27, Having a Rough Year, Time to Do Something - New York, NY

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I'm 27, almost 28. I used to weigh 200 lbs...

I'm 27, almost 28.
I used to weigh 200 lbs probably pushing 50% body fat.
In my last two years of college I lost 45 lbs, got to 27% body fat. Until some serious health issues kicked in. It took almost 10 years from my first flare to be diagnosed with endometriosis. (You can see my belly scars from April's surgery.)
Now I won't blame the pill/ring/IUD for my weight gain. But it did coincide. I gained quite a bit of fat back (but also 20 lbs of muscle. I'm sitting at 35% body fat currently.

I'm getting four applicators (2 large on abdomen and 2 small on flanks) of coolsculpting on Saturday. For full disclosure I am continuing my weight training/cardio/martial art training and doing a whole30 diet. I plan on doing everything to cut this chub down to size.

Next update will be day of.

The Day Of

Hi everyone. I just got back from my procedure. I ended up doing two of the large applicators on my lower belly and two small on my bra line.

I took my weight/measurements the day of just as a baseline.
186.2 lbs
35% body fat
45 inch hips
39.5 around the belly
34 waist

Let's see how this changes. I am continuing my training regiment and keeping a restricted diet as I have been.

Now as for the experience itself:
I have to say it was one of the strangest sensations of my life. The suction itself was not so bad but the initial cooling was intense. I did briefly panic wondering what I had gotten myself into. But even the numbness didn't feel like an absence of pain. It was uncomfortable but not shocking to my system.
The belly definitely hurt more than the bra line. The bra line was easy in comparison.

But as others said the massage is probably the worst, all that sensation coming back into the frozen stick of butter on my belly! I'm gonna rest for a bit, and I'll keep you updated as it progresses!

Now I'm home. I feel a bit ill - in the way I feel sick after a tattoo. The body's immune response has gone up. My belly feels tender to the touch and sort of numb. But nothing shocking or horrible.

Day 2 - Feeling bruised

So, symptomatically, I feel quite bruised. Almost like I got kicked. (I spar so I'm fairly used to the feeling.)

It's not bad enough for me to take any medication for it. The bruised feeling is more on the bra line. My belly is still fairly numb but I feel the bruising when I walk. Wearing spanx helps.

Symptom update on day 10

My tum is still a bit numb and itchy, and if you press on it or my bra line I can feel a slight bruising, but nothing that really bothers me. In fact most of the time I forget about it.

I have lost about 2.2 lbs through diet and exercise since the day of the procedure.

Two Weeks In

So it's been two weeks, I don't expect to SEE a lot of change, but it does feel like there's a little less to grab in my lower belly and a little less chub at my bra line.
For complete accountability, I'm still dieting and exercising. I have lost 3.9 lbs since the day of the procedure and 0.6% bf.

Five weeks

So this is five weeks. I think I see the most difference in my bra line.

For reference and honesty I have lost 7 lbs through diet and exercise since the day of the procedure.

Two months

Well I can say it does do what it's supposed to do. I can see that in the shape of my belly I lost more fat where I had treatments done.

That being said I've lost 13 lbs since the day of the procedure and I think my diet an exercise has paid a big part. And I know I have a lot of money to pay off now.


So I've lost about 20 lbs since the procedure from diet and exercise. I can see a distinct difference between the treated and untreated area on my belly. I'll probably have to cave for the upper abdomen because it does stick out a bit
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