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Dear All, I'm still deciding about my rhinoplasty...

Dear All,

I'm still deciding about my rhinoplasty but very close to decision making. I know my nose is not awful and never been a huge problem but simply I do not like it. It's to big, I think, too wide with a little hump and slightly bulbous tip. I'd love to have small, feminine nose that goes nicely with my face.
I've got the date pencilled in my diary 3 months away from now.
I am very scared especially that quite a few people tells me not to do it.
My doctor has got an excellent reputation and great patient reviews.
I've had my consultation on 23rd July 2016 where I was presented with a computer generated image on my potential results, I do like it.
Reading a lot of your experiences on RealSelf it's still difficult to decide as there are good and bad stories with people being ecstatic about their new noses and some of you absolutely devastated.
My doctor is actually a revision surgeon and the price is high therefore, I'd love to think the outcome will be satisfying for me.

I've got a little bit time to think.

I have basically made my mind up.

I'm going to go for it. It'll be either the best decision of my live or revision surgery a year later haha. Will post a picture of my current profile. What I want is smaller nose and tiny chin reduction. Has anyone had chin reduction, how quick is the recovery.

All booked

I have finally booked it. I'm equally nervous and excited, had an additional video chat with Dr. K. and happy to proceed. The count down to November the 8th has officially started!!!

Please let me know if anyone of you had a rhino with Dr. K. your experiences and photos before and after so much appreciated.

Waiting game

7 weeks to go .... I'm continue to read all reviews and looking at the pictures. Getting slightly excited and hoping for the best outcome, feel like there's nothing more I can do.

Getting closer...

two and a half weeks to my op.
I want it but I'm scared which I know is normal....
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