My First Breast Augmentation - New York, NY

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Hi guys this is my first time writing anything...

Hi guys this is my first time writing anything about my BA , I'm one month away my pre op is June 5th I'm super nervous and going crazy about the do's and don't's prior surgery . I need help please... I already stopped drinking and smoking hookah I don't know which other precautions I should take ..

Almost time ...

Good morning ladies I haven'tposted anything in a while ... My pre op is next Wednesday the 6/5 I'm super excited & anxious, I'm really desperate to do my surgery. Ill keep you guys posted next week.

Pre Op appointment!

My pre op went very well, I was anxious to go in there and ask all the questions I had in mind. I spoke with my Doctor he went over the things I CANT Do before and after the surgery, he also gave me a paper including the meds I cant take etc, also we went over the sizes one more time to make sure is the right size i want, I am going for a small C ( 300 - 330 CC ). A nurse took pics of me to see the before & after, also he gave me the prescriptions :

I didn't get the time of my surgery they will call me 2 days before surgery or so. Im super excited & nervous im very scared because a lot of people been telling me is a lot of pain.

just 2 more days for the big day.

Omggggggggg I'm almost having boobs I'm super nervous I can't stop thinking about Friday. I will post pics before and after.

Surgery time

Hey guys my doctor called me today my surgery will be on Friday 6/28 at 10:45am I have to be there 30 mins before surgery, I can't eat anything tomorrow after midnight including liquids. Nail polish have to be removed as well, I have to bring my prescriptions too.

Also I have an appointment on Saturday at 10:30am I hope I'm not in a lot of pain :/ .

Finally have my babies

My BIG day ( surgery day )

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated anything ..
My surgery was on Friday around 10:45 am it went really good I was almost dying when they called me to go to the surgical room, uhm the nurse called me to go into a room I removed all my clothes and put a gown and also covered my hair, after that Dr. Yager came he did a drawing of where he was going to cut then he took a pic,after he was done the anesthesiologist came to the room asked me some question then she took me to the surgical room. After that I don't remember anything.

When I woke up I was in the recovery room the first thing I said was : do I have boobs ? I was almost crying but I was so sleepy and drugged up I woke up 2hrs later they gave me some crackers w Gatorade.

He put 330CC on the right side
320 CC on the left side

3rd day post op.

Hi guys so today I took my second shower it felt better than yesterday still kind of weird just to have boobs hanging lol. They still heavy and high but they dropped a lot.

1 week post op

Hello ladies its been a week after my surgery I feel really good just a little pressure that's all. Yesterday I went outside to walk I got really tired.
I'm still in the process of getting used to I have boobs is kind of weird specially when I shower, besides that I'm not taking any pain medication just Tylenol here and there when it rains because it bothers. I have an appointment the 13th with my surgeon I think they are going to remove the bandages.

I will post a pic before my surgery and after surgery as of day 6 post op. excuse one of the bandages it has some blood.

Post op day 6

New York Plastic Surgeon

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