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So after my whole surgery with Dr. Hasan, I...

So after my whole surgery with Dr. Hasan, I decided that I wanted to get a mommy makeover. After the lipo I had gotten for my BBL, I noticed I had a little excess skin left on my tummy. Not so much that I need a tummy tuck but Dr. Taranow presented me a reasonable price to get it fixed as well as getting my breast lifted with a bit of implants. I naturally have large breast. I believe I'm a 34 D. I don't know my sister size. I could very well be a DD. I just want to be a perky DD. So, he ordered 3 sizes for me. 300, 350 and 400cc. I'm probably going to go with 400cc. I'm excited and scared at the same time. I'm hoping to come out feeling better about my breast. Dr. Taranow is so funny and down to earth. He is also very honest. He said for my age, I definitely need a lift. I agree, I think my toddler did a number on them when he was a wee baby. I'm shooting for sometime this month for the surgery. Stay tuned. Pictures to come!


So I just found out I need to take antibiotics. My test results came back for my upcoming surgery and I have a UTI. I don't know where I keep getting them from. I guess from holding my bladder for so long? Idk, maybe I should consider labiaplasty next I keep getting reoccurring UTIs and Yeast infections. Well, my yeast keeps coming back because I have to take antibiotics from the reoccurring UTIs. I'm so excited and scared. My surgery is in 3 days! I know I should expect pain but I hope recovery is much better than BBL.

Recovery isn't fun

Recovery isn't fun... but thank god my Dr. is Dr. Taranow. I honestly can say I love this man! I texted him at 5 am about some discomfort in my breast. He urged me to go to the ER to do some tests. He said he would've made a home visit but the tests were super important. I agree! So he walked me through everything and spoke with the doctors at the hospital to make sure I was okay. Amazing right?! Best treatment I ever gotten. When I did my BBL with Dr. Hasan, he could give two shits if I were alive. Dr. Taranow is way different! Anyways, all my tests came back good. The doctors just ruled that my muscles are getting used to the implants. I cannot wait until these drains come out though. I cannot stand the poking in my vag! lol Any ladies wanting to get a procedure by him. Please please do. He is an amazing doctor.

How many Ccs and What procedure was done.

so I told Dr. Taranow that I wanted 400 cc and I wanted to be a full DD. I told him if he had to go less or more I would understand because I trust him completely. So I guess after Dr. T lifted my breast he realized that 400cc wasn't cutting it. Lol. He gave me 500cc and put it I believe above the muscle through my nipples. I think anchor method. My boobies are still swollen but surprisingly they do not hurt. My tummy tuck is the pain in the ass. Lol. I'm so happy with how perky my boobies are. I feel like a model. I just hope my TT heals beautifully.

Hanging in there!

So, far so good. Lately I have been feeling little poking sensations in my nipples. I assume it's my nerves coming back. My tummy tuck doesn't hurt at all. It's the drains that are killing me. I will honestly say that sometimes sitting and standing can be a hassle because it is uncomfortable... not painful! I'm just hoping these awful drains come out. My vag isn't happy with them. Plus sometimes I fear that it is coming out. I'm going to make a post op appointment for next week. I pray these drains come out. I have ordered some sports bras and another binder. Because my torso is very short, this binder I am wearing is folded which could be why I am experiencing discomfort. Pictures soon!
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