travelling 14 h frm home to make dream come true ,thanks dr.oleh s. - New York, NY

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Hi I'm 35 years old Middle Eastern, Caucasian...

Hi I'm 35 years old Middle Eastern, Caucasian male; i had always wanted to do a Rhinoplasty surgery. i was not totally happy with my nose appearance which affected myself esteem ,I guess it's true when they say if you look good you feel good . I had ethnic wide bulbous nose with slight deviated septum in my left nasal that prevented me from 100% breathing smoothly. My family and friends told me your nose looks fine and don’t do anything extreme with it, they say you may regret later! Thank god I didn't listen .
Even though i could still live with my breathing small issue, I knew deep inside myself that there is something better could be done in the cosmetic medial field to improve both my nose appearance and functionality. It was big decision for me to make and a huge challenge to go through, Rhinoplasty is one of the most complicated and sensitive procedures in the plastic surgeries, as far as I know, and if this procedure is done under inappropriate conditions or performed by uncertified surgeon , the risk of health complications could be bad nose appearance with health issues such as sever breathing problems or even worse , so you must be careful to choose the best doctors in this field, who are certified with great credentials , experienced and have done hundreds of these operations over the years with very positive reviews and excellent patient's feedback , which I found all these successful factors eventually with Dr. OLEH SLUPCHYNSKY J.
Part of the procedure complexity, is that I had to travel overseas and to take 2-3 weeks off my work and find an appropriate procedure date, so the issue was not only about doing the surgery ,it’s a process of researching the best possible rhinoplasty doctor and booking the nearest available operation appointment that fits my personal situation.
I did a lot of homework to find a great surgeon. I found a good doctor in Germany, but due to the bad communication skills with the reprehensive of his office, I cancelled the idea of proceeding with them, take this advice from me, if you find a doctor or clinic that do not listen , answer or respond to your calls ,contacts or questions , please save your time ,money and most importantly the risk of being under the hands of surgeon who did not take care of your medical interest from the beginning ,but only showed interests of what inside your wallet.
I gave it another shot , from another clinic in Seattle, WA. After contacting them, and sending my photos to them, they say I'm not good candidate! Due to having thick skin on my nose!! So if I were a good candidate, would I ever need a Rhinoplasty surgery!!?
I realized they lacked confidence in their ability and skills of treating my case, because in the beginning ,they said it's very difficult to treat your case ,then they said tell us if you are interested ,then when I came back to them and showed I was determined to go ahead with the procedure ,they say we cannot treat you due to complexity and you might need extra care after the operation !!. Please take this second hint from my experience with doctors, ALWAYS STAY AWAY FROM HESITANT DOCTORS.
I never give up I did extra search, through Real Self website, I finally found a great one, Dr. OLEH SLUPCHYNSKY J, MD, FACS, who has Dual Board Certification by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the American Board of Otolaryngology, what caught my eyes about Dr. Oleh, besides his amazing credentials is the amount of great positive feedback from his clients and patients , also his very natural looking post-surgery nose result s and photos that fits the whole face with a great atheistic harmony.
I immediately, contacted Dr.Oleh Slupchynsky office in New York city , his Patient Care Coordinator ,Kayleigh Fox , is an amazing person because , the moment I contact their office, she answered me immediately , she was friendly and helpful, she encouraged me to come over and make appointment with them chossing the the dates that was fine with me not with them , I took a flight all the way from middle east to Dr.Oleh clinic in NY , after a couple days resting in NY with my brother , I met Dr.Oleh in 3rd of May 2016 ,he was very friendly ,confident and answered all my questions , so in this moment, I knew , I found the chosen one ? whom I will trust to fix my nose ,
Thanks to the Kayleigh Fox, who made quick appointment for the operation dated 10th of May, within one week after the consultation date ,they gave me a couple of days to think about doing the operations or not before they cancel the offer , but I was 200% sure that this what I always dreamed of , Kayleigh made the payment process very easy and flexible for me, I just paid the full amount one day before the operation date ,and the Dr. Oleh and his staff was with me step by step to show me all the instructions and the details before and after the procedures . I asked Dr.Oleah S. if he would advised me to perform any other minor procedures with my face besides Rhinoplasty , I told him I wish to perforrm lower lip reduction , Botox for my forehead to fix small wrinkles ,and chin implant , he looked at my face and said consider it done ,for me it was very bold action to do with my face ,many people would never dare to even think about it , but I did it , one of the reason is that I knew I was under a good hands .
On the operation date, I followed all the instructions , I came early in the same clinic ,the doctor and his staff was ready for me ,everything went smooth , after around four hours ,I woke up from the Anesthesia, with cast and bandages over my nose , I immediately noticed my breathing has changed big time , it was a new feeling that I experienced for the first time in my life , i felt like more air supply coming through my nostrils into my nasal ,the problem of having deviated septum that blocked some air portion, now has been fixed , all the problems I had before such as breathing difficulty and sleeping disorder is gone , I had to wait one week to take off the cast over my nose and clear the stiches , there was very minor bleeding in the beginning , no pain or headaches ,just slight discomfort ,there was swollen skin on the front tip on my nose, which is very normal in the Rhinoplasty surgeries , that takes months to go ,but it still looks normal if you see it from your prospective, after two months , I realized this Rhinoplasty surgery was one of the best decisions I ever had made in my whole life ,the functionality of my new nose has improved my life quality and improved appearance, even though , I still need to wait more couple of months to see the final result ,some cases up to one year, the initial fine structure of the new appearance is noticed, and I love it , the extra wide bone of the nasal which gave my nose the old ethnic wide bulbous look, has been removed , the most important atheistic feature , is that my new nose job has improved not only my nose appearance ,but also my whole face appearance in a very natural way and in harmony with my other facial attributes , my friends told me , man you look younger and more handsome , but they don’t know exactly what I did !? so I told them I lost weight , which I did , i had new haircut and wear eye glasses, but never revealing my true secret . To be honest with you, where ever I go I feel more confident now , and I noticed I caught more people eyes , i get more attention and i see more smiling faces. than before .
Finally, I'm very grateful to the best Rhinoplasty doctor in the world Dr.Oleh Slupchynsky, and to his amazing staff, who made my dream come true and made my life quality much better, just before I gave up on the whole thing, his confidence and skills to treat my condition gave me hope again and add great positive value to the rest of my life without any medical issues or atheistic complications.

Dr.Oleh Slupchynsky is a freindly and very experinced Doctor, who will answer all your questions and give you an honest feedback , his tratments costs might be expensive, may be due to the clinic location and the profoesional expert staff he has , but you will have a peace of mind with him and could guarantee that you are in a great surgon hands with amazing results and risk-free out come , you do not want to risk any possible health complication just to save some money with uncertified doctor that play with your face or nose becasue you got lower price !! Other than cost , i had four facial tratments, with Dr.Oleh S. in one session , the results were amazig and i couldn't be happier and look younger and more attractive , in the Aesthetic medical field Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj is your Dream come true delivery man .

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