25 Years Young, 4'11 Size 34E NO KIDS - New York

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Hey ladies whats up!! Getting Surgery next week...

Hey ladies whats up!! Getting Surgery next week super excited!! i have been waiting for this since August of last year. There were a few complication to get it covered by my insurance but i am finally good to go. I am 25 years young, and i am a tiny petite 4'11 height EXCEPT for the monstrosity of my breast which are 34E. You can imagine that at my height this weight on my chest have done some damage. By neck back and shoulders always feel sore and its to the point where i cant even carry a purse anymore because after 5 mins if feels like im carrying a 15 pound dumbell. I had a C cup by the age of 12 and ever since they just kept getting bigger. I am super in health and training, overall just health and having these breast have limited me from doing certain plyometric activities so i am so excited to finally be able to jump around with no worries, wear a sports bra that doesnt cost 55$ and still doesnt fit me. Most of all looking forward to a brand new confidence. My boobs make me feel like i have a mole on my face the size of my face lol so excited to feel 100% confident. The pictures im posting up now are pics of me in a C cup Sports bra and a black D cup.


This is before

Bathing suit top

This is how crazy my boobs look in a 36 DD top

Post surgery

All I can say right now is instant relief of shoulder and back pain. Anasthesia really took a toll on me after I woke up but other than that just focusing on getting some rest now.

A week post up

So after surgery I was literally in so much pain since I'm super healthy the Anasthesia took a while to leave my body and the medication specifically the pain killers made me so bloated I couldn't poop for 6 days, but after a whole week of pain I'm in love with my boobs went from an E to a D

6 days post surgery

In love

Before and after

New York Physician

my doctor is absolutely the sweetest. He is super caring and for the past few months has done all he can to make sure this procedure gets done.

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