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For the past 10 years, I have been focused on my...

For the past 10 years, I have been focused on my stomach and wanting to achieve a flat stomach with diet and exercise. Despite consistently working out and eating clean,my stomach would not change. Every year this would become my main fitness goal. I was determined and stubborn that I would not go through surgery to achieve my goal. My family and co workers were tired of my goal and suggested to consider plastic surgery as I was obviously unsuccessful at accomplishing this goal. I realized I could not achieve It on my own and began to research Abdominoplasty via Google and came into real self. I began my search in April and decided that this would be the summer that I would have a flat tummy. I initially considered going to the Dominican Republic but rejected it due to lack of after care and follow up after the procedure. I carefully reviewed several plastic surgeons on real self. I went through six consultations. I had mix feelings andI felt confused. Some plastic surgeons recommended a mini tummy tuck while others suggested a full tummy tuck. I also have a diastasis recti that needed to be repaired. I wanted to have a mini tummy tuck but deep down I realized I would not be happy and satisfy with the results. I was determined that I would pick the right surgeon for my surgery. Despite my numerous consultations I knew I was yet to find the surgeon who I could trust with my procedure and give me the results that I wanted. I immediately knew that Dr. Richard G. Reish from New York Plastic Surgical Group will be the surgeon to perform my procedure. He took his time during the consultation to answer all my questions and concerns. I did not feel rushed. He demonstrated empathy, genuine caring and high level of professionalism. I always follow my instinct and after the consultation decided to leave a deposit and called my husband to tell him that I finally found my surgeon yeah!! I am not an easy person to please and Dr. Reish met all my standards: highly skilled and knowledgeable, patience, humble, easily accessible ( he gave me his direct cell number and answered all my questions) and caring and kind. A huge concern for me was the scar. He uses a special technique to make the scar very low and thin. My surgery was scheduled for August 11, 2016. I had an abdominosplasty, breast augmentation and lipo of back and abdomen. Today is day three after my procedure. I am feeling wonderful, no pain. I am only taking Tylenol . My husband is taking wonderful card of me.

Date 4

Every day I am feeling better and stronger. I decided to go for a 30 minute walk in my driveway. My lower back hurts and I placed ice in my back afterwards. I love the smell of the trees and fresh air. I have been enclosed at home for three days. Two much rain!! I am still draining a lot. My follow up appointment is tomorrow. The drainage is a pain but I do not think it woul be removed tomorrow as I am still collecting a lot of fluid.

5-days after surgery

My recovery has been unbelievable. I had my first follow up visit yesterday with Dr. Reish. I am surprised at how good I look after five days of abdominosplasty, breast augmentation and lipo to back and abs. Perhaps, I should not be surprised as I picked a phenomenal surgeon for my surgery. I love Dr. Reish!!! I absolutely love how low and short my scar is. My breast are just perfect. I will be keeping the drainage for another week but I expect that as I still have a lot of fluids. I have no pain today. Yesterday I only took one Tylenol. I did a lot errands including shopping at Costco with my husband. I am very careful about lifting and bending down. I have a grabber for pick things. I am walking for 30 minutes daily. I am moving around. My back is feeling much better. The only problem I have is when sneezing or coughing. I am beyond delighted with my progress. I have some tips about things that worked for me during my recovery . Eating clean is a must before and after surgery. My favorite foods are egg whites, spinach, kale, avocado, oatmeal, chicken, salmon, tilapia, brown rice, tomatoes, cucumbers, all berries, chia seeds, pineapple, Muscle Pharm cookies and cream protein powder sold at Costco, almond milk, and Joseph Lavish Wrap sold at BJ's. I also drink 1 gallon of water a day. I like to miss it with Scivation BCAAs. It is delicious and has zero calories. I like water melon and orange. It helps with muscle growth and recovery. I also drink a glass of water with a lemon or lime and 2 tbp of organic apple cider vinegar in the morning and at night.

Day 8

My recovery has been fantastic. I am walking straight. No longer experiencing back pain. I started driving yesterday. I am shopping and doing errands today. I still have my drainage. I am hoping they will come out on Tuesday during my next visit with Dr. Reish. I am virtually pain free. I am cooking and doing basic chores that do not require lifting or bending. I was extremely itchy yesterday and was concerned about still having 100cc daily of fluids. Texted Dr. Reish and he answered me within seconds and reassured me that I am doing great and to continue what I am doing. I needed that validation that I am on the right track.

10 days post/ Drainage

My recovery has been great! My breast are getting softer, but I think I have been too active and this has no helped slow down drainage output. I continue doing normal activities but decided to stop my 30 minute walk and to take it easier. Dr. Reish agreed! In addition, I read that compression helps. I have been using my compression garment at all times but it felt loose; therefore, I tightened it. I think it is helping: day 8 100cc and yesterday 80 cc and today only 30 cc. so far. The color of the drainage is now yellow/pink. I am praying that the drainage will be removed during my next follow up on Tuesday. I also want to share that as a result of the rectus muscle tightening, I am eating significantly less. I would say probably half what I ate before which is a bonus. Dr. Reish said that he tightened the muscle 12 centimeters!!! I am very pleased as I am not able to work out for some time????

13 days post op

Yesterday I had my second appointment with Dr. Reish. I am feeling great!! I am having a lot of itching in the incision areas. Taking anti itch medication. One of the drainage was removed!! I am excited to begin the next phase on my healing process: scar therapy. Dr. Reish Is a saint. I drove him crazy about the scar therapy treatment. I will be using EMBRACE therapy treatment!!! I initially thought I could not use embrace as I have dissolvable stitches and was initially given incorrect information by embrace customer service in reference to appication when having dissolvable stitches. As I was not satisfied with the answer, I emailed Embrace customer services since the ideal window to begin embrace is around 2-6 weeks after the procedure. Brent MChone was very helpful. I inform him that my incision is dry and closed. He suggested that it would be helpful to mail him a picture of the incision. After seeing my incision, he said I could begin using Embrace starting Friday as I have small scabs on the right side. Dr. Reish gave me one box of Embrace!!! The treatment is for 8 weeks and each application usually lasts 10 days. I went on the embrace website and purchased the 60 days application which had a 20% off and you also get 15% off when you sign up to their email. Embrace is expensive but worth it!! I already spend a lot of money on the procedure and needed to make sure I have a good scar. I did a lot of research and embrace is so far the best scar treatment in the market.

3 weeks 21 days

Finally, my drainage was removed today after 21 days! Alleluia!! The drainage has created tenderness and redness in the are of the drainage. I have also been dealing with a cold and cough. I have stopped using Embrace temporarily for a week until the area clears as per Dr. Reish. I am posting pictures of things that have worked for me so far. Compression is so important to decrease inflammation and to provide consistent and constant pressure in the area. This will prevent fluid retention and will shape you body. You need a garment that specializes in post surgical garments. I will be using DPrada garments from Columbia as my stage 2 post garment. They are sold at Amazon and Washigton Heights. The reviews are excellent. Within a day or two of my procedure, I noticed I was not getting enough compression by the binder given to me after surgery; therefore I have been using a double binder. I purchased this one at Amazon. It has helped decrease inflammation and inflammation stays consistent through out the day. Dr. Reish has approved the use of double binder. Dr. Reish recommended that I use Biocorneum on my belly button. I started using it today.

21 days

I was unable to attach the pictures to my previous post

23 Days

I am adding some pictures of my before and after as some you have requested. I hope this helps:)

A close up picture

I deleted my before photos by mistake lol

1 month post tomorrow

I am doing really well. I went back to work full time and also par-time. I am working out consistently focusing on my legs, glutes and upper body except for chest. I started weight training a week ago with light weights and body weight exercises. I love my progress. I wear my compression garment at all times except when working out. I wear the abdominal binder and waist trimmer belt. I am using the Rosehip oil and biocorneum on my belly button and scar under breast and TT scar. I will restart Embrace this weekend as suggested by Dr. Reish. I had a small complication with drainage which caused redness in the TT area. As you recall I had the drainage from hell fover three weeks. The redness has cleared I am happy for that!! On Tuesday I will start lymphatic massages! I got a great deal by a NYC lincesed post op therapist at Rejuveface and Body Spa. They have a promotion 15-60 minutes massage for $650.00. The swelling is going down. I had had regular contact with Dr.'Reish. He continues answering all my questions and concerns. I am extremely happy with my results so far !!

1 month post op

Getting ready to workout! Focusing on weight training to build muscle I lost due to inactivity !
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Richard G Reish from New York Plastic Surgical Group is amazing. He took his time during the consultation to answer all my questions and concerns and I had many questions. I did not feel rushed. He demonstrated empathy, genuine caring and high level of professionalism. I always follow my instincts and after the consultation decided to leave a deposit and called my husband to tell him I found my surgeon yeah!! I am not an easy person to please and Dr Reish met all my standards: highly skilled and knowledgeable, patience, humble, easily accessible, ( he gave me his cell number and quickly answered me when I contacted him by text or phone) and caring and kind.

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