1 Year Post Op. Still loving my results!

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Hi! I will be going in for my TT with Dr David...


I will be going in for my TT with Dr David Shafer in NY on 4/26/13. I'm very exited to see the after results as I hear and seen his results and he is great. I am nervous as I have two little ones at home and worry about not being able to take care of them. I do have a great man in my life that I know will do an awesome job at it along with my older kid whose also helpful (when asked repeatedly :)

I will be getting a tummy tuck with hernia repair and closing of the diastasis recti (hope I said that correctly). I'm happy that the same doctor can do these all. Some doctors required another specialist to come in and do the hernia repair. I attached some pics of the before belly. Hopefully this will be all of the memories I have of this belly in the near future :)

I haven't purchased much of what I think I need because I want to make the right decision on what to buy but can't seem to decide what that is. Mainly for a compression garment. I did get a rental recliner from RAC which I hope will be good enough. I also purchased the colace, Metamucil, pads, antibiotic cream for the incision (does this sound right to you ladies?) and some comfty pj gowns. That's it! Is that enough? I hope so or at least close to it. :)

I am currently 2 days post op and feeling good in...

I am currently 2 days post op and feeling good in comparison to what I expected to feel like by reading some of the stories. I am off the Percocet and taking extra strength Tylenol every 5 hours or so. I am walking a little hunched but improving slowly. I took my first shower on Sunday with a chair to help me a bit. My drains have slowed down a little so I hope to have them removed when I go in to see the doctor this week. It is the most uncomfortable thing going on right now.

I rented a recliner thinking I would use it but ended up lounging

Sorry about cutting off before! Ended up lounging...

Sorry about cutting off before! Ended up lounging on my sofa so I will be returning the recliner today. Since its not an electronic one I feel like it overpowers me at times. Hope that makes sense. I am eating light and trying to eat anti inflammatory foods along with lots of veggies and clean foods with little salt so that the swelling can stay at a minimal.

I love my belly but I am concerned a little bit about the remaining stretch marks at the top of my incision. Will that stay there forever and what can I do to make it look better? Ill be asking the doctor these question as well. Aside from that I am pleased do far with my progress :)

It has been hard jot holding my babies but I will make it up to them in hugs and kisses once I'm better.

Today I went to see my ps and he removed the...

Today I went to see my ps and he removed the drains. There was no liquid coming out of one and the other one had an average of 30 coming out. I'm glad they are gone because they felt tight.

Like I said before, I stopped taking the Percocet a day after the surgery and stopped taking the extra strength Tylenol as well. I did take two today to go see the doctor because I knew the road was going to be bumpy.

I'm almost standing straight! Did a little bit of cleaning in the house today becaus the house needed a female's touch :) I'm really hoping I will be good enough to go back to work on Monday.

The doctor told me that I can begin treating the stretch marks and to wait five more days before treating the incision.

I have attached some photos of today. A bit bummed about those stretch marks but I know they will grow on me (no pun intended)

Not too much has changes since the last time I was...

Not too much has changes since the last time I was here. I am however more swollen than I was the first few days. I think it has to do with me being more active. I tried to clean two days ago and my stomach was swollen to the point of not being able to walk standing as straight as I was. Yesterday was ok until I walked 5 minutes too long. It's getting better!

I was told by a few ppl that laser stretch mark removal is not effective and neither are the creams. I guess I'm stuck with those stretch mark. I won't be able to wear a bikini but at least my belly is flat and I'm happy with that :)

I feel much better these days. I went back to work...

I feel much better these days. I went back to work one week after my surgery and I feel good. I walk approximately 1.5 mile with the girls @ work amd think it is helping with the recovery. I do tend to hunch over after sitting for long periods. I am now trying to get up every hour or so to stretch.

I will be honest and tell you that I got a little depressed by how many stretch marks were left over and how helpless I feel about a solution for them. I attached two new pictures for you to see.

Also, I am wearing tape around my incision but I think it's the wrong tape. Which one did you use or are using?? Thanks for the help!!

4 Months Post Op Update

I have made it to the 4 month mark. I am happy with my results and would do it all over again if I had to! The main change was not physical if not the confidence that I now have. I still have stretchmarks but I can wear fitted shirts and dresses without feeling self conscious. It's amazing! My belly button is sticking out. My PS will be fixing the issue this coming week in the office. I'm not sure exactly how but it is a relief. I though it would stay like that =/

I was also contemplating getting a second TT next year to get rid of the stretchmarks left. My PS said it may be possible if I have enough skin in my belly. Do you think that's a good idea?

Forgot to add pictures :)

1 Year Post Op. Still loving my results but want to fix belly button :)

It has been a year and a month since I got my tummy tuck. I'm still loving the results. I have done little to any maintenance with it except for watch what I eat a bit. I definitely want to work out because when I flex my belly, I can feel the six pack! lol

I want to go in to get the rest of my stretch marks removed and to fix my belly button as it is still sticking out. I am currently saving some money to get the surgery done. Once I do, I will keep all of you posted! If you have any input on getting a second TT, please let me know. I'm interested and don't seem to find many out there for the reason I want to get it done.
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