Waiting for This for 30 Years - smooth tuck w/ lipo

Hysterectomy in my 20's ....I've had a pouch since...

Hysterectomy in my 20's ....I've had a pouch since then . Funny, bought a dress in my late 20's never wore it because of the porch and still holding on to it ! I chose Dr. schulman to do a smooth tuck with lipo to my back . I feel really confident that he is the only one I can trust to do this .... put down my deposit today !! Before pics to come !

Ok dolls ... made it to the flat side !

Surgery was 8:00 am yesterday morning . Had a smooth tuck with Lipo of flanks with Dr Schulman in NYC. A smooth tuck has no muscle repair . Came home yesterday with no pain for day 1. Took Tylenol just to get ahead of any pain but thank God day 1 was good . I'm in day two and feeling a little pain . Nothing Tylenol won't help so we shall see. I have a drain in and there is limited fluid collecting . Lots of bruising but that is to be expected with the lipo (looks worse than it feels ) and it will fade . I took pics pre surgery but somehow I lost them . Will post what the Dr took pre op. Any questions about a smooth tuck. Just ask

10 days post .... running behind

The 1st week was rough but not as bad as I anticipated . I didn't have any muscle repair so it made things easier for me . I had what is called a smooth tuck with lipo. Basically it's lipo with extra skin removal. The hardest part was not being able to move around in a complete upright position . My back hurt like heck from being hunched over . The drain was left in for 1 week and thank God was removed at my 1st follow up visit. Let me not forget to say the meds are very binding so if you need to poop. Drink a glass of prune juice . ) it won't disappoint). Lol. I have a pic taken while in surgery will post for you . Tomorrow I will post my belly as is. I am still wearing a binder so I will post after I shower . Hang in ladies !!! It's soooo worth it !
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Dr Schulman is knowledgeable , the best in what he does and has a warm demeanor. I felt comfortable with him from the moment I met him. His reviews are impeccable!

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