Trying to Decide for Indian (ethnic) rhino - Pearlman, Pastorek, Any Other? - New York

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I had consultation with dr. tobias, pastorek,...

I had consultation with dr. tobias, pastorek, pearlman, and miller in nyc. I ruled tobias out after reading the negative reviews. Dr. miller had a great personality, but i did not like the imaging he did, and the pics on his website show that he shaved down bridge quite a bit - not really ski slope, but more that i would want. I am indian (ethnic rhino), so I want the bridge to be higher that most. I have mixed feelings on him and his style.
pastorek doesn't do before afters, but my concern with him is that the 2 reviews i found on this website with pics - both complained that their nose was overprojected, and still big/long. they both went on to seek revision. It's not that he botched the nose, but he did not do enough. My nose is longish, and although i don't want a short nose, but i don't want the end result to be another long nose.
dr. pearlman - i really liked the pics on his site. his imaging for me was exactly what i wanted, before i even told him. it was a high bridge, the tip rotation perfect. I have a droppy tip, with no support, so he (like the other docs) will also put a columella strut. I asked him how close the result will be to the pics, and this is where it gets hairy. I didn't like his personality, or attitude. he talks condescendingly to patients, he started asking me what do i do for a living, and if at work do i deliever exactly what was prmised. etc. etc. he said it will be very close, but it will never be exact. I also didn't feel like he was a good listner. he talked over me during the 2 consults i had. even though his imaging was exactly what i envisioned, i'm afraid of his attitude. what if something doens't come out right. will be be a jerk about it ? will i be able to address my concerns to him after the surgery. I kinda don't feel comfortable talking to him now. I'm a sensitive person, and don't like confrontations, so it makes me avoid telling him what i want. I also have to say, i want something very specific done to my nose - tip rotated/lifted just the right amount - the bridge straightened, but not shaved down too much, but be the perfect height - and deprojected just the right amount, without making my nose too small. Because it's an ethnic rhino (i'm indian) , i want results to be conservative enough that I recognize myself.

pics from pearlman for imaging. what does everyone think?

Pastorek - ruling him out5

i just had Pastorek offfice get me in touch with a patient who had the surgery about a year ago, and she sent me her before and afters. I did not like the style at all - as ai suspected. it was kinda longish still, a little projected, and just not what i'm looking for. this is the 3rd nose i'm seeing i did not like. (it's funny the pics in his office were fantastic).

SO NOW the questin about PEARLMAN? What do people know or think of him?

Would they recommend anyone else? I saw Kassir Ramtin's webpage, and did not like the styles at all.

I'm unsure about Rizk. I honestly dont want to spend $$$ on his consult - which i hear is pretty hefty.

what do people think of PEARLMAN, GUIDA, or LOEB? Loeb is weird though - he does the whole body, do i wnat to entrust my nose to him?

Pastorek Patients?

Trying to get more pastorek pics , especially with long noses. Actually anything will help.... Feedback on his aesthetic style will help also. Im getting sense he makes noses long and over projected, but considering that he is so regarded, i find that hard to believe. People who also did a very minor change on long and droopy noses, please advice on ur surgeon

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