Consultation review - would've done a closed revision rhinoplasty. I want other patients to know there's an NYC surgeon who can

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I sustained facial trauma after rhino, had a lot...

I sustained facial trauma after rhino, had a lot of complex material in my nose after a serious functional/aesthetic rhinoplasty the year prior (all of which had shifted...all too late I realize I confused scar tissue with my own nasal structures when the nose got wide and unattractive again) and he offered to shift it back into place and remove whatever scar tissue he could through closed septorhinoplasty.

He spent two consults with me for the initial fee. I'd advise anyone to balance asking him for a certain aesthetic and voicing problems with carefully listening to what he says and writing it down, because I was in such trouble it made the process that much more confusing.

But even then, he gave me the best advice without doing what other surgeons I had consulted did, completely shutting me down or rambling about what they would have done had they been my surgeon, instead of talking about the nose and the patient with a problem sitting before them.

Note that he isn't there to chat (or wasn't for me). Even though I was confused and wished I could have gotten more time with him, he spent a lot more time with me actually listening/advising than most. The initial consult was at least twenty minutes to half an hour. For a revision....I'd say a patient deserves at least that much time.

As a revision patient he provided me with no imaging and I didn't ask, but I wish I had presented my own from a previous consult.

It would have been worth another $150 to get more consults with Dr. Loeb so I could decide what my options were.

After all this, months later, given what was in my nose, a closed option is what I wish I had taken. I went with another open "revision" that made a bad situation much worse.

I didn't go with Dr. Loeb but still wanted to put that out there for other revision rhinoplasty patients in New York who are scared of going through revision rhinoplasty and aren't sure they want to go through the trauma of open rhino again. That any surgeon was willing to do a closed revision in this city is especially significant now.

I don't think it would have solved all my problems (including lots of scar tissue), but I didn't really see what he saw or figure out why my nose was crooked. (Who knows, maybe Dr. Loeb didn't fully see either.)

Compromising with some scar tissue and a more functional nose than the one I have now would have be preferable.

No one else even gave me the option or spent as much time reading the operative notes from my (good) primary rhinoplasty, and no one cared that much about the possibility of destabilizing my nose through tweaking what could be fixed.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Would have done a closed revision rhinoplasty with existing grafting material and hopefully ensured I had a mostly stable, functional, and improved-looking nose when I came out the other side. I am not his patient so I can't attest to anything else about this doctor, but I wish I had been able to take him up on the closed option.

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