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Every since I was 5, I always hated my nose. I...

Every since I was 5, I always hated my nose. I lived in NYC after immigrating from a third world country and went to school with the same kids from Pre-K to Junior High who always referred me to toucan sam or witch. Being bullied at such a young age for something you had no control over gave me such emotional turmoil and depression that I hated showing my face to people and most of all hated taking pictures. Every since I turned 18 I started looking into rhinoplasty. I never had surgery before and felt guilty about getting plastic surgery, I'm sure most of you guys can relate. Some days I loved my nose the other days I hated it. I used to just push up the tip of my nose and felt like if it was only different like this I could be happy. I also had terrible breathing issue such has anxiety through breathing through my mouth and having one nostril close at night.

I researched non surgical methods and talked to over 4 doctors who said for my nose (I have a large dorsal hump) it would be better to get rhinoplasty. I continued my research for the next couple of years, going into consultations and getting quoted ridiculous amounts. I know the more money you pay equals a better more experienced surgeon but for a college girl whose paying for college in NYC it wasnt an option to pay so much. I also work in nightlife hospitality so I used to be intimated by all the model-esque girls which considerably brought down my self-esteem. No matter what my boyfriend said or family I knew I had to have this surgery not only for my breathing problem but my depression in general.

A friend recommended me to look into NYU Plastic Surgery Fellowship Program. I looked at their website and decided, why not just make an appointment (free by the way) with Rebecca and Dr. Chu (the residing resident) on May 10th. I had my consultation with Dr. Chu who had a background in ENT and we discussed everything from my sleep apnea to what I wanted. They took pictures, but unfortunately no digital imaging but you drew and explained every step in what he wanted to do which made me feel 100% comfortable. He said that for the price not only would he be operating me but also renowned and Residing Surgeon Dr. Thorne would be supervising the procedure every step (I had meet him as well a week later since he wanted to speak to me and talk to me about the procedure which I thought was very considerate since he had a busy schedule).

We scheduled our surgery for May 25th, however it got bumped to June 17th to accommodate Dr Thorne's schedule however both he and Dr Chu made sure to call me right away and reschedule. The fees were originally 870 for surgeon, 2250 for operating, and anesthesia 1750 (for 4 hours but it only took 2 and they lowered the price). A day after rescheduling Dr. Chu called me to say that he might not be able to due the surgery since he will be rotating to Bellvue Hospital but gave me 2 options, 1. he will take time off in Bellvue and do the procedure on the 17th, 2. he will introduce me to his colleague Dr. McRhae who will do the procedure with Dr. Thorne. At this point I was getting anxious and agreed to meet McRhae who turned out to be an amazing doctor. He was always smiling, willing to answer questions and kept me up to date through all the changes. He explained exactly what he was going to do after talking to Dr. Chu and assured me that my open rhinoplasty will be relatively easy since I wanted no major changes except the dorsal hump and rotated tip.

Rebecca and the staff also bumped down the operating fee to 1770 which made me extremely happy as I was expecting to the the other amount the day before the surgery. I signed the papers paid all the fees and was to show up at 9AM on the 17th.

I previously brought all the supplies from you lovely ladies as I was lurking through the Q&A's and reviews for over a year. You guys are awesome. The worst part about prepping for surgery was to stop smoking :(

I arrived at 9AM on the 17th, got taken into do paperwork and change into my gown and then rolled out into the table to do my anesthesia. During all that was happening Dr. Thorne and Dr. McRhae has been with my from beginning to end. The nurse held my hand and the anesthesiologist made me as comfortable as I ever could be. Next thing I knew I was waking up with a smile on my face asking that was it? I didnt feel groggy, nauseated or anything like that.

When I went to go sit, they offered me juice and crackers which I happily drank with no pain or discomfort. When I looked into the mirror also I saw little to no bruising at all. I consider myself healthy but after reading so many reviews I was afraid of recovery bruises and pain following it. The doctors came in one last time to explain post op care and prescribed me percocets and antibiotics and told me to come back on the 23rd to remove my cast. I got changed and my sister came to pick me up and drive me home.

Once I got home, I was extremely hungry and thirsty and drank juice and hate noodles. Cross my finger I hope recovery for the next few days will be easy. The only complaint I have is that I cannot sleep with the head elevated :( I wish I got prescribed sleeping meds instead of pain killers.

Wondering why I hated this as worth it? I can see the profile and my breathing has gotten so much better. I used to sneeze 13-15 times a day which my eyes tearing and stinging from allergies but so far nothing. I know that I will not be scared of not liking my nose but I know that what I wanted, both doctors have already succeeded. I cant wait to see the changes in the following months and I highly recommend NYU Fellowship.
Dr. Thorne and Dr. McRhae

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