38yr Old, Mom of Two Kids, in Need of a Fuller and More Feminine Shape - New York, NY

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Hi RealSelfies! Like most of the community, I've...

Hi RealSelfies!
Like most of the community, I've been going to this site for the past year or so about plastic surgery. Long story short I honestly didn't want to share my story since I'm SUPER DUPER private. But you guys have been soooo encouraging and true champions for one another I thought it was only fair to share my journey. I'm a 34B, 5'10 , 155lbs and I'm going to have Dr. Schulman perform fat transfer to my breasts and a BBL on 5/5. Originally in my first consultation I told him I wanted fat transferred to my breasts and he said I can go up to a 34C!! After thinking about it for two weeks I decided I don't want to lose what lil butt i have since he'll be taking the fat from that area. So during my second consult, I told him I want fat transfered to both areas, breasts and buttocks. He said he could but I shouldn't have high expectations since I don't have much fat to work with to begin with. But it's achievable. Told him I don't need a huge butt since I do work in corporate like I don't need attention drawn to me, but he said I'll be happy with my results and it'll look natural. Eeeeeek I'm super nervous!!!!

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Hello RealSelfies! My surgery is 3 days away and I'm super nervous...not so much for the actual surgery but more about the result. Again, I'm getting fat transferred to breasts and a BBL. I'm praying the doc will have enough fat to work with to give me the results I want. Fyi - I'm really not interested in breast implants...but he said he'll be able to give me some curves! Yay!

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Hi there! It's been a couple of days since my surgery, 5/5 and quite honestly I couldn't even begin to think about writing a review. I give it to you gals who post reviews and pics after surgergies lol. I've been totally wiped out! Each day gets better and better I must sat. Hubby has been very supportive with assisting me in being my slave lol. I haven't gone outside yet but maybe tomorrow morning I'll do that. It actually feels good to walk about. It's the lying down that's painful. I've been sleeping on my side and when I sleep on one side too long it begins to get sore then I switch to the other side, ugh. But every day has been getting better. Body is still swollen and bruised and all will go down, sadly lol. Breasts are still small but full, which is the look I was going for. But my rear end, my goodness!is all I can say lol. Again, I'm sure it's going to go down. I'm not used to having this extra junk back there and bumping my 'bump' into a door or the freaking wall has become my norm lol. I have to be mindful now when I turn corners in my house. .

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Sorry, here are my post op pics...
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