Yily Doll in the Making - New York, NY

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Almost my time to go to D.R

Ok seven days to go before my procedures and my nerves is getting the best of me.i bought all my meds that I will be taking with me still have a few shopping to do.thanks to ms. coocoo I will not take too many things with me cause it not need.I feel can wait to get this over and done with.i will put up before pics soon

on my way no turning back.

Wow I'm sitting on the plane waiting to push back from the gate house ladies and gentle man shit just got real.there is no way for me to turn back now all I can do is sit and wait for me to land in DR.wish me luck, on my way to be a Yily doll. 2014 summer body is going to tun up dwl.

Just wanna get it over with already.

Ok so yesterday was a bust my flight was cancel due to the weather.so now I'm finally here just to fine out I'm .06 off from my blood level sucks, so can't do anything until Thursday not bad but I just wanted to get it started and over urgggggggg. On the good note jacquline spa recovery house I love it why because the staff is so friendly and kind.Anna is such a sweet heart and go above and beyond to help you.so I have to stay a little bit longer but because of how helpful and nice they are here I really don't mind. I just have to find a way to entertain myself.

It's crazy need to know

Ok so let me give you the T...shit is not all that it seems arrive on tues the feb4,2014. Went in on tues and I did my blood work and of curse in yn I was 12.5 when I got here I was a 11.4 so you know that's a no go,why your iron drops after your plane ride and periods o yes Hunny. So Jacqueline recovery house staff Anna love her made me beets juice and molasses nasty as heck but hey.they gave me iron shot which help no here I am friday blood works good and all ooh yes BMI can not I repeat can not be over 3.5 so many people got turn back because of this

Finally here but the wait is crazy

Ok so it's friday 6am and have to be there by 730am.did all my paper work and I am fine good to go yeaa me so I thought.its now 5:48 pm and still didn't do anything yet prepared for a long wait are maybe with all the delay in flights and people coming in days later she's back up but I'm hungry haven't ate anything from 10 pm last night.i still have 2 people ahead of me...the wait is crazy no one letting you know what's going on.i seriously change my mind about this twice .people that came in after us was done before us.oh yes med don't get them at clinic let the house nurse get it for you it cost less they charge you more than the local pharmacy.

So my journey began

So friday night some time I did my surgery made a lot of wonerful people here including jewel from healing haven which is not even where I was staying but she did look out and help me out a lot and I wasn't even staying there. She is an amazing person.i would also recommend her too.sitting on this hard. Ass bed waiting to put my garment on
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