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I started my Journey back in February 2012. I had...

I started my Journey back in February 2012. I had Lipo on my back, flanks and abdomen with a bbl. I have another review where I wrote about that journey.

Here I am continuing with my mommy makeover and starting a new journey my TT.
I'm scheduled for October 11th. My preop is on September 22. I'm excited yet really nervous. I went through alot of swelling with the lipo and I know you go through the same during a tt recovery so I'm not looking forward to "Swell Hell".

Good Luck to all who are going through their TT soon and to those recovering!

I went to my pre-op on Saturday and got my meds...

I went to my pre-op on Saturday and got my meds and instructions. Don't know the time yet they'll call me two days before with the time. I'm getting supper nervous now. Especially due to the fact that I've been getting post nasal drip and I'm afraid of getting sick. I've been taking my vitamin C and starting my arnica, vitamin K and staying away from the don'ts list. It's a little over two weeks to go. My medical clearance is this thursday hopefully everything will go fine with that.
Until next time!

I got me recliner with the power lft today and my...

I got me recliner with the power lft today and my surgery is set for Thursday at 8am! I'm excited yet very nervous I can't even eat. Went through a lil panic mode but got over it after setting everything up. I knew id be be nervous but I didn't think I'd be this bad. I've been waiting and wanting this for quite some time so here we go!

Surgery went well! Let me start with Thursday I...

Surgery went well! Let me start with Thursday I got to the surgery center at 8am got called in about 8:15. The nurse came in gave me a gown and compression stockings. The anesthesiologist came in asked me some questions then the ps came in and marked me. I wore my bathing suit bottom so he can see where I wanted my scar. Then it was time, at this time my nerves were sort of numb. The last thing ii remember is asking the anesthesiologist how long it took him to become an anesthesiologist. I woke up in the recovery room to the nurse Jennifer which btw was great. Not sure how long I was there but I was awake the whole ride home.

When I got home went straight to the recliner and fell asleep. Later on I ate a couple of mini muffins and took the antibiotics my hubby then gave me a shot to prevent blood clots he'll give me another one at midnight.
The first day home I mostly slept. I made sure to eat a yogurt everytime I took my antibiotics . I never touched the percocets I took Tylenol es and pm at night.

The second day was the worst day so far. I got lots of anxiety and pain but stuck to Tylenol I ate soup, muffins, jello and yogurt throughout the day. I slept I intervals of 2hrs the most. Walked around the house everytime I go pee and boy its that happening often. Today I also went to my first postop follow up and the nurse Charlotte said everything looked good. I almost passed out when she took the binder off and she put an ammonia stick up to my nose and just like that I felt wide awake! Today I went through the why did I do this to myself, but I know it will all be worth it!

The third day was the scariest my blood pressure was really high my anxiety was through the roof. My hubby took water bottles out the freezer and put one on my neck and my forehead and that helped alot. The pain is worst on my back than anything else.
The fourth day was pretty good I managed without any pain just discomfort. I ate some soft chicken tacos and guacamole and it was delish! It was nice eating something light that's not soup! Still eating my activia yogurt with the antibiotics.

On day 4 which is today si far so good I had my first bm this morning! It was smooth sailing lol I really think it has to do with the yogurt! Pain still low other than my back. I must say this recliner has been a life saver. Im so grateful to my hubby I couldn't have done this without him! My drains output is within the normal range so that's another plus!

Yesterday, was ok up until I drank water and it...

Yesterday, was ok up until I drank water and it went down the wrong way and I coughed OMG! Was I not ready for that, it hurt so much I thought everything was going to pop open. I put the pillow against my stomach but that first unexpected cough was pure torture. Word of advice don't drink too fast! Today I woke up with some pain took Tylenol and it has helped. The drain slowed down a lot.

Hi ladies, let me start by saying how important it...

Hi ladies, let me start by saying how important it is to listen to your bodies.
On Wednesday I started feeling alot of pain in my back to which I thought was from gas. Took gas x and yes slot of gas came out but the pain was still there. The pain was worst than the surgery. I couldn't take a deep breath and I could talk much cause I would feel out of breath. Thursday morning I called my ps and asked that instead of friday if I can go in that Thursday cause I wasn't feeling well. So I went in at noon and they removed my drain the last output was only 15 from the day before so that was good. My bb sutures also came off. So far everything looks good.
so I told the nurse how I've been feeling and she immediately called the ps and he came in checked me and sent me with a letter to the hospital. I go to the ER and they took me right in. After some tests and scan it was confirmed that I had bi latteteral pulmonary
embolism. I was hospitalized for three days with iv's and put on blood thinners for six months. I was walking around the house outside the house everyday since my surgery so listen to your bodies if something feels off get it checked out! I'm home now feeling alot better and ready to tackle this new journey of 15 days of shots twice a day and six months of treatment and weekly doctors appt but im so happy to be alive and recovering.

Since my last entry I've been going to so many...

Since my last entry I've been going to so many doctors appt. between my ps and the new clinic for my blood clots it's becoming overwhelming. As for my TT things are looking good. I love how low the incision is and I like the way my bb looks. I'm still really down and out due to dealing with this new condition. The shots have my arms all bruised up and the fear I live with is really taking a toll on me. Every time I feel a lil pain or discomfort in my legs I start to worry that another clot is forming. The pain in my lungs is still there not as intense but is there.
I'm must say that the way my ps has reacted to my situation has been awesome. He has kept in touch with the doctors treating me to make sure I'm ok. The nurse has also been great, calling me and checking on me. I went yesterday to another post op and I had a seroma ugh just my luck right, but the nurse took care of it and I have to go back saturday. It actually didn't hurt when she put the syringe my tummy is still a lil numb. So ladies I hope you're healing well.

Hi ladies, so today I'm 4weeks po. I must say time...

Hi ladies, so today I'm 4weeks po. I must say time did go by fast with the exception of the first week. I had my seroma drained one more time and now it gone. I'm still not standing straight and that worries me a lil I feel a tight stretchy feeling between the bottom of my breasts. I'm still sleeping in the couch. my ps doesn't want me sleeping on my side as of yet so I'm staying on the couch and recliner for another two weeks. My incision is not completely closed. There's this little spot right in the middle that looks a little open. Of course that would happen to me. I wonder what else. I officially hate my binder, they have me wearing a cg and the binder on top. I haven't taken any pics other than the ones at the ps office. Will try today. Hope everyone is healing well!!!

Hi ladies, I'm now almost 7wks po. I can truly say...

Hi ladies, I'm now almost 7wks po. I can truly say time has flown by. The first couple of days were the worst. It does get better in time ladies just be patient. I'm finally standing straight although sometimes at night if I did too much during the day I hunch a lil. I started standing straight about 4 to 5th week. My scar is healing nicely and so is my bb. I was finally cleared on my 6wk po to stop wearing the cg and binder but I still wear the cg especially at night it helps keep the swelling down. Binder I also wear from time to time but only when I'm really feeling swollen. I'm sleeping on my side and driving. My muscle repair is still very sore. some days more than others just wondering when will it stop. I haven't taken any pics I'm kind of a little dissapointed in that. I really wanted to document my recovery step by step but I slacked off. So ladies I hope everyone is healing and doing well!

Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't updated in a while,...

Hi everyone, Sorry I haven't updated in a while, My recovery has been not the greatest especially the fact that i'm still not flat. My ps said it's swelling but I don't know I do see a couple of fat pockets that shouldve been lipoed. I'm feeling almost back to normal. There's still numbness in certain parts of my belly espcially right under my bb above my incision. I've been feeling down and out so i didn't really take pictures but I decided since it's my one year po of my Lipo I should update and take pics. My main concern is that I have this dent on my right side that doesn't seem to get better. Then on my left side I still have the scar that the binder did. I never had stretchmarks or anything on my stomach and now I have two marks one on each side. I'm afraid that my muscle repair has been damaged and that's why I'm not flat. If this happens all of my biggest fears before having the tt have come true first the blood clots and now this. Sorry for being such a downer but we should write the bad along with the good too. I have expressed my concerns to my ps and he said lets wait till my 6 months po because it could just be swelling he did however say he was concern with the dent and he'll recheck it in my next po. Keeping my fingers crossed that this is all just swelling. I have posted some pics from pre op to 6 months Lipo po and then the recent ones 4 1/2 tt po and 1 yr Lipo po.
Hope you ladies are doing well!
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