Decided to give Coolsculpting a try

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I saw some great reviews for Skinney Medspa and...

I saw some great reviews for Skinney Medspa and decided to book a free consultation. While there I was impressed with the facility, and everyone seems so nice. In particular the physician I met with there was really easy to talk to and I felt like I was having a great conversation with a girlfriend who was non-judgemental and completely understanding of why I felt self conscious about my stomach.
I have to admit though, although I read up on Coolsculpting and did a lot research online, I was not as prepared as I should have been with a list of questions to ask. I was pretty much at the very very beginning of considering the procedure, but after speaking with them, I decided I wanted to go for it.
They made it sound so great - no down time, little to no pain, just some discomfort.

I made an appointment for a Saturday (yesterday) and was surprised that the physician I spoke with would not be the one who would actually be performing the procedure.
We took a couple before shots of the front, back, and sides.
The technician grabbed my stomach pinched the flab, made some marks with a yellow crayola marker!
The application of the wet squishy towel was not bad, neither was the suction from the applicator. About 45 minutes into the first side, I did knock into the applicator a bit and it hurt for a couple of minutes but then the feeling went away. 1 hr flies by when you're watching netflix on an ipad they provide.
Sure enough when the applicator is removed, I look like I've got a stick of frozen butter stuck on me, and the massage was as uncomfortable as I had been warned, from reading reviews online.
Bathroom break - and then it was on to the next side.
The massage on the other side seemed to hurt a lot more, and when it was over, I felt like I had to rest for a few minutes before getting up. The pain made me feel almost nauseous.
I wasn't sure if I was supposed to check out or anything, but I got dressed and waited at the front desk where they scheduled me in for a 3 month follow up (what? thats the next time I will be hearing from them??) and the lady casually mentioned the location of envelopes for tips. (Am I supposed to tip for coolsculpting???)

Anyway, the rest of the day went by without any major issues. My stomach basically feels really numb and I am praying that no one knocks into it - I can't imagine the pain!

I'm on day 2 now, and I've run 12 miles as part of my training plan. I was worried about the jiggling, which did cause a bit of pain, but I wore a tight tank top, and it helped a lot.

I'm reading other reviews now about the stabbing pains you get 1 week into the procedure and I am SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT. NO ONE warned me about it! So I have no idea what I've gotten myself into....

More of the same

Feels swollen today, and more of the same numb feeling.

Some tiny stabbing pains

So I've been reading that eventually I'll be experiencing some pins and needles kind of feeling, like when you can finally feel your frozen fingers.
I guess that may be what is happening now?
Worked out this morning (running), made sure to wear shorts with a high waistband to minimize the jiggling. The jiggling is really the only time when I feel slight discomfort and tenderness.
I can feel a bit of twitching in my stomach area, but it doesn't really cause any pain.

Visually still looks the same.
Numbness still there.

When is this overrrr?

By now I am just more irritated than anything by the numbness and the weirdness and the twinges of pain. It's not horrible, it's just annoying.

I notice that it is more uncomfortable to sleep on my back because it seems to increase the tingling pain.

Sitting at my desk at work can also be uncomfortable probably because I am not focusing on anything besides the weird pains.

Visually everything still looks the same and there is still swelling.

Also I am noticing that I get full or tired of eating sooner and more easily because I can feel my stomach expanding and it kind of hurts!


I think today is going to be better than yesterday.

Sleeping was rather uncomfortable last night, pain even when laying on my side, but this morning feels better. Ran as usual making sure to wear something with a tight supportive waist band. Took some photos but felt like there is still a bit of swelling, maybe not as much as before. Numbness still there.

I take it back!

Not better!
Sucks being at work. Hurts again.
Is it from sitting? Clothes are too tight? The endorphins released from running are gone?

Who knows.

I had to sleep on my stomach last night.

Just to numb the pain a bit.

More stabby cramps pain today which is a lot like the kind of pain I get when I have to poop really bad. Needless to say, I am visiting the bathroom for #2 almost every couple of hours :/

I took some Tylenol yesterday at work and didn't feel like it did much to alleviate the pain.
I hope this gets better soon


So I think exercising may actually make the pain worse, after the runners high wears off.
If you think about, all the bouncing is only going to aggravate the nerves more, if indeed nerves are what is causing the stinging stabbing sensation.
I ran 16 miles today with no pain at all during the run, but afterwards, the pain is intense!!!

Weekends are too short!

There is still pain, and I am counting down the days to when I can expect it to be over. Day 10 is it? Ugh.

There is one spot on the right in particular that is cramping in pain every so often. Like the kind of pain I get when I have bad gas. This spot really bugs me and makes me crabby.

I am not sure if anyone around me has noticed my grumpiness recently because of this. It makes me not want to go out or socialize. I just want to lay on the couch all day!

I had emailed the medspa on Friday to let them know of the discomfort and pain, and they responded that someone would set me up with a doctor to help me get through this, but so far...nothing yet.

Slightly less stabby today

that's all.

Stomach looks the same still.

Yesterday was a good day

There was not as much pain yesterday, and I was even able to keep my mind off the discomfort through a 4 hr dinner+drinks event with my office.

But I do think I am paying dearly for it today.

There is some swelling and it feels more uncomfortable today than yesterday. The waistband of my skirt is adding to the discomfort because of the swelling. l wouldn't be surprised if alcohol contributes to the side effects as well. There seems to be more cramping today. :(

Less and less pain

The pain is decreasing little by little every day. There is some slight itching today but that bothers me way less than the pain from before. Stomach still feels numb.

I've been noticing that I have more pain when I eat too much during a meal.

No results yet

Only a little bit of numbness left

But it still gets a little itchy sometimes.

Can't see any results yet and I have been documenting every day.

3 weeks in

Only a little numbness left now, and some itchiness.

Haven't seen a difference yet though so I am pretty disappointed.


Officially 9 months post treatment and I have to say that I feel overall pretty pleased with coolsculpting. I have more definition on either side of my belly which I am 90% sure has never been there before. As much as I feel that is a good result I would be hesitant to go back and get it done on my lower belly even thought I would really like to. The fear that I might develop hyperplasia scares the crap out of me! Plus I read that some plastic surgeons would cover the cost of lipo to fix if this were to happen, and I don't think a medical spa would offer this kind of insurance.

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4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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