Rhinoplasty Revision with Dr Grigoryants

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My nose isn't exactly deformed or botched, but...

My nose isn't exactly deformed or botched, but there are some irregularities after my first surgery. The bridge is crooked and makes the tip look off center and more bulbous on one side. Also, the nose is still over projected even though that was something to be addressed in the first surgery. I'm hoping you guys can provide me with a few names of reputable revision rhinoplasty surgeons so I can begin the consultation process. I'm 2 years P.O. Rhinoplasty and it's time... I'm ready for revision!

Rhinoplasty Revision surgeons

So far these are the names of surgeons who I'm thinking of consulting with..
Feel free to recommend others to me since I just started researching doctors. I'm Willing to travel anywhere in the US.

Dr Frankel
Dr Naderi
Dr Davis
Dr Grigoryants

Upcoming consultations

I have 2 consultations tomorrow in NYC for my revision rhinoplasty, 1 being Dr Pearlman. Then I'm consulting with Dr Naderi and Dr Kassir later on this month.

I'm wondering if I should consult with anyone else on the East Coast before making my decision. I love some of Dr Grigoryants work but he is all the way in California so I'm not sure how I feel about a "virtual" consult.

I truly want to have this surgery done before the summer and I want to make the right decision... Any input or recommendations on other doc's would be much appreciated!

Virtual consults

I'm messaging Dr Frankel and Dr Grigoryants offices for virtual consults. I'm not too sure how I feel about consulting virtually, since nothing can beat an in person evaluation and conversation. But I just want to feel like I interviewed all of the best doctors and got their opinions on approach, etc...


I got 3 quotes this week.

Dr Pearlman quoted me $16,500
Dr Grigoryants quoted me $14,500
Dr Frankel quoted me $17,500

I'm meeting with Dr Kassir in a week for consultation. After that appointment, I really need to make a decision and book my date because I don't want them to fill up. I need my date in the spring.

Any input on these doctors for revision rhinoplasty, good or bad,would be very much appreciated.

I'm going to post some pics if anyone can recommend an iPhone app to block the eyes and mouth ?

Here are some pics

My main concerns are the projection of my nose which makes for horrible views at every angel except the front angle. I actually like my front angle the best but ONLY in certain lighting, which hides the irregularities and crookedness of the bridge. I'm tired of hiding my face and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.

My primary rhinoplasty was so conservative that my nose almost looks the same. I expressed that I wanted deprojection and to straighten my bridge which has a bit of a C shaped appearance as well as some irregularities (bump on one side as you can see) and a little dent on the opposing side of the bump.

So far I think I'm going to schedule with Dr G only because he actually produces results. I don't think his signature upturned look would suit me because I have a big head LOL.. But, I've also seen him produce some nice refined straight results. I guess it's all a matter of what the patient wants combined with what he feels suits your facial structure... Any advice?


Some irregularities on the bridge :-(

I just want a nice smooth straight bridge. Doctors I've consulted with have suggested spreader grafts made of cartilage. Doctor Grigoryants suggested this as well.

Surgery date

So I will be having surgery in a few weeks. I have to buy my tickets and find a place to stay! I'm so flustered and hopefully I'll be able to find a decent deal on a place to stay which will be near a grocery store - since I won't be bringing food on the plane.. Any advice would be appreciated!!!!

Flight and Stay booked

I booked my flight and my stay for 8 nights in Glendale. I just have to book the nurse for post op and have my blood work done at a local lab then faxed over. I'm really hoping there won't be any issues with the flight being canceled at the last minute. I was lucky enough to get both flights direct without any stops. I can't believe I'm doing this again and I feel more apprehensive than excited right now.

Recovery Essentials

This is my 2nd go at this, so I pretty know what the essentials are for recovery. I think I bought a lot of unnecessary items for my primary. I'm going to keep it simple and just grab the basics. Especially since I'm traveling from the east coast to California for my surgery in 3 weeks.

Definites are:
Q-tips (A LOT!)
Neosporin / Vaseline
Roll of tape (for glasses)
Maybe some extra gauze
Cough drops + throat spray
Stool softener - OTC
Neck pillow

Other than that, I'll be grocery shopping the day before my pre-op appointment and picking up my meds at the office.

The one thing I'm on the hunt for is a good portable or small humidifier. Since I'm traveling, I'll have to pack it in my carry on. Most of them are pretty big... I didn't use a humidifier during my primary and that was my only mistake.

Can anyone recommend a good smaller sized humidifier that I can take with me?!! Thanks :)

1 week until my revision with Dr G!

I will be traveling to LA exactly 1 week from today. I'm traveling by myself from the East Cost for my revision rhinoplasty with Dr Grigoryants. I'm planning to print out 6-8 wish noses and show him during the pre op. I'm also bringing my operative report and pre op photos from my primary rhinoplasty. I'm super nervous when I should be excited. I think mostly because I've been through this before and I've spent so much money now between my primary and this revision. I don't need a perfect nose but I'm just hoping to be comfortable in my own skin after this. I'm so tired of turning my face a certain way when talking to someone. I just want to enjoy my life and I refuse to feel guilty for spending this money. I just hope it's well worth it. I've spent 2.5 years building up the courage for a revision...

I heard the pre op appointments with Dr G can be very rushed. This is what happened during my primary and I can't allow this to happen again. I will have to bring a list of questions so if my nerves get the best of me, I can refer to the list to make sure I cover all bases.

I'm just saying my prayers and trying to get organized at this point. I'm just keeping myself as calm as possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated. :-)

3 days away from surgery !

I'm packing my bags and preparing to catch my flight to California later today. I'm super nervous and I almost feel like I should've booked this surgery later around the summer time!!

24 hours until surgery! Pre op later today.

Super nervous! I'm trying to decide exactly what to say to Dr G at my pre op today. Some girls have said they just trusted him and didn't tell him anything while others have described to him how they wanted their noses. I think I will definitely explain to him how I want my nose since this is a revision. Wondering whether I should bring in wish pics printed out on a piece of paper or just show them to him briefly on my phone..

I have a little list of questions to ask but just not sure about bringing the pictures or not... Any advice ?!


Dr G was so nice during my pre op. He said I have medium thickness skin; it's not thin or thick. He examined inside of my nose and told me there wasn't much septum left since my primary surgeon in NYC removed so much of my septum and did NOTHING with it. He didn't use it for spreader grafts to straighten my bridge and he didn't crush it up and suture it back inside for reinforcement. Dr G couldn't believe how much I paid for my primary for the mediocre results I got. He may have to use ear cartilage so I signed a separate release form for that. Im hoping he doesn't have to but I told him to do what's best.

Well here I am the morning of my revision with Dr G. I have been tossing and turning all night. I leave in 1 hour for the hospital. He said we will chat again before surgery. I want to ask if he can take a pic post op in the OR so I can see the profile view (like he does for some pt's) I'm not sure if he automatically does that or they request it.

Here goes nothing! :)

All done

He ended up using cartilage from BOTH ears

I took my antibiotic w applesauce and threw right up
Tried taking the anti nausea after and threw that up
The pressure from throwing up made my nose bleed a lot
My left ear started dropping blood down my neck due to pressure throwing up
Office told me to hold off on all meds since I keep throwing up
Praying to get through this
I've never thrown up after anesthesia before
Holding my ears to stop the bleeding and hospital gave me 2x2 gauze squares which are tiny not the 4x4s so I'm putting them side by side wish I bought my own

I feel like complete crap



Thankfully I'm able to keep the anti nausea pill down so now I'm going to take a pain pill and an antibiotic before trying to sleep. I keep sleeping for like 30-45 mins at a time then waking up because my head turns slightly to one side and both of my ears are hurting. But I'm just 100% grateful not to be throwing up my pills I don't mind the actual discomfort from the surgery!! My nose is so packed with blood I have no clue how I will eventually clean it lol


I pulled the gauze off from behind my ears. It wasn't easy since the dry blood in all my hair was stuck to the gauze. I had to cut some hair out and pull some pieces apart. I can't shower yet obviously... I can't wait until I can wash my hair and around my ears even with some water to get the blood out. I have so much dry blood in my hair lol. my ears are extremely black and blue on the inside from what i can see. They are throbbing. The stitches are in the back and I'm not going to touch them at all.. I don't want them to start bleeding. Hopefully I can sleep more than an hour at a time tonight. I really am happy the surgery is over with, but this is no fun at all :(

Does anyone know anything about the ear cartilage grafts? Is it safe to rinse the area with water? Dr G said I can begin to clean gently around the area tomorrow. Not today.


The stitches under my right nostril seem to be irritating me. The skin is a tiny bit red and inflamed where the left nostril is not like this. Anyone experienced this? I will ask Dr G tomorrow whether he wants me to use antibacterial ointment on that side when he removes the stitches.
I'm just afraid the scar will end up more prominent on that side if it remains irritated..... Any advice???

1 Week

Today marks exactly 7 days post op. Being that my case was a revision, my nose is extremely swollen. It's definitely more swollen than a lot of Dr G's patients I've seen on here after 1 week post op. It's wider and bulkier from the front view and I think this is also affecting the profile a bit. Hopefully, in another week the swelling will come down and I can get some decent pics.

The day of cast removal he had to manually drain one of my ears. The one that began bleeding after surgery when I was throwing up, collected a lot of blood in the concha. I think he made an opening inside the ear because I have a scab there now. But he squeezed as hard as he could and it hurt so bad. The 3rd time, I had to grab his arm because I just couldn't take it. He squeezed it a few more times then I had to hold it with guaze and press down while he removed the splints and stitches - that was NOTHING pain wise because all I felt was my ear burning. There's still a small bubble which will have to be drained by an ENT if it doesn't reabsorb by itself. It's very small though and I see it going down so I'm praying it heals nicely. The stitches behind my ears are still in place and are supposed to fall out on their own.

There is a stitch sticking out from my left nostril which my friend pointed out to me today at lunch. I'm going to trim it. The incisions below my nostrils are red and I'm planning to use a scar serum on them. The bruising under my eyes is fading. There's still bruising on the bridge of my nose which will probably go away within a few days.

On the plane ride, my left nostril was burning and I felt a weird sensation inside of it. I did use Afrin nasal spray right before take off. This feeling lasted about 30 mins towards the end of the flight and then subsided. Other than that, I felt ok on the flight. Just had an extremely dry nose by the time the plane landed!

I'm using saline spray a few times a day and keeping the nasal rim moist with Vaseline. No stitches have fallen out yet. When do they start falling out?

There's an area inside my right nostril which is sensitive. It looks like a little pimple but I know it's part of the incision that was made inside. I have the same incision in the other nostril but it's lying flat and not sticking up. I'm thinking there might be a stitch under the skin there or it's just inflamed. I'm using antibiotic ointment on it per Dr G's recommendation. So I'm hoping that area settles down.

I'm just being very patient. Revision cases result in more swelling due to scar tissue being in the way. It takes a lot longer for things to settle. I have medium skin so hopefully I'll see some more definition come through in the next week or 2


Since everyone is dying for a pic. I'm trying to be patient but everyone really wants a picture. Here's the picture.


2 weeks

I'm now 2 weeks post op. The bruising is just about completely gone. It's still very faint. The sutures behind my ears fell out and there are indents behind them where cartilage was removed. I think that will be permanent.

My nose is swollen and appears crooked and curbing to 1 side much more drastically than it did before the revision. I emailed Dr G with some pics, questions, and concerns. He replied and told me "the nose is unevenly swollen and to update him again in 5 months.

I guess that means he thinks my results will be seen around 6 months. At this point I'm back to work and just plan to watch my results progress slowly.

I haven't consumed alcohol or began exercising again yet. I think I'll wait another 2 weeks for those things.

Just waiting waiting waiting for this swelling to come down and even out....

I'll post pics as things improve because most angles look a bit odd on photos!

1 month

So I'm 1 month post op and basically feeling back to normal. The back of my ears are healing and just flakey at times so I keep using coconut oil on the incisions to keep the skin moisturized and healthy. I'm not using scar serum since they are behind my ears and nobody looks back there lol.

The incisions under my nostrils are pinkish and seem visible to me. I get nervous when I'm talking to people because those are the only hints of the surgery. I'm pretty short though, so most people are looking down at me and not up. Nobody has said anything.

The skin on my nose is still flakey and oily too, but improving a lot. Swelling is slowly coming down and I plan to start back up at the gym this weekend (4.5 weeks post op).

Question: has anyone noticed a sore feeling on the sides of the nose/nostrils when they raise their upper lip or scrunch up their nose? It happens sometimes but not all the time. I'm not sure if it's swelling or due to the nostril reduction. It's not painful, just sore feeling on the sides when I scrunch my nose up or make a "KISSY face" sometimes.

I was at a social gathering and a friend grabbed my nose and told me I had a clown nose and sort of like honked my nose a few days ago. This made me so mad more because I was afraid it damaged something. I was 2 days shy of 4 weeks post op, so I'm sure it didn't. It sort of hurt when they did it, and the comment really upset me. I've never been told that before in my life since my profile view was mostly what stood out and they were looking at me straight on. Maybe the swelling is making my tip look rounder than I thought?

8 Weeks PO

So tomorrow marks 8 weeks since my revision rhinoplasty with Dr G. I try to apply coconut oil behind my ears and massage a little daily after my shower or at night. My ears are sore when I first touch them, but then after rubbing them for a few seconds they don't hurt. It's the initial touch and pressure when I feel the soreness. They get swollen on the inside from the front view sometimes, but they do look normal from the front/side views now. The backs obviously still have an incision line and indentations which I'm ok with! The swelling is coming down from the front but my nose is definitely not straight. I knew this from the time my cast came off. I have medium thickness skin, so I can see pretty clearly that this is how things are going to heal. I didn't have any bones broken in my primary, so this was my first time having osteotomies (bones broken). I don't know where the cartilage grafts were placed since I thought they helped camoflauge the crookedness of the bridge between the septum and side walls.... I know one was used to support the tip though. I can feel some tightness when I try to lick or bite my top lip. I'm sure this will resolve though.. I still have the bump on the right side of my bridge, which I asked him to address - but maybe he couldn't. I'm ok with this. I didn't want perfection! I understand some things can't be corrected. I know sometimes these are hard to correct as I've read over the years in my research. Right now what bothers me most is that my nose doesn't look any straighter, the tip is bulbous more than most ladies at this stage, and I feel it could have been deprojected slightly more than it was for an optimal profile view. I had a revision case so I'm praying this is all due to swelling. If I were to correct this, it wouldn't be for a few years once I'm done with graduate school and all settled financially anyway. So I just need to get comfortable with my results for now. Dr G said it will deproject more as swelling resolves. It's an improvement from where I started. My nose is still too swollen to see if the dents are gone right now. I'm just hoping for the best as time progresses. I have one incision under the nose which is flat and thin but the other side is like a little raised bubble which is redder than the flat incision. In the mornings, there's flaking/dead skin on that incision. I emailed Dr G to see what I can apply to calm the scar because I don't want it to stay this way. Any tips ?! It doesn't hurt and I think maybe there's a suture dissolving under the skin? Any tips?! I'm thinking coconut oil or maybe silicone scar gel to help it flatten out before it's too late... Happy healing to everyone!xo

Updated pic

Here is a recent picture of my nose. Still waiting to hit 1 year to assess the final results when more of the swelling comes down. I wish my nose was not so crooked and I wish the nose tip was deprojected more.

I'll have to have laser treatment on one of my alarplasty scars since it's healed in a hypertrophic scar.


Last summer before surgery

Alar scar

Any advice for this scarring from the stitches under my nostril? I use Biocorneum scar gel with silicone and its SPF50 I believe. I'm 7 months post op and my doctor recommend waiting a year and then injecting steroids.. It looks like a pimple under my nose and my makeup clings to the scar tissue doesn't get into the cracks between the scar tissue. I know it's not a big deal but honestly I just want something to go right. The other one has a little red line too, but it healed flat atleast.

Any advice is appreciated. Thank you. :)
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Ultimately, this revision was not worth $14,500, recovery time, on top of travel expenses and down time. I had NO grafts, osteotomies, or collapse from my first rhinoplasty. I'm not sure why my cost was so high and my result so minimal. Dr Grigoryants does an amazing job on a lot of people; unfortunately I didn't experience those results. My nose looks the same with a slightly improved profile. The tip still seems over projected, the front view is dented on 1 side, overall front view is very asymmetrical (lumpy curvy lacking definition). He's awesome at noses for the most part, but I think revisions may not be his strong suit. Maybe he tries harder on certain patients than others, but I paid SUCH inordinate amount of money for minimal results. I'm happy for everyone who gets it right the first time! Do your research. :(

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4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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