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Hi there. Ok, so I have posted so many things here...

Hi there. Ok, so I have posted so many things here lately as my anxiety mounts and its easier to talk here than to my family/friends/fiance. I had a rhinoplasty 4 days ago (July 31, 2013). I was really on the fence about doing this, but had seen several doctors over a 10 year period. I am a pretty girl I guess, (maybe moreso in my 20's) and many people were angry that I wanted to change my nose. See, I didn't have a "honker." I had a nice nose, with a bit of a dorsal hump, and a slightly bulbous tip. All in all I liked my nose, it had a bit of character, BUT there were some angles, some photos, etc, where I felt that the nose wasn't "me." And I wanted to shear away the small parts that made it feel separate from my self. Being very very very afraid, I decided to "just do it." I gave the Dr. a photo where I liked the way my nose looked (attached "A photo where I liked my nose") and said, "can you make me look like me but in awesome lighting?

Now that I have done it, I am scared about a lot of things. I had smoked, and even though I quit I worry I will get necrosis. I worry I won't heal evenly, I worry the surgeon put the splint on crooked, I worry I should stick a Q-tip up there or I shouldn't stick a Q-tip up there. However, assuming my nose does not fall off, and that it all heals as it is meant to, my biggest fear is that I will HATE it.

I mean, gals, guys, out there. How do you plan for this? I mean, we research? I went to someone who is top rated, Park Ave, blah blah blah. But how can we ever know? And more so, how do we deal with our feelings? Did I NEED this? No. Did I Want it? Well, yes, as long as it comes out Exactly as I want! But alas, expectations.

My splint comes off in 2 days, and I am really scared. Is it possible to have a "natural" looking nose after surgery? Do you feel good about yours? AND / OR, does ANYONE ELSE notice or even care but ourselves?

I attached some photos. Would love to hear of your stories.

The cast off

I HATE my nose. If I could go back in time I would have NEVER EVER done this. I have lost ALL character in my face, and, as it turns out, the hump in my nose, from the front view, was the only thing that kept me from looking like a pancake, or like a cognitvley/physically disabled person. I KNOW I have a LOT of swelling, particularly between my eyebrows which is adding to me looking like an alien. I am SO unhappy, all I want to do is hide. I did this to look Prettier. I am 35, in a bad relationship, and thought that I could maybe give myself some UMPH by fixing something that has always (I thought) been a barrier to being more attractive. I have a few events coming up I need to attend, International flights are booked, hotels paid, and one is a best friends wedding. I want to cancel everything, and wait 6 months until this F*&ker can be fixed.

I like my profile. It is a LOVLEY profile. The issue is the front view where I look flat. Maybe I should have allowed the DR to give me more definition in the tip, I mean, he gave me a little definition, and maybe that will come out once the swelling goes down.

I feel like he could have kept my bridge higher, and all of this would have been avoided.

Photos below. I have abandoned anonymity since my life is over anyway.

Feeling better

Ok, so I am starting to feel a bit better about my nose now that some swelling has gone down, and the initial shock has worn off. I will post pics soon. Right now I am having a lot of itching inside my nose (annoying) and found a good way to make it better. I boil water with ginger root, let it cool, then steam my sinuses for 5 - 10 mins. Immediately afterwards, I use a sterile q-tip and clean, then Aquaphor ointment, and then cover up my nostrils with gauze. Seems to really be helping. Also, I have cats, so probably best to not inhale fur and dander! Thank you all for your support, it has meant a lot because I can't be this neurotic with people who actually know me. Anyway, have a good night

Day 9: Able to wake up without dread!

So I am Still not thrilled with my nose, and I question a few choices in the "sculpting" of it, but I am feeling better. I have been using Arnica, by mouth and massaged betweeen my eyebrows, religiously, and some of that hard "cyst-like" swelling is breaking up. You can already see a difference in the photos. But there is still a LOT of swelling up there.

Now my concern is the tip. Oy veh! If its not one thing its another with this girl!!!

I know I was adamant with the Dr about not manipulating it too much, and he said he would just very subtly loosen the sides of the top bulbous-y part to make it more shapely. I know he did this because I can feel the stitches. I am wondering if this will still show up and the tip will get smaller and more refined, or if he did too little (at my request).

I had seen another Dr. who I thought was a major A-hole who wanted to be more drastic with my nose, chop the whole she-bang apart. I went with my Dr. because he was conservative.

I posted pics. Again, I am Day 9!

one more thing!

Again, I really worry he took too much off the bridge. I still wanted a high-set "ethnic" nose, just sans-hump. Do you think too much was taken off the bridge and it could have been kept higher????

Another before pic

Of the profile versus now.

Nose before

A bit blurry

Geez can't get this to work!

Before: Profile

I've decided to put on makeup and go for lunch!

Nothing a little eyeliner can't fix!

Over 2 weeks later

I LOVE my nose. I mean LOVE my nose. In fact, I should have not been so scared and done this 10 years ago! My doctor was amazing. Dr. Darrick Antell, for those who asked. I guess all of the above will be good for other people to see because the process I went through was scary and real and brutal, and yet, I look back on it now and think: "God! That was no big deal."

I still have swelling and some pain, and my bruises took a FULL 2 weeks to go away. Even still, I really like what my doctor did. He LISTENED to me, and I was very worried about looking "fake" and wanted a minimal amount of work done. Now I almost wish I'd just said: "here's my nose. do your thing." He was wonderful.


I JUST got back from the gym so my nose may be more "swollen" than usual, but here you go! Just so you know, there IS still some swelling at the tip, but already I am very happy. Once the sutures / place where they sowed me together (???) receded, the tip will be less bulbous.

I will post more

when I put some makeup on, and and not all puffy from the Sauna!

Getting nervous again

Ok, so its about 3+ weeks since surgery. I was really happy, but now, as the swelling through the bridge goes down, I noticed that there is a crevice on the L side not like the R, in the slope that leads up to the bride from my cheeks. (not sure if this makes sense). Moreso, my tip is looking really bulbous, maybe more bulbous than BEFORE the nose job now that the bridge is narrower. Do you think that this is swelling which will go down?

Another photo

Maybe its just the lighting? Here is the front view again. Again, I can feel stiffness and what I guess is swelling where the sutures were, and what would theoretically make the tip less bulbous if that swelling subsided, but nada so far.


Just thought I would add some more "before" photos. I should note, that in the last year I developed some broken blood vessels on the part of my nose closest to the sun (the hump), because I lived in a very tropical climate. This also added to the frustration with old nose.

Geez need to keep making new posts

So basically everyone who sees me, even my completely sun-upportive NOW EX-fiance (who told me I was like Paris Hilton and refused to come see me), thinks I look exactly the same in a REALLY GOOD WAY, and the profile is the only thing that is different, and the profile was my main problem. So I guess that's good. Unsupportive ex didn't even have anything insulting to say when he saw me yesterday, which is kind of a compliment in and of itself. I'm just wondering though, if I was better off before? I mean, now I have an AMAZING profile, but do I look weird from the front? Is the front as it is now an improvement, even if still imperfect? Thanks for listening!!!

The tip is really swollen

Ok. I just had my 6 week check up. Its now been almost 2 months. I am pretty much happy with my nose, but I am concerned about the tip swelling. Now the swelling in the bridge has gone down and my tip looks a bit like Rudolph. My Dr. told me it is still swollen and that the swelling in the tip takes a long time to go away. I chose a photo that is particularly unflattering. It does not look this bad in person (I don't think), or in other photos. Does anyone else have experience with the tip getting MORE swollen a month or two months after surgery and then resolving itself? It is a bit sore and just feels swollen. I AM worried that I did not ask for enough tip revision.

5 months!

Hello! So I am now 5 months post-op. My swelling has gone down in the tip significantly. I do still hope that it continues to go down. I think I look "better" than before, but I feel like I have a triangle nose now. But Al in all its probably an improvement.
Most people have NO CLUE I had it done, including old friends and cousins. Other people do notice and say its an improvement. Others say they notice and I was fine before.

I must say, I am disappointed that people aren't saying "OMG! You look so beautiful! Did you change your hair or something?" I mean, I had really hoped that while people might not know I had a nose job, I would get my money's worth in terms of compliments about my general appearance. So, that's a bummer.

Ok, photo attached!
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Antell listened to EXACTLY what I wanted and gave me exactly what I asked for. I was so scared going into this experience. I was so scared post op. Really, I have to say, he is so skilled. I have seen nose jobs that look like nose jobs, mine looks like it was always a part of my face the way it is. He is an enormously skilled surgeon. Also, it helps that he isn't pushy like most of the other Park Ave, doctors. One thing I have to say is that I wish I had just trusted him more. I am suspecting that I might want to revise my tip (which he suggested and he did do very minimally, because I was SO concerned about a tip revision). Perhaps I should have just let go, and let him work his magic without being a control freak!

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