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Hello everyone. I'm 21 and have considered getting...

Hello everyone. I'm 21 and have considered getting a rhinoplasty for about 6 years since highschool when I broke my nose after a nasty fall in yoga. Aesthetically, I just could not grow to love it on my face and because it is smack in the middle of my main features, it has grown to be a GIANT nuisance. I know very well how to take pics from certain angles and how to look certain ways. I was never picked on for my nose (to my own knowledge anyhow lol) but it really is too big for my lips and distracts immesly from my eyes.

#1) my tip is extremely bulbuous and truly lacks definition and is very exaggerated/droops with my smile (which I love to do and do often!). I feel that there is an excess of cartilage here and it's my dream to have it minimized and more importantly, defined. This is the only part of my nose that I want a more-than-subtle difference in but my concern is the pinched cookie cutter kind of nose so I want to avoid that as well. The overall largeness/bulbuousness starts a little past the bridge when the nose bones go extremely farther apart (in an asymetrical way too) and extend out leading to my second equally important concern ......flaring of nostrils/nasal base. I wear glasses instead of contacts just to balance this out because I don't like the attention/space the nose gets.

#2) the width of the nose. I want an alar base reduction but am terrified of getting a severe one. This has to be subtle because I want one that would complement the tip work and fit together with it like lock-and-key.

#3)I acquired a bump after the yoga accident and it's on the left side. It isn't too major but can be noticed from the right -- looks somewhat of a gap before leading down to the tip. I would like that shaved down so it can look like a more even slope though I have to stay profile isn't my main concern because I don't have too much of a problem here and no severe hump, just lack of definition/uprightness of tip but that should be accounted for in tip work.

#4) My nose doesn't feel symmetrical and I am not sure if this is due to the bone or the cartilage structure but I know for sure that the left & right profiles and especially, the left and right 3/4 shots are different from each other. Could this be because of the direction of the deviated septum or is that more of an external issue? I always take pictures showing more of my left profile and less of my right because it looks like a completely different nose. I'm guessing this would be addressed while bringing the nasal bones in as well as when doing the alar reduction so it's just a redundant way of putting #1 & #2 together.

I have been to a few consultations in NYC to no avail because I couldnt find comfort in their results. However, I have a consultation with a really good realself doc on september 10th and I'm extremely excited because you guys wrote some great reviews about him.

If anyone has any pointers to share with me when they were at this stage of their journey, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks :)

I still do not have a provider and have pretty...

I still do not have a provider and have pretty much been sleeping on the issue since my work has completely overtaken my life. I went out few days ago and was looking at some photos and am seriously MORTIFIED by how my nose looks. I really need to get this surgery, fix it and never look back. It's just so hard to take the big step, you know?

I also am finding the financial aspect uneasy -- it seems like more than vacation money but it HELLA bothers me so I think it's justifiable. It's just there is nothing you can do for a big nose and it's borderline tragic how it makes me feel, how much I hate smiling bc of it etc

Update: I am finally headed upstate to White...

Update: I am finally headed upstate to White Plains early tomorrow for a consult with Dr. Ciardullo. I have two other surgeons who I'd definitely consider so I will see how the consultation goes with him, compare work/price quote, how soon scheduling etc and hopefully make my choice by this weekend! I'm excited. And I just added a photo (yes sorry my eyes are blacked out and demonic looking lol) and it just bothers me so much how droopy the tip is and how wide the nose is when I smile :( It makes me so self conscious =/

Ah so I finally feel like I have clear direction. ...

Ah so I finally feel like I have clear direction. I went to my appointment for a consultation with Dr. C and really, it was fantastic. I like how he pointed out everything that I was going to say before I even said it, so much that as I was going through my extensive 2 page questions and diagram (yes, I drew a diagram of my nose lol), I noticed that he'd already answered it all! One thing he did mention was that profile-wise, my columella is really short and bc of that, it'll be a limiting step in achieving an upturned tip. That's fine by me, however, and I saw so many photos of his patients and a few whose noses were like mine.

I really never had such a fun consultation and not only was I at ease, he was very informative esp since I'm really interested in plastic surgery so I appreciated it a lot. I am going to be going away to europe for winter break but want to book it for either last week of january or first of february. I'm so excited!

I read some reviews which made me unsure. I think...

I read some reviews which made me unsure. I think more than anything, I just can't seem to find a surgeon in the nY/NJ area who would deliver the kind of nose I want. The true ethnic rhino experts seem to all be in Beverly Hills and it's astounding how I havent found the same results in before after pics.

I am going to book a skype consult because I have to head out to California for work this summer and I figure, or at least hope, that I can manage to squeeze in a rhinoplasty and post op vacay there.

I have also learned that i really do not care about side profile views. It seems like everyone knows how to shave a bump not that I even care about my little bump. What bothers me the most is the large tip and wide nostrils and I want all those nasty redundant cartilages in the bottom of the nose taken care of and reduced. Also, I know this might sound weird but aesthetically, I want my nose to be smaller than my mouth in width. I truly dislike the ratio of nostril base to lip and I love my lips and want to enhance them as well as my eyes by first reducing this grosslly big schnoz.

Also, can an admin please delete the doctor I have chosen here. I only went to a consult and never booked a surgery as I am still shopping around. thanks!
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