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I had my first Kybella treatment consisting of 3...

I had my first Kybella treatment consisting of 3 vials, done 3 days ago. I'm a newbie to facial injections/procedures so I was a bit worried about the expected injection pain, but it just felt like the area had been strongly iced (like ice-burn), totally manageable yet strange sensation. The area immediately became swollen, at least 3x bigger than my normal, and it's expected to continue swollen for at least one week (definitely preferable to do this during colder months to cover up swelling w/scarves, etc). I feel numbness, tightness, discomfort and it was difficult moving my neck/jaw & eating the initial 48hrs post...This has progressively improved a little each day since procedure, but swelling totally remains, even though I'm taking Arnica. From my convo with my doc, I don't expect to see much improvement from my before until after my 2nd treatment (in 6 weeks) so for now, I'm just trying to camouflage this huge bullfrog swollen quadruple-chin:/ I plan to have a total of 3 treatments, which I've pre-paid a "package" totaling $3k.
Despite my current swelling, I'm hopeful for future results, but very aware this is in deed a PROCESS and by no means a quick fix!

3wks after 1st treatment, less swelling, but still bigger than before treatment

So, over these past 3weeks, the swelling I experienced since right after getting the Kybella injections has slowly, but steadily reduced. However, I can certainly feel and see that my under-chin is still bigger than before the treatment (see pics), which makes me extra self-conscious when out in public, but I know that's a normal part of the process. The numbness and tenderness have just about subsided, and are now only mildly present.

Another annoying, and somewhat worrisome, effect that I've experienced is that my under chin/neck feels quite I can't tilt my head back all that much to raise my chin up towards the ceiling or to the sides, can't turn head/chin back over my shoulders because that range of motion is description might sound weird but it kinda feels as if there were a short tight rope from right under my chin in towards the neck, which doesn't allow me to stretch or stick out my chin. If any of you have experienced anything like this, I'd love to hear about it because this isn't an effect that I've heard or read kybella patients mentioning.

That's about all for now...hoping for the swelling to keep going down...have not been icing since after around day 10, also stopped taking Arnica (btw, thankfully I did not bruise so maybe taking Arnica did prevent bruising)... I also have not experienced those hard lumps that others have described. I'm struggling to increase my water intake, since I've heard and read that drinking lots of water helps the body process the fat 'melted' by Kybella out of the treated area. I am sooo not a water drinker, but I'm trying.

My 2nd Kybella treatment is scheduled for July 13th which would be 7weeks after the 1st treatment. Hoping that the swelling will be gone and that there's some improvement and definition by that date. Best wishes to all:)

Just got my 2nd round of Kybella

After my first round of Kybella back in May, I decided to hold off on additional sessions because the swelling post-injections was quite bad for me and it's much more difficult to cover up a swollen double chin during the hot summer months. Highly reccomend doing Kybella during cooler months for this reason:)

So, I had my 2nd Kybella session today (4months after 1st session).
The swelling from my first session went down in about 3weeks. I didn't notice much improvement in my double chin after 1st session and pretty muched looked the same as I did before getting the Kybella. I wasn't disappointed about this because I anticipated beforehand that it'll take multiple sessions before seeing noticeable improvements. Now with this 2nd round, I, again, received 3 vials of Kybella. As before, the area was marked and a temp tattoo grid was applied. There were 40-42 dots within the marked area. I didn't experience much discomfort during the injections themselves, but the warm soreness sensation immediately after...the area feels warm/heavy and I have the swollen bullfrog look under my chin..nothing that is unbearable, all to be expected! Oh the price we pay in the name of beauty!!!
I'm looking forward to seeing whether this 2nd session of Kybella actually reduces my double chin enough for me to actually notice improvement.

1month post 2nd Round, double chin still there

It's been 1month since I had my 2nd round of Kybella. The swelling has SLOWLY been going down and I only feel a little bit of tenderness in the area. However, right now, I still do not notice improvement in my double chin from pre-Kybella. Everyone's experience is different and I still remain optimistic. I plan to wait at least a couple months before doing my 3rd and final round of Kybella because I don't feel the effects of the 2nd round have fully resolved yet and my schedule will be unpredictable next couple months, so 3rd round is on hold for now.

Overall, from my experience thus far, I must emphasize that Kybella is NOT a quick fix, at all. The post injection swelling ("bullfrog") has lasted 2-3weeks, accompanied by tenderness/numbness, followed by SLOW reduction in the swelling..ending up looking pretty much like I looked pre-treatment. Hopefully, this changes and there'll actually be noticeable improvement as I recover from 2nd round, but as of right now, that's not the double chin is still there. I don't intend to dissuade anyone interested in this treatment, I'm just giving my honest personal experience. I'm still in the "not sure" category for Kybella, but do remain hopeful for positive results.

I also must say that reading others' experiences here on RealSelf has given me greater courage to go ahead and tweak those things about my appearance which keep me from being more confident...I'm all for self-improvement and try to do as much research as I can beforehand. This is where RealSelf has been helpful, so I'll continue to post updates as they come up to 'pay-it-forward' and provide honest reviews for those doing their own research. Good luck to all on your journeys:)

2months 3weeks post 2nd round, double chin remains

I will be scheduling my 3rd/final session in about,a month or so, but I figured I'd post update. Unfortunately, my double chin doesn't look very different from pre-Kybella. I thought there'd be more improvement by now. Kinda think traditional chin lipo (as scary as that would have sounded to me when I started this journey) could have been better option for me but since I pre-paid my Kybella sessions, I figure I'd complete them. Despite this disappointment, I really hope the next round provides visible improvement, otherwise, I'd just be out $3k, still walking around with a very unflattering double chin and will have to give the treatment a "not worth it" rating:/
For now, I'll just reiterate to potential Kybella patients, this is definately not a quick fix.

Updated pics

Here are a couple updated pics after 2 Kybella Sessions, 3vials per session. Not sure how I feel about it. I think my double chin looks bigger in person and these pics aren't capturing that. I'm still not satisfied with the look so I hope my 3rd session gets the job done.
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