Male Septorhinoplasty, a Bump Once Hated Now Missed - New York, NY

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Hello people around 4 weeks ago i underwent...

hello people around 4 weeks ago i underwent setporhinoplasty, i had a really bad septum and couldn't breathe correctly, it all started with breaking my nose as a kid and doing nothing about it, i also had a bump on my nose which i wanted removed, now that its done i have say i can breathe like never before, which is great. my nose used to be more convex shape like the letter D, although just wanted a small amount of my bump removed so my nose still looked a little convex but not much, now it looks more like a the letter C and the tip is slightly upturned, more of a feminine concave nose.

Being a male i wanted a bridge with a little bump i believe it shows some sort of character, its only has been 4 weeks so i am hoping the tip will drop a little more in size because i believe my tip is way to big for my bridge now, i don't know if its just the fact that i have been used to having the bump, which looked really bad but now i kinda miss it, when i look in the mirror its not me, and i really want the old me back, it has made me very depressed.

i have also high anxiety along with nerves about what other people are going to say and think, it really worries me for some reason even thou i know it should not,i don't want to be that person who was talked about how he had plastic surgery even thou it was for a deviated septum the bump removal would of been a bonus only if he left a small portion there maybe even 1mm just so my nose does not look to concave, i don't feel right anymore, i just hope there is more swelling on the tip then the bridge so that when the tip goes down it sort of matches the bridge a little better so its straight not curving up.

in the end i should of just had the septoplasty, even thou i hated my nose and people would call it big i didn't really care it was me, and that's what made me, me.

i keep thinking about all the people that have been in and out of my life, when they see me, what are they going to think/say its really scary in a way. i am a very closed person and worry to much about what people say. has anyone have any ideas on how to handle things with other people, do people realize a big change as in when a bump is removed? mine i believe that who every knew me straight away will see that it has been removed.

i just feel like crap inside, from feeling like crap with a big nose to feeling more like crap after its done... you cant win in life i guess.

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