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From my experience as a patient at Park Avenue...

From my experience as a patient at Park Avenue Laser Vision. Dr. Chynn is fixing extreme cases that no other surgeon in the U.S. let alone NYC can touch.

Dr. Chynn can do this because of the no-flap LASEK technique he invented at Harvard
I flew in all the way from Albania because no surgeon in Europe has his experience with these cases. Now I can see 20/20 or better than I was in contacts or glasses.

I found Dr. Chynn, through recommendations of patients who already had done laser correction of theirs eyes at Dr. Chynn's Laser Center, very precise and methodical and professional when we met in person which are the correct personality characteristics someone should seek in a surgeon

Excellent Experience and Results After my Surgery at LASEK Par Avenue Laser Center and Dr. Chynn

I found Mr. Chynn through a very precise process of looking for the right eye doctor and surgeon who performs extreme cases that no other surgeon in US can do. 

it's not fair someone to criticize dr Chynn for being hard on his staff, as he's just enduring they make zero mistakes so all patients have the perfect outcomes they deserve that he is always striving for

I flew all the way to nyc to have dr Chynn fix my eyes because no doctor in my country Albania nor the neighboring countries of Hungary or Romania had any experience fixing someone like me with extreme hyperopia and extreme astigmatism

I also consulted by email with doctors in Germany and France and they also said I was past parameters for lasik

I found dr Chynn because he is the most famous LASEK surgeon in the world. He told me by email he's fixed hundreds of cases like mine. His fellow doctor working for him confirmed this when I called that a case like mine would be even "routine" at Park Avenue LASEK, and that she, too, doubted such extreme prescriptions could be corrected when she started there (having run the largest lasik center in kiev for 6 years beforehand), but now she, too, thinks of cases like mine as "no big deal" in dr Chynn's hands!

So I flew over, had my preop, confirmed I was a good candidate, had my LASEK, and stayed for a week to have my 1-week postop, by which time I was already seeing BETTER THAN I EVER DID IN GLASSES AND CONTACTS

Dr Chynn has graduated from the most famous schools in the world, and at the top of his class at these schools. So of course he has high standards for his employees. I'm glad he does. That's how he was able to give me this miracle

If you want a "nice" doctor who is an average surgeon who went to average schools and can treat average cares, go to your local doctor. If nobody locally can help you, and you want the best in the world, go to dr Chynn. He is performing miracles every day.
When I met Dr, Chynn for my surgery appointment, Dr. Chynn was very methodical and professional which characteristics are the correct personality characteristics someone should seek in a surgeon.

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