Palomar Lux 1540 Works for Acne Scars After Multiple Treatments - New York, NY

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This laser does work on acne scars but you cannot...

This laser does work on acne scars but you cannot see results after just one or two treatments. I thought it would help people to read my experience after eleven Palomar Lux 1540 treatments in one year. Everyone's skin is different and what works for me might not be right for you. Read from everyone and decide for yourself.

I am 41 and have had deep ice pick, rolling and boxcar acne scars on my cheeks for 20 years (I have medium olive skin). Years ago I had 4 dermabrasions at a doctor's office which helped - but did not remove - the scars. Dermabrasion is an expensive, painful and bloody procedure, I got hyperpigmentation (which went away slowly), and I thought "never again".

Then another plastic surgeon recommended fractional laser, but after one $600 Affirm laser at his office I saw no results and gave up. A year later I found a medical spa in New York that offered a great price for 6 Palomar treatments, so I gave it a try. I went every 5 weeks for several months and saw no change. Then after the 5th treatment I saw that my scars were slowly "filling up", and so were my forehead and mouth wrinkles!

At the end of the 6th treatment the results were subtle but definitely there. I signed up for another package of 6 and now, after 11 treatments, I can tell you that this laser does work. My deep scars and wrinkles are softer and shallower. I look younger, my skin looks better and better each month and at last I have hope that my scars might be gone one day.

So this is what I recommend:
- Be realistic. If you expect quick miracles and perfect skin you will be disappointed. But if you are willing to be patient and persistent, fractional laser can really help your scars over time.
- Take at least 5 weeks break in between treatments. My redness and swelling were much less on the months when I allowed time for my skin to heal.
- Wider scars respond better than icepick scars. It think it is because there is more surface area for the laser to hit. I had a big depressed scar on one cheek and it is almost gone, but a couple of little deep scars are still there.
- Use sunblock!!!! I can't say it enough - this laser makes you skin sensitive to the sun. I started to get brown patches and now I'm using SPF 80.
- Everyone's skin is different and you might need more or fewer treatments than I did.
- It's a bit painful, nothing I couldn't stand. I did swell badly on a couple of treatments and I did get the dot pattern, but it usually went away after several days.
- Progress is gradual. Sometimes I look at my scars and get frustrated, but then I remind myself that they look so much better than before.
- I have a great aesthetician who goes over every inch of my whole face. If he/she is not thorough you will get dime-sized circles where the laser hit. That's what happened with the first doctor - he was in a hurry and did not do a good job.

The bottom line is that acne scars are hard to remove, but not impossible. Fractional laser is not perfect, but it does help a lot if you have realistic expectations. People like me who have acne scars would do anything to remove them. I have a busy schedule and dark skin so invasive procedures are out of the question. So I'm taking the long view: this procedure is not very invasive and over time I know it will improve my skin. It is a lifelong commitment. So why not?
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