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I'm excited to be sharing my BA experience with...

I'm excited to be sharing my BA experience with everyone on here, as I have found that these reviews have been so helpful to me, I'd like to give back. So my story begins with wanting bigger boobs for as long as I can remember. I am a 24 year old, petite woman, 5'0 (really 4'11), and 105lbs. I barely fit into an A size bra and almost always wear extra padding. I have always felt self-conscious about my breast size and always wished I were at least a B. Well, since it looked like that was never going to happen naturally, I decided to just go for it! I went for my first consultation back in January and then another consultation with a different doctor two weeks afterwards. After going for a third consultation, I decided to go with the second doctor that I had met with. Although I was leaning towards Saline implants, my doctor suggested that Silicone (cohesive gel) would be better suited for my body. My doctor will be putting my implants in using the inframammary incision area (although I am kind of concerned about the scarring). So far I am not sure about the size. I do not really want to be a D, so my doctor suggested either 250cc or 275cc. I will have a better idea of which size I will be going for when I meet the next time with my doctor. So far I have been feeling quite anxious. I am excited but very nervous at the same time. I wish I could fast forward the next few weeks but I guess it is all a part of the journey! I will keep everyone updated and get some pics up eventually! :)

Pic update..

I have been driving myself crazy lately with over thinking everything.. "what if I am making a mistake, what if I don't get cleared for surgery after getting my blood test results, what if I hate the way I look" what if this and that :( I guess I need to keep reminding myself why I am doing this and stop worrying about the rest, right? Anyway, since I was having trouble sleeping I decided to sneak on here and post some pics. I have some before pics, as much as I really hate the even post them since I find them embarrassing, and I have a few pics of myself with 250cc sizers in. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics when I tried on the 275cc sizer so when I go back to my next appointment next week I will try to remember to do that! Well, off to try and get some sleep..hopefully..zZzZz

A list to make your recovery time a little easier..

I decided to prepare a list of things that I would need to buy before my surgery and wanted to share it with everyone. If there was anything that I had missed please feel free to fill me in!

So far this is what I have written down:
Bendy Straws
Aquaphor Ointment (for chafing, which I heard happens around/on the nipples)
Ice Packs
Heating Pad
Coco Butter or Vitamin E oil (for scarring)
Makeup Removing Wipes
Spray-on Deodorant
Disposable Toothbrush (for the days that you have a hard time getting out of bed)
Bar Soap (I heard that it is painful to use pump soap because you have to push down on it)
Tissue Box
Constipation Medicine (My Doc. advised this because of the use of anesthesia and other medications can be binding)
Comfortable, loose-fitted clothing (Zippers and button shirts, nothing that you have to pull over your head)
Extra sports bras
Much pillows
A good book/magazines/movies nearby
Plenty of water, Gatorade and other fluids
Snacks that are easy since your stomach may feel sensitive for a few days, (jello, pudding, fruit cups, popcorn, chips, crackers, etc).

So that it all I have on my list. I hope it helps some of you with preparing for the big day! Most of it I am yet to go out and buy but some stuff I have laying around my house. If there is anything else that I might need to add that I did not list, please let me know!

Boob shrinkage?

Can anyone give me a better idea of how much your bust size shrinks once you are healed? Is the size difference very noticeable or is it a spoonful of difference?

So it's all beginning to feel real...

So I went and signed all the consent forms today. Sitting in the office, reading and signing all of those papers began to make me feel quite hesitant about everything, but then my doctor called me into the back room and allowed me to try on the sizers again. With the sizers in I quickly forgot about how hesitant and scared I was feeling! I tried on two sizes, HP 275cc and HP 300cc. I have been going back and forth with the size for a while, but after trying them again and talking it over with my doctor, I feel pretty certain that the 275cc will be a better fit. My doctor told me that the 275cc has a more natural look for me, whereas the 300cc begin to look a little obvious that I have implants. He also noted that with either size, I will be a full C cup, but with the 300cc I may be a full D cup, maybe even DD. Because I was so unsure in his office, he said he is ordering both sizes for me just in case I make any last minute decisions, but I am pretty positive I will be going with the 275cc...(whew!).. now maybe I can finally stop thinking about it!

So tomorrow I have to go back to pay my balance and pick up my prescriptions and then it's off to get the blood work taken care of. I can't believe how quick the time is going! I just hope that the time will continue to move fast while I am recovering ;)

OH. And I have some additional pics from my visit today that I will upload later! xo

Some pics..

Researching before and after pics can make me hesitant about going with 275cc because it seems that everyone goes much bigger, but my PS kept reminding me that I have to stop thinking about it in terms of numbers and instead just focus on how I want to look rather than what size I want to be. It makes sense, but I just hope that I am not going too small. Then again, when I put a before and after picture of me side by side (me naturally, versus me with 275cc sizers in), I can clearly see the difference. Its true that choosing the size seems to be one of the most challenging aspects of getting a BA! One thought that I keep thinking to myself is that "once the implants are in - and being that they are placed beneath the muscle - will the size appear to be much smaller than how it looked when I tried it on?) That's what I am worried about, but I'll post some pics so everyone can get a better idea of how the 275ccs will look on me. I still have the option of going with 300cc, as my PS is ordering both sizes for me, but he wants me to keep in mind that the 275cc will give me a more natural look, whereas the 300ccs will not. He also informed me that both sizes will bring me to a D cup, but the 300cc may be a DD (I guess depending on the bra I wear). I like the idea of looking more natural, but again I am just worried that the 275cc will appear to look smaller once they are in. Any thoughts?

Dreaming of numbers..

For the past few days I have been thinking of sizes and I feel so torn between 275cc and 300cc. I have read so many different reviews, looked at numerous before and after pics, and searched all kinds of questions and answers regarding size but yet each night I still go to bed and dream of numbers! It's ridiculous, actually. So far for the past three nights I have been dreaming of myself going back and forth with the two sizes and I never seem to come to a conclusion or make my mind up. I wake up wondering what I am going to tell my PS the day of the surgery. I guess I just have to keep in mind that everyone is different and what may be too small or too big for someone else may look good on me. Someone asked me what do I care about more "looking more natural or the number of CC's and size of the implant"...and I guess when it is put that way, I would definitely say looking more natural. But then I remember everyone saying that you tend to lose 10% of the look and 25cc - 55cc when the implant is placed beneath the then once again I begin to second-guess myself :( I mean, I'm a small girl so I definitely don't want my BA to say "breast implants" across my chest, but I also want to make sure that I will be satisfied with the size. I think I'm beginning to drive myself a tad bit crazy over this =/ (I've also been bringing my mom and boyfriend for the ride along with me, so I'm sure they both feel like I have been driving them crazy as well) haha. I guess that if I continue to dream of numbers, I'll hopefully choose what number of CC's I want before the big day sooner than later!

A week away..

I can not believe how fast the days are going! I feel nervous but then again I also feel so busy preparing, I don't exactly have the time to feel nervous.. If that makes any sense. I feel as if my emotions are made of a concoction of scared and excited. Every how and then I start to question myself if I should really go through with it or cancel the whole thing, but I know that's just my pre-surgery jitters speaking for me.. because one thing I know for sure is that if I changed my kind and decided not do it - I would definitely regret it. So that sums that up :) I just hope I don't regret the size!!

Really wish we could edit previous posts..

Please excuse the typos in my last post - I haven't exactly been sleeping well the past few nights.

Every now and then*
If I changed my mind*


So 2 more days..

For some reason, I'm not really worried about the surgery procedure.. I'm more nervous about the recovery but most of all, I'm worried about the look. I keep asking my mom and my boyfriend if this is stupid of me and I hope that I'm not making a mistake, and of course they tell me that I'm crazy and I'm going to be so happy once it is over with. But I do hope I am choosing the right size CCs, the last thing I would want after all of this is to be unhappy with the size but looking natural and not looking top heavy are important to me. So I guess in that case I will go with my PS's advice and stop looking at it as a number and just go with what I think looks good on me. I really do hope I don't regret the choice I've made! Well I'm off to go get a mani/pedi and to pick up anything else I may need to get before the big day because it sure is coming fast :)!

Last minute preparations..

About to go to the supermarket to get some last minute food and snacks. Can't believe I'm 2 days away from the whole thing.. Definitely beginning to feel a bit more anxious now. I just hope that the recovery goes smooth and I feel happy with the end result.. but I suppose time will tell! Well I'm off, will more update later :)

Over and done with!

So I'm home and resting and completely surprised at how fast and easy everything went this morning. I went in at 7:30am and gave a urine sample, changed out of my clothes and was prepped and ready for surgery by 8:30am. My PS told me that I should of been going home by 12ish but because I was so good with anesthesia and woke up so easy, my boyfriend picked me up at 10:00 and by 10:15am I was home, (I'm happy I don't live far). When I woke up my first thought was "I hope I chose the right size"... Then I noticed the soreness and it felt like I did a thousand push-ups or something. When I got home I ate French toast and took a pain pill. I notice when I lay down it's not so bad, but when I sit up it's like the pain awakens. Hopefully that will subside sooner than later. Another thing I noticed when I got home was how itchy my back was. My mom has to come in every now and then just to scratch my back, haha! But other than that, I didn't get nauseous and I was able to stand up almost immediately after waking up from surgery, so I can say that so far it's been going pretty smooth.. Except that I am absolutely exhausted so I'm going to try to sleep and I will update later! Xo

Its been a few days since my last update..

To fill everyone in on how my recovery has been going I can honestly say it's been going pretty smooth. The worst day was definitely the day I came home from surgery, the pain level was high. But in the past few days I can say the pain level has been at a steady 5-7 (based on a scale of 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest). I have been regaining my appetite and am able to move around much more easier. I got permission to shower and have been finding it to be somewhat awkward when I do, only because I am not used to having the feeling of breasts, so its a bit of an adjustment. I am stuck wearing a tight, black sports bra for about a month, which I am not to thrilled about as the straps seem to dig into my shoulders. I also have some pics I want to post, but they are on a different computer so I will upload them later. My back began to ache a little yesterday, but mostly I would say that my shoulders and underarms are most sore. My breasts don't feel as hard as I had imagined they would be but they are stiff and the skin is still tight. Walking around definitely helps but my pain medicine and anti-biotic make me tired, so I normally lay down or even nap after taking them. I have been alternating ice packs and heating pads for a few days and can say it does help with the swelling, but patience is important, and I lack patience =/

I am really happy with the size and the look but since last night I have been having unsure, mixed feelings about the whole thing. I believe I am experiencing some part of "booby blues" because although I am happy with them, at the same time hoping that I don't regret them. I really don't have anyone I can talk to about it because I didn't tell any of my friends that I was getting the procedure done, only my parents and boyfriend know. And I have expressed some of my feelings to my mom and boyfriend, but they both assure me that it is still very early in the recovery stage and that it takes time. I don't disagree with them but at the same time it has been somewhat overwhelming for me - today I actually cried while thinking to myself "what did I get myself into? what was I thinking?" I really hope that this feeling passes soon because I want to feel happy about having them, not sadness soaked in regret. Has anyone else ever felt like this? I just want to fast-forward to summer already and be passed the pain and swelling stage. I suppose that because my body has been feeling all different sensations of pain, swelling, soreness, and change, that my mind is also going through something. I am sure that when my body is feeling better, so will my head but I really don't know how to feel right now, I just know that I wish I was feeling more happy about this whole thing :( I guess the whole process of it just takes some time.

Post-op pics..

Some pics of my recovery progress..

It's been one week already..

Sorry It's been a while since my last update. For some time I was feeling kind of out of it and confused about the whole procedure, but the "booby blues" I have been feeling are finally fading and I am starting to feel much better about everything. I guess it's just a lot to take in and for me it was a very over-whelming beginning, but my recovery has been going pretty well. I am not in that much pain but I do still feel a little sore on the outer side of both my breasts and a little bit in the inner area of my left breast. I still feel some tightness but it is getting better with each day. Now that the pain and swelling has gone down, I am no longer taking any pain pills (as of 2 days ago). I finished my antibiotics on Monday but I am still stuck wearing this tight sports bra. I can tolerate it for most of the day but boy does it annoy me when I sleep. Hopefully next week when I see my PS he will allow me to take it off. I also hope by next week I will be able to drive again - I think I am starting to go a little stir crazy!

I still feel like I have to balance myself slightly when I am in the shower, as the feeling of the tight sports bra supporting them makes a noticeable difference. I have also been massaging for 5 minutes a day in the shower and I think it's been really helping, as they don't seem to be sitting so high on my chest anymore. I am still yet to see the incisions, as my stitches are dissolvable and they are protected with a gauze. The numbing that I have been feeling in my left nipple and breast (below the nipple area) is slowly improving, but again, a big part of this whole recovery process requires patience. I just cannot wait to be able to wear a regular bra, drive my car, go to the gym and exercise, go bikini shopping, and sleep on my side again. Especially sleep on my side again, haha! Also, I have some pics I took that I will be posting soon:)

Stay well everyone!

Some updated pics..

These pics were taken between 6-7 day post-op.

Day ten update

The tightness and pressure has improved so much I almost don't even notice it anymore. I just can't wait to get out of this compression bra..sometimes I take an extra long shower just to avoid having to put it back on but it never seems long enough haha. I'm also beginning to get antsy with waiting to try on other bras and bikinis *sigh*, but today I couldn't help myself and tried on two old bikinis just to compare before and after pics. After looking at the comparison pics, I actually thought to myself "and why did I have booby blues again?".. I am so happy with the results! I feel satisfied with the size I chose although I do wonder how much of a difference 300cc would have made. Either way I think they fit my frame perfectly so I'm definitely not complaining! I am pretty much pain free aside from the random aches and zingers but they don't last long so it's not that bad. Mostly I would say that I feel soreness on the outer sides but it's nothing that I need pain killers or even Tylenol for. They are feeling much softer, which I'm actually surprised with, and the numbness has also greatly improved. I am starting to feel like myself again each day and I seriously can not wait to start working out again. I also can't wait to pick up and hold my little dog again, haha. Well time seems to be going pretty fast so hopefully the next few days will speed on by and I can resume my regular activities. I have some pics I'll post now and I will continue to update more later. Happy Saturday everyone! :)

Quick update..

So I've been sleeping on my side and it feels great. I just try not to stay on it for to long otherwise I wake up feeling a little sore but other than that it's no problem. I have very minimal pain but my incision areas have been so itchy, I can't wait to see my doctor so he can take the steri-strips off already. The tightness is pretty much gone and the soreness on the outer sides of my breasts has subsided greatly. I feel well enough to be doing everything I normally would do and sometimes have to remind myself not to lift things that are too heavy or push myself. I would love to at least do some lower body workouts but have been told I have to wait until I see my PS this Thursday before doing anything. I seriously hope that he says I can take this compression bra off. How long do you normally need to wear these things anyway?

So I was talking to a friend about booking a vacation and it reminded me of a conversation I had with my PS about tanning. He told me to always make sure that the scar area is protected with waterproof sunscreen because the skin will be more sensitive in that area and otherwise the scar can become pinkish or even red and once it is damaged it may remain as is. I thought it was good to know and just wanted to pass that off to everyone since the weather will be getting nicer..and personally I think that summer can not come soon enough! I'm bored with wearing pants and sweatshirts and I can't wait for tank tops, cute dresses, and flip flops.. Not to mention that I am really sick of the cold weather.

It's funny how I'm starting to feel so much more normal that I don't even notice the difference in my breasts anymore, but yet I catch myself randomly feeling for them throughout the day as if I'm checking that they're still there, haha.

Well ladies, I am off to run some errands..have a great day everyone!

Some pics..

Saw my PS yesterday..

I had an appointment yesterday with my PS and he removed my steri-strips and I am really pleased with the incision area. The scar looks thin so I am hoping that once it is fully healed and I can start treating it with mederma, it will look even better. My doctors first reaction was "they look so beautiful!", which made me laugh and kind of lighten up the energy. My breasts are still swollen and will be for the next few weeks and my PS even told me that the swelling can last up to 3 months but I'm really hoping that won't be the case.

My left breast is a little higher and bigger than my right but again that has a lot to do with the swelling, so it should improve with time. My PS instructed me to begin a more vigorous massage which involves me placing my hands around my breast and basically squeezing the breast by pressing my hands together. When he first showed me how to do it I was in shock at how hard it felt and then afterwards my breasts felt so sore and achy. I'm definitely not looking forward to performing these massages on myself but my doctor said that it should help the swelling decrease and speed up the "drop and fluff" process. He also mentioned that it'll help to soften the implant and allow my muscles to relax so they won't be so tight, so I guess that's good at least. I'm just hoping that, because he said I was still quite swollen, that once the swelling does go down that it won't affect the size in any way. I mean I won't complain if I end up looking a little bigger but I definitely don't want to shrink or look any smaller. Has anyone experienced anything like that once the swelling went down?

So I was also told that I can lift no more than 15lbs but I still have to wait until May to work out:( So I was a little disappointed by that but I am allowed to take the compression bra off every now and then if I want to but I must continue to wear it and sleep with it for a month.. So until April 19th to be exact. The only thing I am not sure about is that after a month passes and I can wear regular bras, must I continue to wear the compression bra while I sleep? So I guess I am going to have to call call my PS to clarify just to make sure.

Other than all that, I am feeling pretty good. My chest doesn't feel that tight anymore and any soreness or pain only lasts for a few minutes, if that. Every now and then I get an odd sensation in my nipples but it's nothing that's concerning - just feels a little weird. Oh! I was also told that I can sleep on my side as long as it doesn't cause me any pain, so woohoo for that!

That's about it for now but I have some pic updates I will post in a little bit :)

Stay well everyone!

Pic update..

Measuring cup sizes..

So I know you should really wait until your fully healed to really get an idea of what cup size you will end up with but I was curious and decided to measure myself today. After doing it several times to be sure, I ended up with calculating to 32D or 34C. So I'm definitely happy!

For anyone that is interested in trying this out for themselves, it's really simple. All you need is a fabric or cloth tape measure.

To measure your band size, take the tape measure (using the inches side) and wrap it around yourself under your arms to measure your chest, right beneath your breast. Round off to the nearest whole number.
To measure your bust size, take the tape measure and wrap it around yourself, starting from the highest point of your breast. Sometimes bending forward to do makes it easier. Calculate the number of inches you get for your bust with the number that you get for your band size.

Subtract the band size from the bust size.
For example:
My band size = 32
My bust size = 36

36 - 32 = 4

If the difference is 1" then cup size 1" = A
2" = B
3" = C
4" = D
And so on..

I will post a pic to try and maybe it will be more clear on the whole thing but it's pretty easy :)

And there are also sister sizes which may fit better, as everyone's body is different.

Some pics..


It's been a little while..

I have been meaning to update but have been so busy with school and assignments, it's been hard finding the time. So everything has been going pretty well, I got the green light from my PS to be able to start wearing regular bras. However, I am disappointed that he told me that I can never wear bras with underwire ever again. I don't understand that because I have friends who have silicone implants and they have no limitations on bras so I was a little surprised by that. I'm going to ask him if it's okay to purchase underwire bras and just take the wires out, I'm hoping that will won't be a problem.. It's hard to find cute wireless bras! Also, I have been noticing that it is really hard to find wireless bras that are actually supportive.

Anyways aside from all that, my left breast is still not dropping and is slightly larger in size compared to my right, so I was instructed to wear a compression strap while I sleep. I'm beginning to feel a little worried about it because I have recently been having an odd aching pain on the outer side of my left breast and I just want it to go away. It seems to hurt more if I touch it but if I leave it alone it seems okay. I know that only being one month post-op, I am still early in my recovery stage and have a lot of time to go yet. My PS said that as long as the pain does not intensify or increase and my breast isn't hard feeling, it should be okay. Massaging seems to help so hopefully it will improve. Oh, also, I was told that I can't exercise until May, and I can not wait!

My next appointment is May 22nd so I guess I will find out more then and I will continue to update along the way :) happy healing everyone!


5 weeks!

So as of yesterday I am 5 weeks post-op! I have been wearing regular bras on and off but I notice I feel a little achy after a while, so I alternate with the compression bra. I still have a slight soreness on the bottom of my left breast but it is also still dropping and catching up with my right, so I'm assuming it's a part of the process. It has improved and isn't sitting as high so I think I may start skipping a day in between sleeping with the compression band. Other than that, I feel great :)

Over two months already?!

Wow time has just flew by! I am over two months into my recovery and I feel great! I have been working out and feeling strong again. I try to go easy when it comes to lifting weights or putting any pressure on my upper body but so far so good. I actually got permission to wear REGULAR wire bras! I was so thrilled about it I went straight to the mall to shop haha. Because honestly, it really is difficult to find cute wireless bras.

So I went to a wedding in the beginning of May and no one knew anything! I definitely did not want it to look obvious that I had them done so I'm really happy about that :)

Next stop - graduation! Then I'm off to another wedding, (in cancun!) so excuse me if I don't update as often as I'd like to, I just got really busy out of no where. I guess that's what happens when you take a month off from reality haha.

So as for my size, I am a 32D and it hasn't changed so I'm pleased. Bra and bikini shopping has been a breeze compared to how it used to be. Stores actually carry my size! I love it.

I still massage them but I have been slacking a bit. My PS told me to begin massaging my scars and to continue using mederma, so that's what I've been doing. They feel very soft and pain free. I even sleep on my stomach with no issue. My doctor says they will still drop a little more in the next few months but I am pretty much at the point of how they are going to look, and I am very pleased!
I will post some pics up in a little bit :)

I hope all you ladies are doing well and wish eveyone happy healing!

Pic update :)

Quick update

Hello all, I hope that everyone is doing well.

I get a lot of questions regarding this so I just wanted to do a quick update on my stats and implant information.

I am very petite (4'11, 100lbs)
Pre-op I wore a size 32A cup bra, which barely fit.

My lack of breast tissue didn't even make me a good candidate for considering saline implants (words of my doctor).

My desire was originally to be a C cup in a bra - no more no less.
I ended up getting high profile implants (since my chest wall is so small I did not have many other options to consider). I ended up getting 275cc, silicone, mentor memory gel implants which are sub-muscular (placed under my chest muscles). I now comfortably wear a size 32D cup bra.

The surgery procedure took about 2 hours and the major recovery time was about 2-3 weeks.. After that I felt much more like myself, aside from avoiding any strenuous physical activity or heavy lifting.

They took about two months to noticeably drop and are still currently in the process of dropping and fluffing.
They are soft, jiggly, and painless. I continue to massage them at least once a day for 5 to 10 mins, including massaging the scars (as directed by my doctor). I also have to continue to remember to protect the scars from any tanning and to put sunblock on them while at the beach or when wearing a bathing suit in the sun.

Depending on the type of bra and shirt, I can dress them up or down. Sometimes they look much bigger than other times but it all depends on the look I am going for.

You do not necessarily need a large amount of CC's to achieve breasts - a small number of CC's can really go a long way, especially on petite/small frames girls.

The best advice I had received throughout this whole experience was to go by the look that you desire and not the amount of CC's or bra cup size. Bring wish pics with you during your consultation or even take pictures of yourself with the sizers in. This will give you a way better idea of how you would want your implants to look compared to going by numbers or cup sizes.

So I guess that's about it..If anyone has any other questions just feel free to ask :)

It's been a while..

So summer is going fast and boy have I been busy! I apologize for not updating in a while, but I do hope that everyone is doing well and having a great summer :)

As for myself, the girls are doing fine. No pain, no problems! I do, however, get asked by my friends about them. I tried so hard to not tell anyone about my procedure but I guess when wearing a cute little tight crop top, the truth just comes out. They say that it doesn't look obvious but yet at the same time they can see that something is different about me. So I broke my silence and fessed up and in the end, all my friends ended up asking me for my doctors number!

They feel much more softer and even look fuller. It is definitely a process that requires patience but I still say that it was well worth it!

I have some pic updates I'll post soon and I will continue to update periodically and wish everyone well :)

Summer time lovin :)

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