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I have been wanting laser eye surgery for some...

I have been wanting laser eye surgery for some time now, but life got in the way???? It did give me time to research what type of procedure I wanted. I did not know about the different type of vision correction there were, so I did a bunch of research. Ortho K was out, as I am too old for the procedure. Intra ocular lens also out, as I have been wearing contacts for ages, and did not like the way they felt. PRK was out, as it is a dated procedure. LASIK was out, because I do not want a flap. The only option left was LASEK. I got the procedure done with Dr. Chynn. Awesome MD!!! If you read some of the review on Yelp regarding Dr. Chynn, you'll know that he is not an MD with great bedside manners. However, he is smart, and extremely strict. He wants the best possible outcome for you, so you must follow his instruction to a T.

I got my preop done on June 1, but alas the left eye had a severe retina tear. The fellow (student MD) sent me to the retina specialist, and on the same day, I had the laser retinopexy. I would have to wait a month before I can get my left eye done.

On June 3, I got my LASEK on the right eye. It was easy peasy, except for the Valium. They make you chew the Valium, and it is disgusting. I will post more after, as the baby girl is now calling for me.


Just remember, Dr. Chynn treats all patients as informed shoppers. LASEK is a cosmetic procedure, he will want you to follow his instruction very carefully. There are 2 pages of preop instructions, 1 page of immediate post op, and 4 pages of 1 week post op instructions. There is also a medication cheat sheet for you to follow. As of right now, I have no pain, just blurring, and glare. My eye only bother me when I wake up. Feels like a dry contact. I hope by this Friday, the contact will come off, and I can start healing naturally.

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