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Hi everyone! I've been reading this site for...

Hi everyone!

I've been reading this site for a while and can finally say that I have reason to post! I have two consultations this coming week and then will make a decision on who I would like to perform my primary rhinoplasty. I have hated my nose for what feels like forever. From the front, it isn't too bad, but my profile irks me to the point that, as a performer, I hate watching playback footage of myself that shows the side of my face!

I have a long and curved nose that has a moderate hump at the top bridge.The nose itself extends down a bit too far and lacks any sort of definition. I don't really feel that it harmonized well with my other features, especially at the tip area where it droops down. I'll try to upload pictures!

Anyhow, I'm so excited to begin this journey and to take the readers of this site along with me! Right now I'm just anxiously awaiting my consultations and preparing questions. I hope to have the surgery done within the month.

Hello there! So, after my consultations, I...

Hello there!
So, after my consultations, I decided on my doctor. For me, it was definitely an easy decision because the doctor I ended up choosing made me feel comfortable and not at all rushed. I definitely believe that I am in good hands! My surgery is schedule for August 6th and I absolutely CANNOT wait!! Tomorrow I go in for my pre-op testing, which I'm a bit nervous for because I absolutely hate needles. So we'll see how that goes! Aside from that, I'm just relaxing. It's so wonderful knowing that I am finally going to get this done! I'm debating uploading pictures to this site. I have the morphed images, which look so incredible. When the doctor first showed them to me, I could not get over the transformation! What a difference a nose makes. :) Well, that's all for now. I keep looking at everyone's posts and pictures on here, and they look phenomenal!

So I am so excited at this point! The surgery is...

So I am so excited at this point! The surgery is only 4 days away, but that feels like so long. I was cleared for pre-op, and it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. At this point, it is just a waiting game! I started taking my assigned vitamins and have managed to pick up most of the suggested items in preparation for next week. Surprisingly, I'm not at all nervous. I know that this is what I have always wanted and have faith that my surgeon will do what we spoke about. Hope that everyone is doing well!

Hello, realself! I cannot believe that my surgery...

Hello, realself!
I cannot believe that my surgery is so close! I'm so excited, and just kind of counting down the minutes now. Unfortunately, I was told that my surgery would be more towards noon on Monday. I had kind of wanted to get it over with in the morning, seeing as I'll have to be there ahead of time anyway, but oh well! Just means a tiny bit more fasting, anyhow. I purchased a few more books to keep myself occupied with next week. Looking forward to it!
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