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My biggest concern was my droopy tip. Not only did...

My biggest concern was my droopy tip. Not only did he not fix my tip, he ruined the rest of my nose. I am still in a lot of pain on the bridge of my nose, I have breathing issues I didn't have before, there is scar tissue, it is crooked, droopy, and pointy. I have been to a few consultations for a revision and I am told that I will need multiple graphs to fix the damage Dr. Guida has done. To add to this, he billed insurance $50 grand for procedures I didn't even actually have done. This man acts like a down-to-earth, caring doctor, but in reality he is a scam artist and a negligent surgeon. A revision will cost me over $20 grand. Advice: Avoid at all costs. If anyone knows of a surgeon that would be able/willing to take on my case, please let me know..
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