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I had the Gastric Sleeve on November 30, 2015 I am...

I had the Gastric Sleeve on November 30, 2015 I am 8 months post op and had lost 115lbs now I'm left with saggy skin and lots of stretch marks, I am for certain getting the breast lift and tummy tuck, however I'm on the fence with arm lift and some type of butt augmentation whether it's Implants (because I am a thin woman) or BBL of they can find fat somewhere on my body. I am 5'4 and I weigh 125lbs and still losing, without trying! I have 2 kids and had the tubal ligation done so no more children for us and I felt while I am still young this is the perfect time to correct my body that is now way over due!! I will update frequently on my interviews, surgeries, ect.

These are my Wish Pics!

Honestly I think the best body out there right now is Kylie Jenner! I love her shape! I hope someday I can achieve that as well! I work out 5 days out of the week, lots of strength training with a few intense cardio thrown into the mix to help my chances out more so that After surgery I would just have to maintain my weight and fitness level and just continue to tone as much as I can, I already see a huge different in my body! For now she is my motivation!

My before and after Gastric Sleeve surgery

From my highest at 241to my Lowest of 126

I think I found exactly what I want!!!

I know I've said that Kylie has the best body, I admire her! However I need to be more realistic to what I am already working with and I found this model that under all this skin has a similar body type as me! I will be showing this to the surgeon who I choose to do my surgeries! So far to do my Breast lift and Tummy tuck I'm leaning towards Dr. Richard G. Reish! I have my first consultation with him on Friday!! I can't wait! Looking through his photos of his work I am very impressed and he has great reviews! If anyone else has done surgery with him or can give me any info that would be great!!

Finally met my future Surgeon!!

So yesterday I had a consultation with Dr. Richard G. Reish and let me tell you, he is AMAZING!! I felt super comfortable instantly!!! His work is incredible and my husband and I can not wait to get our surgeries done with him!!! I want to add him on this review but I have no idea how I can edit it lol ugh! So far I'm so excited and hopeful for my new body!! Since school is approaching and my daughter will be starting kindergarten I will probably get this surgery by January/ February where I can get some help at home with my two little ones! Especially with my son who is a year and 9 months and he is extremely intense lol gotta love em!

27 Yrs Old Weightloss Surgery Lost 118lbs and I Have 2 Kids Going for Breast Lift and TT

I've struggled with weight for so many years and after having my second child and getting my tubes tied I figure it's the perfect time to really do something about it! I've done the Gastric Sleeve and in less then 9 months I lost 118lbs to date. I'm now left with excess skin that needs to be removed

Internet says I'm a banana shape

I checked my measurements and apparently I'm a banana shape ????
I wonder if a tummy tuck and tightening the ab muscles could possibly give me more of a smaller waist. I need to love my self more though and this body. I should at least be grateful that I'm not 241 pounds anymore, that I will be correcting the loose skin and we have been blessed enough to be able to do that! ??

I've been toning and waist training to help transform my body

I wanted to do the MOST of myself before surgery and I'm still working on. Myself everyday and take care of my body and skin as much as possible! So far I'm starting to see the difference! I'm now weighing 120 pounds so I did lose a pound after these pics but my body has changed so much with me weighing the same!!

Since my last update I've unintentionally lost more weight

I'm now 115lbs and my body hasn't changed too drastically it just gotten a bit slimmer Including my butt ???? I am looking forward to my surgery on March! Hopefully one day I can do something about my saggy small butt ????
New York Plastic Surgeon

I met with Dr. Reish on the 24th of August and I instantly knew he would be the doctor who will perform my surgery! He is kind, patient, answered all my questions, gave me great advice instead of letting me believe I needed all these extra surgeries and implants just to get more money like all the other doctors I have reviewed before Dr.Reish. I initially felt I needed so much more and he opened my eyes! I felt very comfortable speaking with him. I love all of his work, I've read all his reviews which are amazing and I honestly feel he will transform my body better then I've ever had in my life! My husband and I both underwent gastric sleeve surgery (5 yrs apart) mine was done 9 months ago and after 118lb Weightloss to date I was left with excess skin pretty much everywhere but it's the worst on my abdominal area and after breast feeding both my children who are 3.5 yrs apart for about 1 yr each and always having large breast that ranged in sizes because of my yoyo weight throughout the years, it left my breast saggy. Thankfully I still have some volume left so I wouldn't need and honestly wouldn't want breast implants and I'm so glad Dr. Reish reassured me with that I only needed a lift and a tummy tuck which will also lift my vaginal area and part of my thighs which is exactly what I need! I don't have sufficient fat for fat transfer to my butt, right now I'm just trying to workout and build muscle so that it's not so flat in that area and as for my arms, surprisingly they do not sag as much and I feel with time I can correct this on my own as well. Originally I was going to do my surgery in February but I am trying to see if I can get it done much sooner as I do not want to be recovering so close to spring break where my husband and I always go on vacation at that time. Hopefully soon we can book the date and get this process started!

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