Sliding Genioplasty by Dr. Jamali - New York, NY

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I've always been self conscious with my weak...

I've always been self conscious with my weak jawline and recessed chin. I went to many Doctors seeking a change. Most recommend jaw surgery, but it was too much for me. I was not unhappy with the way I looked, I just wanted a chin like everyone else. So I did some research on sliding genioplasty and decided that was the best option for me. I am in my 20s, which is a big reason I did not choose to do a chin implant. Also, I wanted something more permanent then an implant. I researched this procedure for over a year, and I kept coming back to Dr. Jamali. There is not much out there on this procedure, but he had such amazing reviews across the bored. I went to many other doctors that were closer to me, but I decided to set up an appointment with him. Since I am 7 hours away from NYC, I set up a Skype consultation. This was $75. He was very knowledgeable. He explained to me the procedure, went over my xrays, explained the costs of everything and how everything worked. He made me feel very comfortable and he was very trustworthy. A day later I decided to choose him as my doctor and set up my surgery date for a few weeks after that.

The surgery - I came in a half hour early the day of my surgery for my second consultation. He explained to me and my parents exactly what was going to happen and how it was going to happen. My parents were extremely impressed at how knowledgeable he was. He even explained to me why my chin the way it was and how my jaw played a role in it as well. Right infront of us, he drew over my xrays. He explained to me I was -23mm and women are usually suppose to be -12 or -13. He then drew over the X-ray again, but this time with the desired look he wanted to accomplish. I was very impressed and was very happy with what he drew. I went in very nervous, but he made me feel very comfortable and excited for the surgery. His staff was extremely nice and made me feel so comfortable. I was asleep and up in no time. The surgery was about an hour and a half long.

Day 1-3 - I went back to my hotel that day and fell right to sleep. When I woke up, I wasn't in any pain at all. Just very stiff and out of it. I had the bandage around my chin for 4 days. I couldn't talk much and it was hard to eat, mostly because of the bandage. My lower teeth were tight, the left side of my lip was tingly to the touch, and the left side of my chin was pretty numb. My neck was swollen and slightly green. My throat hurt to touch because of the surgery. I did not experience any crazy brusing or swelling, and I believe Dr. Jamali is to thank for that. I read how gently he is and how he takes his time and doesn't rush. He told my father that he only does one surgery a day, which also made me feel a lot better. He is very good at what he does and he does it with extream care.

Day 4-7 I took the bandage off on day 4. I soaked it in coconut oil for a while and took a long shower so it would be easier to take off. When I first took it off I was dissappointed. I looked very boxy and manly. I just kept telling myself I'm still swollen, and I was right. From that day on, the swelling went down a little day by day and I got happier and happier. DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF UNTIL AT LEAST DAY 14 BECAUSE YOU WILL LOOK COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. My teeth still tight, my left side of my lip and chin are still numb and tingly. I still can't smile or talk very easily.

Day 10 - My swelling went down a lot. It goes down more and more everyday and I look better and better everyday. I went to see the doctor today and everyone was impressed and how not swollen I was. He checked my stitches and shower me before and after xrays. He moved my chin up 5-6 mm. At this point I was disappointed because I knew he could've gone at least 1 mm more and I thought my face looked kind of flat (now however I am extremely happy with what he did with all the swelling going down more and more and I wouldn't change one thing about it. I kept telling myself to trust him because he knows best and I was right.) I still am uncomfortable with seeing my friends because I can't smile fully yet. It feels like my muscles are tight when I smile. It is also hard for me to show my bottom teeth. I started to eat soft food today and it was hard to chew but my stomach did love that.

Day 14 - the swelling gets better day by day and everyday I wake up happier. Just when I think it can't look any better, it does! I am started to be able to smile again, not fully yet but a lot better then before. I still can't show my bottom teeth but I feel it getting easier. I tried to do a small leg workout today with no weights but it made my teeth feel tight so I stopped. Chewing on soft foods is a lot easier now. I look forward to waking up everyday and looking in the mirror.

Side notes - I was on a liquid diet for 10 days, this was hard but I couldn't even imagine chewing because I was so stiff.
One hard thing I noticed was sleeping on my back with two pillows, I am not use to this but I think it helped my swelling a lot.
The pain killer did give me stomach cramps and heart burn so I had to stop taking it, and the doctor said to contact him if this gets worse.
The doctor did tell me I would be able to close my mouth without forcing it after this surgery. However, after the surgery it is the same if not harder to close my mouth. I'm not sure if this is because the swelling needs to go down still or because I have an overjet and it will always be like this. But I noticed I now have to force my upperlip down more in order to make my lips meet. However this is not a big deal to me. I was never able to close my mouth without forcing it so I just came to peace with this (will update if it ever gets easier)

As days go by I will keep updating this post. It was hard to find information on this topic so I was to share to everyone my experience. Everyday I wake up and it looks better and better, I still can't even believe it's me in the mirror. Some people have noticed I looked differently. They all have said its in a good way though, but they can't quiet seem to figure out what is different about me. I am happy with everything Dr. Jamali did. At first I wish he did more but now that the swelling lessened, I think what he did was perfect. I couldn't thank him enough.

Forgot to mention...

Day 14 - my stitches and teeth are most tight in the morning when I wake up. Soon the teeth tightness mostly goes away (it's still slightly tight). My lip no longer tingles to touch but the left side of my chin is still really numb. He said he didn't hit any nerves so this will come back with time. Sometimes the left side of my jaw hurts if I look up or do anything fast. I also feel the "cliff" on the right side of my jaw bone under my neck. It feels weird but I only feel it when I put my fingers on it, not when it's just there by itself so it doesn't bother me and will smooth out with time.

Day 21

I am able to smile big now with no problem. It's still slightly hard to show all my bottom teeth, but it's getting a lot easier. My chin looks absolutely amazing, it's still getting better and better everyday. Sometimes I find it hard to chew if I am chewing for a while. The left side of my chin is still numb to touch. Some stitches are still there, but most have fallen out or dissolved. It has gotten a lot easier to close my mouth. Sometimes I my chin feels "heavy" and it's hard to close my mouth but it was a lot easier then before. My chin still feels a little tight in the morning, but that goes away throughout the day. Overall, I am extremely happy with the results and I am happy to show off the chin I always wished I had (and now I've got!!!) Thank you so much Dr. Jamali, you did an amazing job!

Day 28

I can smile and I can show my teeth big now!!!! All my stitches are gone!! It has gotten easier and easier to close my mouth as well. My left side of the chin is no longer that numb, although it still a tiny bit numb. Yesterday was probably the first day I didn't have "feel" like I got anything done, like my body has gotten use to the new me. In the morning I am the most sore, but that goes away within a half hour or so. The other day I ate some hard chips and I noticed my teeth were sore for a few days after that. Also I was a little sick for a few days so I didn't do much smiling or laughing. I noticed that by not smiling my chin got kind of tight. It was like I was suppose to be exercising the muscle. Overall, I am so satisfied with the results. My face looks more structured, my neck is more defined, and I finally have a chin!!! I also noticed that it has minimized the apperence of my overjet slightly as well which is amazing!!!! I am so very happy.

Six weeks post-opp

Everything has been going very well and I love the outcome!!!! There are just a few things I wanted to share. About 3 weeks ago I noticed a twitch on my chin. It was to the right and a little above the center on my chin. Every time this twitch happened, it was also indent, like something was pulling it. I never felt it but only noticed it while looking in the mirror. The doctor said it was all apart of the healing. It is still there now but it has gotten better. Also, sometimes when I drink cold things I feel it in my chin. It's feels like I'm drooling or the water went down my chin. If this keeps continuing I will ask my doctor about it but I'm sure it's all apart of healing. When I first wake up my chin is still tight. After I smile a few times however this tightness has gone away. I sometimes get nervous when I wake up on my side that I put too much pressure on my chin. I get nervous that it will "shift" a little bit, but I do not think that would be possible since there are two titanium screws holding it in place. (Just worrying too much). I have no trouble eating anything anymore. Sometimes when I chew my bottom front teeth become sore. Other then that, it looks amazing!!! I take side pictures every single day. I'm just amazing that I finally have a chin.
New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Very gentle and knowledge. He made me feel very comfortable and he was very trustworthy. He said he has done anywhere from 400-500 sliding genioplastys and has never had any infections or any problems. He is extremely talented. I never felt rushed and he answered all my questions with great detail and beyond that. I'm very happy I chose him as my doctor.

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