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Hey everybody! I've been reading up on breast...

Hey everybody!
I've been reading up on breast lifts way before most girls even develop their breasts fully. I don't recall ever having breasts that I felt had a "sexy" shape.
To start off, I have had several drastic weight gains/losses from age 12 until about 19 (currently 21). Obviously, this had a major impact on the shape of my breasts as they lost volume from the fluctuating weight. Luckily, I have overcome my bad dieting habits and have remained at a healthy 135 pounds (give or take) for 2 years now.
My second breast is the annoying patch of "underarm fat" between my arm and breasts that never went away with any of the weigh losses or exercise. Or even decreased in size for that matter. Tube tops, halter taps, spaghetti straps, tank tops, and worst of all bikinis have always caused a level of self consciousness and discomfort.
Lastly, the shape of my areolas isn't very flattering either. I call them "pancake areolas", as in they're big and round and overall unattractive to me.
So, I guess you can say I dont like ANYTHING about my breasts, and my feelings towards them have affected my sex life since day one. Which is really the saddest part for me, as I am otherwise a very "adventurous" and confident kinky lady ;)
And so, after years of hiding my biggest insecurity and fantasizing of having the "perfect breasts", I have come out to my wonderful mother about it and asked for a new pair of breasts for my 21st birthday. She was very understanding, and agreed to pay for such a life changing gift.
Dr Freud, located on the Upper East Side of NYC was suggested by a friend of my mother's who has worked with/ had work done my Dr Freund.
At my initial consultation, Dr Freund and his staff made me feel very comfortable and safe to trust with the procedure. The doctor measured my breasts and decided to do the Le Jour (lolipop) lift with a reduction from 36 D to 36 C, along with lipo on the underarm fat, areola reduction, both of which I totally wasn't expecting! I was very pleased.
We reviewed everything that I needed to do one month prior to surgery, and both the doctor and the staff answered every question I had. (which, due to my extensive research wasn't a lot lol!)
I honestly cannot wait for these next 10 days to fly by. I am following all of the doctor's instructions, reading his book on breast surgery, and maintaining my healthy diet and working out regularly. I know this surgery will change my life completely, as it is really the only part of myself that bothers me.
I can't wait to write my post op update!

I am one day post-op and I must say, since waking...

I am one day post-op and I must say, since waking up from surgery, I've had hardly ANY discomfort!
Yes of course there is the minor ache in my breasts and under arms, but I would rate it about a 1.5 out of 10. I was shocked at how easily my body took the surgery!
I woke up immediately after surgery when the nurse called my name, and within half an hour I was up talking and joking around with the nurse as she helped me get dressed. The doctor even came out and told me i was one if the smoothest patients he has operated on.
The one thing I found uncomfortable were the drainage tubes, but even so, they were hardly a problem. Luckily the doctor told me to come back the next morning (which was today) to have them removed.
Once I got home, I set up alarms for my medications according to the directions on the pill bottle. Now, the vicodin bottle said to take one every 4 hrs if there is pain, and although my pain was about a 1.5/10, I still set an alarm for every 4 hrs to take a Vicodin just in case. And of course, my antibiotic which I take every 6 hours.
I wasn't able to stay in bed ALL day, the majority of the time I was antsy and just walking around the house or sitting up talking to my family members. I am telling you, it hardly feels like I've just come out of surgery.
Sleeping was fine as well. I slept sitting upright and only woke up when my medication alarms rang. My only discomfort this morning was my butt being sore from sit- sleeping (lol)
This morning I went back to the doctor to have the drains removed and got to see my beauties for the first time. They are firm, perky, and even the doctor said they look more like implants than a lift!! Omg was I a squealing little girl on the inside!
Since removing the drains, I have felt EVEN BETTER. My family is shocked at the fact that I am showing no signs of somebody who has had surgery a day ago.
I will post pictures of the girls as soon as I have a working computer handy, as I cannot post pictures via my iPad.
Ladies, this procedure is absolutely worth it, the moment I woke up I had already felt like a new woman!
I send all of you my love and best wishes for those who plan to or have just had the procedure done, I hope all of your recoveries go as wonderfully as mine is going.

If only I could reach the 6 month mark already to buy a ton of sexy new bras!!!

Thank you, Dr. Freund!!!

Correction: can't wait for the 6 WEEK (not month)...

Correction: can't wait for the 6 WEEK (not month) mark to buy bras!

Photos Added!!! Two days post-op

Photos Added!!!
Two days post-op
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