Restylane to Upper and Lower Eyelids -New York, NY

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I am in my mid 30's and underwent an ill advised...

I am in my mid 30's and underwent an ill advised upper and lower blepharoplasty. I almost felt talked into the upper. I regret the decision every day. i had beautiful almond shaped eyes, yes some minor bags, but it was much better than what I was transformed into. Once the swelling went away, I had a week or so of looking good, then as time went by I looked much older and hollow. My face just isn't the same. I discovered and expert in restylane injections and there has definitely been an improvement in the hollow, old eye appearance. I wish I had tried restylane prior to surgery. My eyes are not perfect, I think the result would have been better without having had a surgery first that had created asymmetry. But the doctor has been very patient and sees me on a regular basis for follow ups and touch ups to gradually build up a natural look.

Dr Yang

To be clear another surgeon performed the blepharoplasty. Dr Yang was able to improve my appearance with restylane.

Dr Yang

I went in for one more touch up of my restylane. I am getting married this summer. Dr. Yang used the tiniest amount of hyaluronidase to dissolve a minor uneven area of restylane (probably barely perceptible to most people but I want to look perfect for my pictures.) I have to say over the course of 3 or 4 visits and gradually filling in my eyes with restylane the results are getting better and better. I finally look like my old self again before the bleph. The last visit I also asked for a bit of botox to keep my eyebrows in a better position. The combined results from the filler and restylane have me looking better than ever. I wish I had done this first (instead of an extremely expensive surgery with another surgeon that left me looking older and more tired). I definitely look more youthful and alert again after the treatments with Dr. Yang.
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Yang is a very caring and compassionate doctor. He takes a tremendous amount of time explaining anatomy, risks and benefits of his procedures, and what type of result you can expect. He is also very conservative in his approach (so you don't have drastic changes all at once) and his office is very accommodating of my busy schedule. I went to Dr. Yang for restylane and have been back a few times for additional restylane to gradually build up the hollowness left by blepharoplasty from another surgeon. As a physician myself, I know how important a full history and physical exam are. Looking back on my bleph surgeon there were many red flags, he didn't take time to listen to my goals or even examine me thoroughly. I thought that because a friend had a nice result, I would have one too. Turns out he does exactly the same surgery on everyone and what was right for my friend was not for me. I ended up with hollowness and asymmetry, cold and hollow eyes instead of my nice almond shaped eyes. He promised I would age better, instead I aged much faster. Dr Yang is the exact opposite. He doesn't waste time making you promises he can't deliver. Rather, he spends a tremendous amount of time examining you, showing you his extensive before and after gallery, and explaining what each type of treatment can accomplish and why. He does not try to sell you surgery you don't need, like my previous surgeon did. He is just a very knowledgeable and skillful doctor who also happens to have a wonderful and kind office staff.

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