mention that fat grafting causes cellulite I have alot that I've never had before and a few other dolls told me they did too. I'm not sure if I should hit the gym because I'm going to go back to DR in April for vacay and will also see Duran while there and she is going to fix the minor flat spots I have on my hips and butt. Not sure if to consider it round 2 or just a quick tune up/fixer upper. I would write more but my son is screaming at me bc he wants to play peekaboo lol


Breast scar 4 months po

I'm gaining weight

Gaining weight and its going straight to my thighs

Not crazy about my TT scar

Hopefully gets lighter but at least it's flat. Have been slacking on repurchasing the Epiderm silicone strips gotta get on it

Does anyone know where I can find this?

Wow its been a while

Let me just say how crazy it was to look at my old pics again when I signed back on. I almost dont remeber the old me haha. I will give a better update soon with pictures this was just to say a quick hello. I still have swelling in my lower belly, alottttt of cellulite on my bum and im starting to feel self concious about my arms so I am going to start to work out more often. I have tried here and there and doing abdominals is soooo wierd because of the internal stiching but I want to see if I can slim down a bit. I was asked by a few people if I have gotten work done. I try not to show it off when I go out I dont wear super sexy things but I guess theres no hiding this figure huh lol. Will update soon!

I think my boobs are different sizes??

Do u see what I see or is it my imagination?

Some pics in a faja from last night

I've been horrible about keeping up with the faja but I'm 8 months post op and my stomach is still swollen so I should be adamant about it. I love wearing the ab board it helps tremendously to bring the swelling down when I do wear the faja also my vest is awesome wish I wore it more!. I've posted where the board and fajas are from in previous pics just FYI. I have started doing green smoothies and detox water to try to lose weight and will begin a fitness group next week. I will try to record my experience here to see how my TT MR results improve. Also I am looking to tone my booty and back of thighs since the fat transfer gave me ALOT of cellulite. So I will track the progress of that as well. Oh my scar is getting better too I've been using the silicone sheets on and off since I ran out of the Repavar oil. Will put up a pic of scar when I remember to take one lol. Kisses dolls!

Moved down to 3xs in Fajate vest

Started with xs now xxxs I

8 month post op pictures

Finally snapped a few pics before wetting dressed for you ladies.
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