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Run to Dr. won't be disappointed!...

Run to Dr. won't be disappointed! Exceptional doctor who achieves outstanding results. Couldn't sing his praises enough!

Specifics of the procedure itself..MiniLift with...

Specifics of the procedure itself..MiniLift with Necklift

I am almost 58 years old and have liposuction under my chin twice for a neck/chin profile which always bothered me. I tended to have a little "extra" fat under there which created a little tenting of the skin and not a nice chiseled neck profile.
I was about 45 when I had it done first, then again at about 53 or so.
After the last time, as I started to heal from the lipo, my platysmal bands started to really show, and while I didn't have any fat under there, the liposuctiuon actually caused the "banding" of those muscles to become more prominent. One side was more obvious than the other, and also developed just a little extra loose skin typical for someone my age. Not a huge amount of jowling, but my neck was something that I felt really aged me.

As I said earlier in my first post, I saw doctor Yang about two years ago, and at that time was only considering the necklift alone, not a facelift. However, two years later, we both felt, if I was to have the surgery it made sense to address it all in one procedure since I was not getting any younger :)

We decided on a mini facelift, and necklift, and Dr. Yang, with a small incision under my chin, sutured the platysmal bands together so they would not be separated as two distinct muscles, and trimmed off excess neck and facial skin.
The incisions were placed on the outside of the tragus of my ear, went around behind
my ear and a short scar into my hairline. There were numerous discussion about placement of the incisions in front of my ear rather than having the incision come down in front, and wrap inside the ear over the tragus and then outside the ear.
Dr. Yang decides based on your anatomy of your ear as to what is best for you and takes pride in his technique of retaining the integrity of what you had before the surgery so that there would be NO distortion of the tragus/ear area which are tell tale signs of a face lift. He can pick them out right away, and so can I.
Even done properly, as he can, the post-tragal incisions often look odd.
We had endless discussions about this and even though I was dubious about having a potentially uninterrupted scar, I trusted him implicitly to do what was best, which for me was saying alot :)
I had a choice to have the surgery in his office under local anesthesia, but opted to have it in an operating suite with local and iv sedation. The benefit was that Dr. Yang could use tissue glue which has the benefit of less bruising and he said he might be able to do a little deepr undermining of the face with this deeper anesthesia.

I didn't feel one thing, although Dr. Yang said I was awake and could talk...but I have no memory of anything. I awakened with no ill effects, went home bandaged and was at my kitchen sink cooking and washing with no pain and felt great.
My head and neck were completely bandaged and was told to sleep upright for a few days, and ice the chin through the bandages on and off for a day or two.
Day two I saw Dr. Yang for him to check for hematomas, and I had none.
Day 3 or 4 I removed my own bandage and was able to shower for the first time.
I did take some pain meds for the first few days, but there really was little pain, just
a bit of stiffness and tenderness under my chin...couldn't open my mouth really wide for a few days..but overall the recovery was easier than I thought it would be.
Day 5 some stiches came out along the side of the ear, then day 8 which was a Saturday, I met Dr. Yang in his office for the last of the stiches to be removed. Steri strips were applied which were carefully and meticulously cut and placed over the incisions in front of the ear and under my chin. They were supposed to fall off after a few days, and they are still paritally on. I have to say, they camoflauged the surgical
area very well and I was out and about and NO one could tell!!!!! I find this amazing really that even at one week, it was almost impossible to know that I had anything done.
He feels it is very important to remove them at the exact time, even on a weekend :)
During this whole time, he instructed me to wear an ace bandage wrapped around my head under the chin, for 16 hours the first week, 12 hours, the second week and 8 hours the 3rd and 4th week.
I had some visible bruising and yellowing on my face and neck for about one week...but honestly was astounded at how fast the bruising faded.
I am not a bit more than two weeks post surgery and I look like a better version of my previous self. I do not look wndswept, or face-lifted, but a natural result, which is healing incredibly well. My neck is the most marked difference in my appearance, and it is just amazing. I now say, "What was I waiting for?"
Still have a little swelling under the chin and behind my ears, which are resolving a little bit each day. I will see Dr. Yang at my 6 week post op visit on May 22nd, 2012.

Dr. Yang exceeded my expectations in every way.

New York Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yang is a true artist, skilled, professional and extremely enthusiastic about his craft. He is caring, compassionate, and kind. He has all the patience in the world, and will answer any and all questions, whether it be a trivial one, or a lengthly one, and never seems to mind. He actually enjoys talking about his work and is truly a master, and is always accessible to you...even on a weekend! I met Dr. Yang several years ago when I thought about doing a necklift. We spent several hours together talking and discussing it, and I chose to wait a fact almost two years passed. No pressure was applied to do it immediately as his goal is to make the patient happy rather than on financial matters. I somehow connected to him and knew he would become my surgeon. There was such an element of trust that I felt, and it is important to feel that way about the person who is doing your sugery. I finally decided to have the surgery and was operated on April 9th, 2012 I chose to have the surgery in the surgical center, with local and sedation as opposed to doing it under true local in his office. That option was made available to me, and it is a true savings if someone decides to do it that way. Dr. Yang will discuss all the pros and cons of both choices. His fees are reasonable and fair. The surgery went off without a hitch, and I am now a little more than two weeks post op. I have no visible bruising and even as much as a week after, I could hardly tell that I was operated on. The suturing was so carefully placed, I am healing so well, the result is so natural!! I could not be happier that I chose Dr. Yang as my surgeon. There is no one out there that would have or could have done a better job than he did. I highly recommend him. I have been out in public, and there are no tell tale signs that I have had surgery,except that the results that I have in my neck profile and face are exceptional. I had visible platysmal bands in my neck from previous liposuction (twice) and they are completely gone and my face is rejuvenated in the most natural way. I also chose Dr. Yang since he is a board certified ENT as well as in Plastics which is an impressive combination since he is working on your neck and face. It is important when doing facial surgery to shoose a doctor who is specialized in the face, and not someone who does all body parts :) A physician who does breasts, tummy tucks, lipo, does not have the overal skill nor attention to detail that is required, as compared to one who performs sugery of the face....a specialist. I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Yang to any one who should ask, and would use him again if needed in a heartbeat. He is humble, honest, genuine and a sweet human being with the utmost of integrity. I am so lucky to have found him!

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