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In 2006, I had met with a woman who was...

In 2006, I had met with a woman who was reccommended, for celulite & stretch matk treatments on my buttoks. I remember being a bit scared because after we had discussed previous times what she would inyect in my body, I also had done research online, but this was only being done in the Phillipines by Doc's with no problem.

She had told me that it was a 6 months treatment and throughtout that period, the water and natural oils based solution would also work itself fron the inside out. How dumb was I...

I regret having done this; its been 10 years I did this, I have been looking for her for the past 4 years, to no avail.. She outsmarted me!

I went to Dr. G in FL, but he is super expensive for me; I need to remove this yesterday. My left side is hardening and it swells on & off, sometimes I can hardly walk, I cant lay on that side. This has migrated to the lower part of my back as well; I am a mess.

I have two doctors in mind: Dr. Slobondianik in Venezuela and Dr. Mir in NY (who learned technique from the previous).. Just waiting on a health plan approval!


Hello to all! I haven't posted lately because I have not been able to get the surgery done yet.. I need insurance approval. It seems now that if its not an emergency, approval is now required for the removal. Mind you, the monthly cost for the insurance is not cheap. So Ive been on queue, waiting to see if it will be performed by Dr. Mir or else I will have to go to Dr. Gallerani in Fl. The worst part of it all is that the material is migrating towards my thighs, my left.. and I get lots of leg cramps, even my toes are beginning to hurt. Just want this nightmare to be over. Hope the same for all of you who still have not been able to get the surgery done either.


Here you can see the lumps and deformation on my butt.. also how the product has migrated to my left thigh and its a little purple

Awesome News :)

Hello everyone. 1st I have to say thank you all for your honest support, for all the prayers and the love; I also pray for all of you. I have to say that after 3 years of research, 7 months of battling with getting the right insurance, today I am more than happy to say I got APPROVED :). My surgery is happening sometime this coming week, yaaayyyyyyyy Today after receiving that phone call I cried, I laughed and even the person who assisted me, was on the other line going through the motions with me. So for all of you who are still waiting, keep pushing, keep fighting, and hold on real tight yo life. Thank you :)

1st surgery done!

Hello everyone, I had my 1st surgery yesterday afternoon at Lenox Hosp, and I must say that the people here have made this much smoother and better for me, I have no complaints whatsoever about the care I have received. Dr. Mir is a G_d sent angel, so humanitarian; this doctor would not ooerate on me before completely checking my health (I have pre-exixting cond. asthma & high blood pressure); I been seen by lung specialist, rheumatologists, etc, to make sure I could handle this.

I will say this, this surgery is no joke as you are limited to certain positions, and pain wise, oh well, Im on narcotics, so it can be handled. If you need this surgery, the amount of pain compared to how I feel right now (just my 1st), is nothing, I think anyone can handle it. Here are pre pics that my boyfriend took, and one after.. On the before pics you can see how my left side cheek looks bigger; that side is where the product migrated to and its swollen. My nxt surgery is scheduled for Thursday. Will keep you guys posted & thank you all for the good wishes and prayers :)

2nd Final removal.

Second and final removal yesterday :)

Finally done, I have so much to share, but Im on bed rest right now and eating all this hospital food seems so yummy these days :). I do have to say I feel GREAT! These I took early morning, had nothing better to do, just of the drains and side. He removed ALL the fat from my buttocks; fat necrosis is what I had started to develop.

On my 12th day!

Hello everyone :) Today I had a follow up visit with Dr. Mir because last Thursday (1week after 2nd surgery) one of my 5 drains was removed before its time. Those considering this surgery must know that bed rest is a mayor part for recovery. With that said, he had asked for me to come in today, and the vac and 2 other drains were removed, as well as the scar covering. Here are some pics.

The pics!

These pics are after 12 days from surgery (1 & 2) Notice how my tattoo is no more. The Dr. cut that out as well as part of my upper buttocks. My body looks very different than normal, but the great thing is that all that stuff is out and I can live normal again. Later, I will pursue a BBL when the right time comes.
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