Rhinoplasty at Age 29 - No Pain, Beautiful Result.

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I'm writing this review at 3 weeks post-op and I'm...

I'm writing this review at 3 weeks post-op and I'm so pleased with the whole experience. I had waited a long time to do this, and now I'm knocking myself for not doing it 10 years ago. I let my anxiety get the best of me for no reason.

I've always been pretty secure with my appearance but felt that my nose held me back from being a fully attractive person. From the front it was okay, a bit of a droopy tip that I never cared about, and crooked. But my biggest issue was my dorsal hump which I absolutely despised. For as long as I can remember, I've avoided pictures from side angles, always made sure I was facing people from a front view when having conversations, and hoped that people wouldn't catch my profile. There was just something "off" about my appearance; my face wasn't symmetrical, my features weren't balanced.

I'm extremely phobic of doctors and medical procedures, so much so that the pre-op blood work I had for this was the first blood test I've had in over 10 years. My thought about getting a nose job was always "I really wish I could do that, but there's no way I could work up the courage." I've had several friends have it done over the years and I was always so jealous.

This year, at age 29, I found myself focusing on my nose more and more, and eventually getting somewhat depressed about it. I decided to face my fears and I'm so happy that I did. I had so many worries based on negative reviews/blogs/articles/youtubes that I was crippled with anxiety beforehand, but I found the whole experience much easier than I expected.

My rhinoplasty was performed on November 1, 2016. I have to say that I had absolutely no pain from start to finish (well, until the cast removal - I'll get there). I truly mean 0/10 on the pain scale. I even told my mom during my recovery week that the most painful part of the whole thing was when the nurse took the tape off my arm from the IV. My surgeon did use a light packing which was removed the next day; that was very unpleasant, but not exactly painful. It's more just an unsettling feeling to have something pulled out from deep inside your nose, but if you can sit tight for 3 seconds per nostril, it's not that bad. The relief of being able to breathe out of my nose again was gratifying.

The one thing I didn't anticipate pain-wise was how bad getting the cast taken off would hurt. It made my nose throb beyond belief. It was partly my fault as the nurse had instructed me to get it wet the morning of, and I didn't. They tell you not to get it wet all week so as to not risk loosening the cast, so I was too nervous that if I got it wet that morning it would just fall off in the shower. Big mistake. It was so uncomfortable that I had to ask her to stop a few times. But, once it was off it immediately stopped throbbing.

Like I said, there was no pain during the recovery. But, there was discomfort. It basically felt exactly like having a bad cold, except that you can't blow your nose. The feeling of congestion is a little different than just a cold too - it's like everything inside your nose is really swollen, causing a lot of pressure. I couldn't find any relief from it. I had to sleep at a 45 degree angle with a travel pillow to be comfortable. Most of the congestion was instantly alleviated once the cast was off.

Also, I didn't anticipate how much the surgery itself would take out of me. Surgery is a big deal no matter how small a body part. Don't believe people who say "it's nothing." It's surgery and your body has to work to recover. I felt depleted of energy, just completely wiped out, for almost the whole week. I went back to work on the 6th day (right after the cast was removed), but probably shouldn't have. I didn't feel like myself again until 10-14 days post-op.

I had one pretty bad black eye (it was red at the worst point) under my right eye, and nothing on the left side. The surgeon did break my nose, so maybe that was done on the right side. I'm not sure. I had the surgery on a Tuesday and the cast removed the following Monday; the bruising was still visible at that point, but I covered it up with Dermablend (highly recommend!) and was able to return to work the same day. It was gone by Friday of that week.

I had heard a lot of people say that the tip of their nose all the way to their upper lip was numb for months after surgery, which freaked me out. I never had any lip numbness at all. There was a little bit of tightness that prevented me from pulling it downwards (eating with a spoon was difficult for a few weeks, for example) but that's resolved by now. The tip is not exactly numb, but hard and tingly to the touch. It's not a big deal at all.

Most importantly, my nose looks fantastic! Every time I look in the mirror I have to do a double take. I can't believe this is my nose. When I look at myself I think it's a huge difference, but it's also so natural and subtle that no one else has noticed. I still look like myself. It's exactly the result I was hoping for. The hump is gone (I even have a nice subtle ski slope going on), droopy tip is raised. It's a tiny bit wider from the front because of the spreader grafts, but my nose was so skinny from the front to begin with that this is not an issue for me.

I should mention that I had a septoplasty performed at the same time. I didn't think it was necessary as I've never had noticeable breathing issues, but wow - so THAT'S what it's like to breathe out of my right nostril.

100% worth it all around.
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