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Hi all. I a super excited to detail my journey to...

Hi all. I a super excited to detail my journey to a better me. Not only will it help me but I hope to be an inspiration to others as others on this site has been an inspiration to me. My story is full of happiness and sadness but at the end of this here day I love myself no matter what and my goal is to enhance that beauty from the inside out. Sounds good. Yes, I am blessed but.. this body is looking horrible! It is definitely a reflection of depression and letting go (in my Elsa voice). I am in need of a mommy makeover with lipo and a BBL. I have been blessed to be able to pay for it so its about to go down!
I have been to several doctors allow me to tell you my experience and what made me choose the doctor who will be performing my surgery.
1. I first went with Dr.Jimerson in Georgia because his BBL's are incredible but, that's all. I did not like his tt or ba. Also his staff was unorganized. I would have been traveling from NYC and I like order and I believe in the highest form of customer service. I do not feel like they did that so how can I trust you to take the best possible care of me so there money wasted because I did schedule a date and did not learn until after the disconnect.
2-Dr. yager in NYC. Close to home great work, my latina sistas was looking beautiful, his staff was very attentive and he was very professional and reasonably priced but his BBL's I did not like. Side bar I am not looking to have a bodacious backside, i want it nicely shaped and a cute size, remember I am 5"1. So I moved on past him.
3- Dr. Kevin Tehrani. OMG what a sweetheart and his staff is sooooo sweet. He made feel so beautiful and had not done a thing but a consultation. I liked his work but his bbl's was not all that and I was a little uncomfortable with him telling me not to lose to much weight when I am almost 100bls overweight because he want the weight to come off later and the heavier patients tt's improved but was not as flat as what I wanted.
4- The infamous Dr Schulman. His work is truly a work of art. But, his prices is a little more than what I could spend and I don't know sometimes be honest but soften the blow. I have to lose weight not much for surgery about 50lbs, but I felt judged or not hopeful. And for the money you charge............some may feel like well he can because of his work, but it doesn't matter.
5 Lastly, Dr. Norman Morrison of NYC who will be performing my surgery is not only skillful,professional,affordable he is gorgeous.lol. He was honest but in a way that let me know I am repairable. He let me know if I did my part he would do his and that he is not GOD but he will do his damnest. I know of two people that have had surgery with him and they look phenomenal. And so my surgery is scheduled for February 17, 2015. I will be having my breast and bbl done. and then in May I will have my TT. I am so excited. I told my husband save because I am going to shop something crazy.

Tomorrow is my day

Well, I am going in for surgery tomorrow. I am getting more and more nervous as time draws near and of course doubts. Why am I doing this? But, its paid for and I want this and I also know its the jitters that come along with having surgery. I figure because I am going to be somewhat laid up ( dR said I must walk around not just lay around) I will be able to keep the RealSelf community know my experience....because this site has helped me tremendously.


Wait until I send you some pics first and the whole story
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