Liposuction and Bbl... Time to Be a Bad Bish! - New York, NY

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Hello Ladies I am new her and I'm signing up to...

Hello Ladies I am new her and I'm signing up to soon e nought share my experience , and to research and learn about your experiences . As of rite not I'm interested in getting liposuction and fat graft to my hips and butt.. The shape I have now isn't bad I just want to improve . I'm hoping for a figure eight , flat tummy , fat chunky butt not overboard . I am thinking about doing this in the Dominican Republic . Any experiences and insight will help .. I am very consumed by this site and look at it every single day lol... I am ready guys . Now to finding a doctor and a time. I was thinking either end of December or beginning of January due to the fact that I will be going back to school. Any ladies go back to school after surgery ?

Boyfriend Peoblems

Ugh soooo my bf is not supporting my decision to have surgery at all , he feel I should just work out . Guys don't u see stand I guess . But I do wish he would support and be there for me ... Any ladies have this problem ????

Doctor doctor ?? Which doctor ??

Any ladies have good experience with dr.duran or dr.robles ????? Please do tell !!

Duran Duran

Ugh I wish she would get back to me already ... I emailed and tried whatsapp !! Any ladies have success other places ?????

Duran or Robles

Sooooo I'm excited I heard back from both dr. Duran and dr.robles ... Duran quotes me 3500 and robles quoted me 4500 with her inclusive package ... I love dr.robles management they get back to you so quick so I didn't play the waiting game... Duran took forever but her bodies are fire !!!! Hmmmm and I'm trying to go in the first week of January so whomever has my date I'm goin with ... I go back to school mid January so that's the only real time I have off x-mad break .. Kinda exciteddd

ill Bish Alert !!!!!

Love these pics ....

New picture : front view

Any girl wanna cancel there date ???

Any girls going within the first week of January that want to cancel and are going to dr.duran ??????? I'm looking for a date

Duran Doll January

Soooo I haven't updated in a while ... But I'm goin to the fab doctor Duran January 2nd and I'm excited and counting down... The big bad bidy coming to a body near you ... I'm slowest buying supplies and getting my mind rite for this journey ... Can any Duran dolls tell me how long if took for that ass to soften up after bbl ??


January 2nd approaching quickly

Soooo the days are flying by and January second is coming so quick . I have been taking my vitamins like cloqwork proud of myself lol . I bought a few supplies . I'm ready for Duran to sculpt the already beautiful body I was blessed with. I'm trusting in her to give me all those curves and more . Coming to a beach near you !!!

The count down is real (Duran Doll)10 days

I cannot believe that my survey date is almost here . January 2nd I'll be getting surgery with dr.duran. Flight booked (check ) supplies (check ) money $ (check) . I'm excited and ready for this journey. I am alone in my excitement besides my buddies who will be joining me and one of my friends who is going 2 weeks after me . I have only told my mother and boyfriend besides these girls . Me and the bf are beefin somethin crazy and I don't know how he's going to react once I initially leave btw moving on. I have been on an emotional roller coaster the last few days , like I have a love hate relationship with this surgery I haven't even has yet. All I'm thinking about is the bad ass shape I'm going to have a few months after recovery . I think what people fail too realize is that bitches do this everyday and jus more common then ppl think. I'm just ready to step foot in DR and be at my halfway mark .

Duran Doll Rescheduling !! April

So I wasn't able to make it to my January 2nd appointment , so I'm hoping I can get a new date April 16th..... I know she's a buy lady and it took me about 3 weeks to get my first date , hoping it doesn't take as long this time . I was sad and mad and everything else but I also believe everything happens for a reason !'nn


Hi ladies !!!!
So I get so excited seeing all these fat bootys and flat stomachs and tiny waists !!! I'm going crazy over here. Between screen shotting and reading review after review. I'm just ready to go already. I know Duran is going to accentuate my curves . I'm going April 17 and I would love to share this journey with someone ... Anyone interested send me a pm !!!!!!

March 10th Duran dolls ?

Sooo I'm going a little earlier .. Excited and ready !!!!! Any ladies have this date ????

Switch ????

Any ladies want to switch from march to April ????

Monday I'll be a new woman !!

So I leave for D.R at 6.00 am . I am laying in bed wide awake with the jitters . I cannot sleep so I guess I'm pulling an all nighter. I am excited I have been waiting for this day . It came so quick it doesn't seem real . I won't feel it till I hop off the plain and feel the heat. I'm just ready to get it over with and start the recovery process. I wish I could fast forward to Monday night . I will post as soon as I touch down . Say a prayer for me ladies
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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