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I'm a 32 yo woman that has had four pregnancies,...

I'm a 32 yo woman that has had four pregnancies, two live births, two miscarriages. My first son was born in 2000, my second in 2008. My first son had special needs and I completely dedicated the 6 short years he was with us to his care. After a short break, completion of a Master's degree and return to the workforce, I once again became pregnant, and my sorrow was replaced with joy.

The second pregnancy was very different from my first, I carried much larger and developed stretch marks and spider veins. Once again the joy overshadowed the loss of the pre-pregnancy me. As time has passed, I have considered many options for weight loss, and smoothing out my contours. Never was I a "thin" woman, so returning to "normal" should have been simple. Now in my 30's, simple is a myth when almost anything is discussed.

I've been seriously considering plastic surgery for the past 4-5 years. I have went for consultations for tummy tucks, only to be told I need to loose weight, I should have bypass...etc. etc. I am at a current weight of 245lbs., 5'2". I know I am overweight, but even with regular exercise and diet modification, results have not been great. There has been a consortium of opinions, " you're over 30, weightloss is a different ball game", "you should discontinue your birth control, hormones play a key role in weight loss", "your mother and father are fat, so you will be too", you name it I've heard it.

One thing I know, I love me. I love my husband, my son, family and friends, but I love me more. I've worked hard to accomplish my goals in the past, I've suffered many losses throughout life, I've conquered many obstacles, and I refuse to lose to my self. Prior to my second son I had found a place where fitness was fun and a healthy lifestyle was enjoyable. I long to return to that. I am hoping that this procedure makes it easier for me to exercise, easier to fit in clothing, and makes my outside me match the inner me, happy and full of joy.

Surgically my goals are
1.) smooth tuck (patented procedure similar to tummy tuck, yet no muscle repair and inclusion of aggressive liposuction). This procedure seems to suit me well as I AM overweight and my fat is centrally located.
2.) thigh liposuction- I have always wanted smaller thighs. Since I was about 8 yrs old I had difficulty finding pants that fit properly. Tight on legs, large on waist. This procedure would have to be performed separately, and I'm hoping the first doesn't scare me so much I punk out.

My feelings about the surgery are mixed. I feel selfish, I have a young child and husband that need me, and there are risks with surgery, some quite serious. But I do realize that I always put others first. I NEVER put my needs above other's wants. I want to change that. I want to restore the balance, take care of my duties and MYSELF.

I feel nervous, I was lightheaded signing my consent forms, as it seems surreal that I am actually doing this to myself. I'm scared, full of "what ifs", but having faith in my God has somewhat put me at ease. I'm excited, wondering how it would feel to have a flat stomach, or at least not have the one I have now.

I'm so grateful to my best friend who offered post-op care for me and assistance with my 3 year old. Without her, I couldn't have scheduled my surgery. I would have rather had this procedure in September, but I'll sacrifice one summer of fun for a more permanent sense of fulfillment, knowing I have someone who WANTS to help me be at my bedside full of support.

I'm a little disappointed by the people who respond negatively to the idea, or make comments regarding how inconvenient this will be for them. Well I'm so sorry I won't be able to do for YOU during the short time I'm choosing to do for MYSELF. And so life is....get over it:)

I'm scheduled for July 17th and I am less than a month away, today was my pre-op appointment. I received my prescriptions, colace, Keflex, recommendations and took my before pictures. If I can survive wearing tiny disposable underwear in front of a blue screen taking nude pictures, I can survive anything. I'm sure my nerves will kick in and I will be an irritable mess, but today is not the day. I will be scheduling two full body massages, and mani-pedi prior to surgery to calm my senses.
I have already bought my electrolyte fluid for post op, jello, crackers, chicken broth, all fat free, to get me through my first week.

I'm sharing my story here because I am SO grateful for all the pictures and stories I have read on here, people sharing the good, the bad and the ugly. I hope my surgery goes well and I'm able to share my results with the real self community. So until the next post....

So today was a better day. Yesterday my husband...

So today was a better day. Yesterday my husband voiced his opinion regarding my choice to have surgery during the summer. Clearly he is dismayed by how inconvenient this will be for the entire family. I have sacrificed many things for my family, including my career and even some of my dreams. This is the first time in 13 years I have made a decision without a conference, request for permission or a big discussion. I have stepped into the light, put myself first, and hope those who CAN take care of themselves will, and those who can't will be assisted by those who remain. I'm already scared, anxious, nervous and everything between. Letting go of control for a little bit is going to be difficult, but I'll do it. I wish my family was more supportive, but I have bigger things to focus on. I'm blessed for the friends, and few family members that have already reached out to assist and relax me. Breakfast out with a friend this morning and a little venting went a long way.

Today I ran errands, picked up my pre-op prescriptions, stool softeners, enemas, all the what "if" stuff. I'm slowly preparing for my surgery date. I already loaded up on zero calorie electrolyte drinks, fat free crackers, fat free broth, and post op snacks. Still have to find this Arnica Montana that was recommended, and pick up some type of fiber drink. I know how my body reacts to the pain mess, and I am not looking forward to it. As the date gets closer I'm getting slightly more nervous, but I'm better than I thought I'd be. I completed my pre-op testing today, awaiting bloodwork results, but all else looks great, my blood pressure was 107 over 70, the best it's been since the birth of my son. Just getting through my list of "to do"s, and trying to much easier said than done.

Well today makes one week until surgery! All types...

Well today makes one week until surgery! All types of excitement and nervousness all at once. Panic sets in at night, before bed when I lay there with my own thoughts. I'm leaving my everything in God's hands. I have done my best to secure the best care for me and my son, bring in family, choose a great doctor, I'm hoping all my plans help make this easier than I anticipate. My house is CLEAN. I'll just do a quick dusting and go over my floors the day before surgery. I'll also set out my sons clothes, and make lunches for camp, then say a prayer and wait for my surgery. I can't beleive I'm actually doing this....

So it's almost 1 am, and I finally broke down and...

So it's almost 1 am, and I finally broke down and took the at home pregnancy test, early detection, and I am NEGATIVE! So I am about 54 hours away from surgery, my grandmother is in, and although in her eighties, she is great company and support. I feel a huge weight has been lifted off of me. Now to focus on relaxation. I spent the whole day day doing laundry, cleaning floors, making beds, removing the acrylic from my my "to do" list is actually appearing shorter. I should sleep like a baby tonight...I think I am now getting a little nervous...but I can do this if all these other women can. Prayer for my strength:)

THE NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY....eerily calm. Should...

THE NIGHT BEFORE SURGERY....eerily calm. Should really be asleep, but figured I will be doing plenty of that tomorrow. I couldnt go to bed without updating. I felt I owed it to everyone that suffered through their pain to share with me all the details. And knowledge is definitely helpful, and I am all so grateful. Still scared, as anyone should be. My support system is not as I had planned, but a few people are really stepping up to pick up some of the slack. Everyone writes about how supportive their husbands are, and I'm slighty at a loss in this category. I dont know whats going on with hubby, but after all the discussions we had he seems to be confused as to why I am doing this. I love my life, my family and myself, I am hoping this will increase my quality of life, enable me to be more active, more engaged. Downtime is a downer but Im hoping by this time next year, I will not even remember the pain and suffering. After everything I have overcome, I ask God to be with me, bless me, heal me and give me the strength to bounce back. This is the first step in a number of changes. On my way to the flat side, well at least the "not so round" side. I took my own before pics and was horrified. I didnt even realize I look that bad. Lets see what this"artist" can do to this canvas. so excited and scared...I just want to sleep. wish someone would just hold me until tomorrow, so until my next update and my pics are posted...Ciao!

I'm home...really bad pain, but I'm alive and even...

I'm home...really bad pain, but I'm alive and even peed twice by myself. Not too long a post...but the doctor removed 15lbs and 4 liters of fat with lipo...what a day....I DID IT! I am 8 days post-op. today is my... I am 8 days post-op. today is my first day off the pain pills. Oxycodone is no joke, and was so necessary to get through my first week, but zoning out all day and just laying around is not my idea of fun. Found the pills altered my mood, memory, and emotions. So today feeling slightly better.

Clearly I am no superhero, and day 8 post-op I am barely walking around, still haven't ventured outside except for my doctors visit, and still get terribly winded after walking a short distance. I see my recovery will be slow, thank god I'm patient. Hoping to get pics up by the end of the week, by then I should be able to walk upstairs to my bedrooms. Still sleeping in my recliner, and last night was the first night no one slept beside me on the couch.

At first I was having some issues with my husband, he didn't grasp the complexity of the surgery, and was in awe when my mother explained that I would be getting a new belly button. Don't think he knew how serious the surgery really was. But after a huge pill-induced breakdown, things began to change.

I'm healing slowly, but very very swollen, and can't imagine how I will look after I get back to normal. The doctor explained that roughly 3-4 pounds of skin and four liters of fat were removed with an estimated weight of 17 pounds. I'm swollen as all can be, but still down 6 pounds from the day of surgery. The numbers don't matter, but some people are curious:). None of my pants fit as my hips and butt are re-dunkulously swollen...expected but not fun. Thank god it's summer, so when I do head outside, a sundress will suffice. I'm patiently awaiting my first trip outside to Starbucks, slowly working up my stamina to be able to make it to the corner without being out of breath. I'm standing up straighter, but not straight...better than last week, but a ways to go.

I'm not eating no where what I was before, breakfast shake, light lunch, and for dinner a fistful of food, with a salad. No urge to snack, and trying hard to stay hydrated. My appetite sucks, but with this body, I can live off the land:) luckily been pooping well, never thought I'd get so excited to see poop, but for those of you that have taken narcotic pain medication, I'm sure you know why:).

My grandmother (who traveled in to stay with me) decided to extend her stay another week and boy am I grateful. Been having to have everyone chip in to help with my son, but it's been pretty smooth. Although I'm very dependent, at least I'm on the road to a great recovery.

Has this been easy...hell to the no. Not sure yet if it's worth it, but I sure am hoping. Another week until my next follow up visit. Praying no complications arise, hoping no surgical incisions open, and taking it one day at a time:)

17 days has been a long two weeks and...

17 days has been a long two weeks and a couple days. I am doing a thousand times better than the first few days, guess its pretty easy since all I did was pop pills, sleep and pee for the first few days. I am off the required antibiotics, no longer taking pain meds, and only ibuprofen at bed time. For the remainder of the 3rd week I will be doing very little, as the doctor says one more week of rest is beneficial. My next doctor visit is in 2 weeks, and last visit I purchased some biocorneum gel (scar treatment silicone gel). As far as gels go, it was costly, but after spending thousands on a procedure one must really nitpick to avoid spending 150 on a gel. The dr. Had a new garment for me, which compliments of my thunder thighs did not fit. No surprise, so on a hunt to find the perfect spanx. Hoping to find a website with free shipping and returns if necessary.

I am amazed at my progress in two weeks. My grandmother went home at the 2 week mark, so I have been cooking dinner, bathing and dressing my 3 year old since then. Still not bringing or picking him up from camp, as I find I get out of breath and start slumping my back in the heat. Trying to be conscious to stand up straight, but by the end of the day pretty exhausted, and even that task becomes difficult.

I have moved from the couch to the guest room. My bed is quite high, and the guest bed is much lower, not to mention I get to sleep alone, peacefully without worrying about catching an elbow or knee in my sleep. I am having a little difficulty remaining asleep, waking about 5 am every morning. Sure this is contributing to the morning fatigue. The doctor explained that energy level will be quite low for awhile, and I am seeing this in full force. Yesterday I cleaned my bathtub, a large soaking tub, and by the time I was done scrubbing, I was exhausted. So I did two loads of laundry and called it a night. Today I will be putting all that laundry away:). I am slowly getting to a new norm. Its just taking some adjustment.

Oops almost forgot....pre surgery weight 245....17...

Oops almost forgot....pre surgery weight 245....17 days post op...228...not really counting or caring, but glad to see the numbers falling 18 postoperative...and running a high ... 18 postoperative...and running a high fever...seems I've contracted strep throat, so another course of antibiotics. my skin hurts and all I want to do is cry. Hope this passes quickly as the chills and fever are quite uncomfortable.

FINALLY PICTURES! Finally able to add pictures. ...

FINALLY PICTURES! Finally able to add pictures. Thank you to everyone who shared with me all the details, and pictures that have helped with my expectations and practical experience.
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