Want my Life Back!

In 2006, I had met with a woman who was...

In 2006, I had met with a woman who was reccommended, for celulite & stretch matk treatments on my buttoks. I remember being a bit scared because after we had discussed previous times what she would inyect in my body, I also had done research online, but this was only being done in the Phillipines by Doc's with no problem.

She had told me that it was a 6 months treatment and throughtout that period, the water and natural oils based solution would also work itself fron the inside out. How dumb was I...

I regret having done this; its been 10 years I did this, I have been looking for her for the past 4 years, to no avail.. She outsmarted me!

I went to Dr. G in FL, but he is super expensive for me; I need to remove this yesterday. My left side is hardening and it swells on & off, sometimes I can hardly walk, I cant lay on that side. This has migrated to the lower part of my back as well; I am a mess.

I have two doctors in mind: Dr. Slobondianik in Venezuela and Dr. Mir in NY (who learned technique from the previous).. Just waiting on a health plan approval!
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